Friday, September 26, 2008

Henrietta United Church of Christ (UCC)

Henrietta United Church of Christ (UCC)
One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.

The grounds of the Henrietta UCC provide an opportunity for a soulful connection with Mother Earth. The church is located at 1400 Lehigh Station Rd, Henrietta, NY about 10 miles south of Rochester.

A Contemplative Walk
There are numerous fields of consciousness and the spiritual embers of Native American ceremonial sites located on the grounds. I would suggest a contemplative walk going clockwise beginning at the west side of the church by the maple trees, about 20-30 feet east of the sidewalk. Stay 20-30 feet east of the sidewalk going north and you will cross several
fields of consciousness.
About 20-30 feet before the field ends and meets a roundabout, turn right. Keep going east until you are about 30-40 feet away from the property lines of the houses ahead of you. Turn right again staying a good 30-40 feet away from the boundary line heading back towards the church.
On the way back to the church you will be crossing several fields of consciousness, a field of energy vortexes and several un-marked Native American ceremonial sites. The physical trappings of the ceremonial sites are gone but a good vibe remains ( a very positive
geographic samskara). They are located closer to church.
As you get closer to the church an opening will on your left (east). This area along with the eastern side of the church contains several stacked fields of consciousness (2). I would suggest finding a place that you like and sit down to meditate, contemplate or pray there.
On the left you will see willow tree and crabapple tree. The stacked field is located between the two of them. It begins about 5 feet east of them and extends 20-30 feet due east.
The other stacked field can be found by the red maples on the east side of the church. Three maples run north-south and another one is due east of the northern most maple. The field stretches east-west from the northern most maple to the one going east. It stretches north south from the northern most maple to the one south of it. Spend some time there and soak in the love.

If you go
Go whenever you want there are no fences or other barriers. Services are held on Sundays and the church in the
UCC tradition, has a variety of community programs and outreach. The Henrietta UCC is located at 1400 Lehigh Station Rd, Henrietta, NY