Monday, May 17, 2010

Tree of Peace--Group Meditations Planned over summer to help struggling tree


We have planted several Trees of Peace at Onondaga Lake since 2003 . The third one we planted had a bad infestation of aphids last summer. Fortunately some lady bugs came to the rescue—but the damage was severe. I covered the tree with burlap over the winter and put an oil spray on it to prevent the aphid eggs from hatching. The tree looks gangly and weak, but 15-20 branches have sprouted new shoots at the tips indicating that there is life and hope; that said, the tree needs love.

To help reinvigorate the tree I will be holding several group meditations, prayer ceremonies around the tree over the summer. They will be announced on short notice because I want to make sure that the weather will be nice for the gathering. So I will be emailing out notices with only a few days lead.

I hope that you will be able to attend one of the group meditations at the tree. Onondaga Lake is a very sacred place that humankind has despoiled, and the Willow Bay area where the tree is planted is one of the few places that have a decent vibe.

I encourage others to similarly hold events around the tree.

Please keep the tree in your prayers.

Madis Senner

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs--Auriesville, NY

Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs Auriesville, NY

One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.

Those with a Catholic or a traditional religious background might enjoy visiting the Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs in Auriesville, NY located approximately half way between Albany and Utica along the Mohawk River. You will find several pieces of Mother Earth’s soul (fields of consciousness ) there as well as plenty to see and do.

About the Shrine
“The site of the Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs was once a 17th century Mohawk village called Ossernenon where three Jesuit missionaries were martyred during the 1640s. Father Isaac Jogues, René Goupil, a Jesuit brother, and John Lalande, a lay missioner, are the only canonized American martyrs. Together with five Jesuit priests killed in the native missions of Canada, they are known as the North American Martyrs. The beatified "Lily of the Mohawks," Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, was born here in 1656.

Today the Shrine is comprised of 400+ acres of flowered landscapes and tree-studded slopes and lawns. Five chapels, two museums, a candle shrine, Jesuit cemetery, outdoor Stations of the Cross and Visitor Center and Gift Shop provide places for Mass and prayer, private devotions and reflections, and education and enjoyment.” (Per the Shrine Website.)

There are several stacked (6) fields of consciousness located on the grounds. The more fields that are stacked upon each other (can range from 2-12 fields) the more potent the field is. Six is a good number. The vibe, what I call geographic samskaras, or the thought forms attached to the grounds was generally neutral(negative and positive thoughts balanced each other out) to slightly positive. Positive geographic samskaras will enhance a space and are a cumulative reflection of all that has gone on at a particular place.

The coliseum, or the large chapel, is a popular place with the many tourists and bus tours that visit the shrine. At a talk I gave on sacred sites at Beardslee Castle in April of 2010 I heard a testimonial from a woman who swore that she had been miraculously cured of macular degeneration, an incurable and eventually blinding eye disease by a laying on of hands by a priest there. I believe that she was telling me the truth as there are many divine aspects of Mother Earth located around the coliseum area. That said, the vibe or geographic samskaras within the coliseum was only neutral to slightly positive.

There is a stacked fields (6) located in back of the chapel. There are no visible row numbers on any of the pews to use as barometers; you can find the fields by going to the St. Joseph the Worker statue on the outside of the chapel. Follow the angle at which the monument faces the chapel. The fields begin outside of the chapel and extend about 5-10feet within the chapel, at that angle in line with the St. Joseph statue.

A better place to tap into a stacked field of 6 is at the outdoor shrine (statue) of Jesus located in front of the coliseum. It has memorial on it to the memory of Father Neil Poulin. It is located about 12-15 feet southeast of the monument if you face the monument and assume that you are facing north. See the backpack in the picture to the right. Nice.

There is also a stacked field of 6 in front of the coliseum by Rte 5S and by the driveway of the Lalande Jesuit residence. Fields generally occur in a series that is often a straight line pattern.

Visiting the Shrine
The Shrine of Martyrs website is very informative, providing a virtual tour, information on camping, lodging, visiting and more. The Shrine is located on 136 Shrine Road. I recommend taking the virtual tour that contains a map with click Fultonville, NY 12072-1907, telephone (518) 853-3033

Make sure to visit the Kateri Shrine chapel on the other side of the Mohawk River. It has a powerful palpable feeling of the divine that can bring you to tears and the several cosmic prana Vorticies that are located there are a testament to that. Vortexes of cosmic prana (the highest prana that is more consciousness than energy) form where people pray, meditate or do ritual a lot.

Determining what a sacred site is can be a very subjective matter. If you have a strong traditionally Catholic background then you will most likely enjoy and benefit from a visit to the Shrine.

Thanks to Lorraine Mavins for her photography and assistance.

Peace,In emailing me make sure to change (at) to @ in the address header: madis senner

Madis Senner

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Group Meditation at Gossamer May 15th

Group Meditation/Walk to Connect with Mother Earth
May 15th 10 AM to Noon
Gossamer Wood Retreat and Healing Center, Canandaigua NY

I will be leading a group meditation and experiential tour to help people connect with Mother Earth at Gossamer Wood, 2235 County Road 28, Canandaigua, NY, about 10 miles southeast of Rochester, on the third Saturday of each month. The pilgrimage will begin around 10AM and is expected to last about 2-2.5 hours. The cost is $15.

Please pre-register with me (madis senner 315-463-5369, While pre-registering is not a necessity it will help us with planning and rain cancellations—we can contact you in the AM with changes.

The goal of the contemplative walk is:
1) Improve your health by helping you connect with Mother Earth. Medicine is increasingly recognizing the therapeutic benefits of Mother Earth from garden scenery at work, to a walk in woods. I will be focusing my efforts to help you become you sentient of her.
2) Raise your consciousness. Gossamer has fields of consciousness and other divine attributes that will raise your consciousness.
3) Improve your meditation. A group meditation, particularly if done outdoors can improve your meditative ability, or help you begin the process of meditation.
4) A spiritual high. We hope that everyone that attends will leave feeling great.

Gossamer Wood has many divine aspects of Mother Earth. To learn more go to: Gossamer Wood is located at 2235 County Road 28, in Canandaigua. Directions to Gossamer Wood.

If you come please bring:
ü Wear a pair of boots.
ü A backpack to put things in.
ü Plenty of water to drink.
ü Some snacks and possibly a lunch.
ü Dress in layers. We will be walking and stopping to pray and meditate so you want to able to add or take off clothes as appropriate.
ü A sportsman cushion or something to sit on outside.
We will have use of the house the day of pilgrimage so you will be able to go the bathroom inside. Just make sure you are signed in and ask permission to do so before you go in. Also make sure to take your shoes off when in the house.

Gather by the welcome circle.

Last year everyone that came had a good time. Our efforts have also helped invigorate Mother Earth as a vortex of cosmic prana formed in the Tall Oaks area last summer. A Chimayo Fatima also popped up, which is a thinning of the veil to the other side (higher spiritual realms.) These are great places to connect with the divine and get answers, or help to problems.

Hope to see you at least once this summer.

Madis Senner