Thursday, April 18, 2024

Military Sonar is Causing Fish to Spin/Whirl Endlessly Until They Die in The Florida Keys

If you watch news you may remember a few weeks back there was a story about fish in the Florida Keys spinning out of control until they died. Here is a link to one of those news stories,

My initial thoughts were Electropollution was behind the die-off and wondered whether it was offshore wind farms creating problems. Last summer and fall there lots of news coverage about whales dying off of the coast in New York and New Jersey because of offshore wind turbines.

I did some research and found that Florida does not allow offshore wind turbines.

Then I got an email from Arthur Firstenberg on how the fish deaths were primarily located near a military base that has stepped up its use of sonar and radar to create a 200 mile radius surveillance zone.

Here is a link to the Cellular Task Force article.

Whirling fish, bees, worms, sheep, turtles, penguins

Friday, April 12, 2024

More on Climate Migration

 More news on how climate change is forcing people to move, this time to escape rising temperatures and calamities. Propublica had a story out today on how flooding is increasingly forcing  people to move. Noting that, 

the number of people forcibly cast out of their homes by natural disasters, counted very few displaced Americans in 2009, 2010 and 2011, years in which few natural disasters struck the United States. But by 2016 the numbers had begun to surge, with between 1 million and 1.7 million newly displaced people annually.

Click on the link  below to read the rest of the article.

The Flooding Will Come “No Matter What”

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Dowsing Pifalls Video

I just posted a video on YouTube about common pitfalls in dowsing and how to overcome them. We all make mistakes, or at times get in a rut. This video may be of help during those challenging times.

Friday, March 29, 2024

Advanced Dowsing Technique Video

 I posted a video on YouTube on an advanced dowsing technique I have been  using for years. It is about learning to listen to your dowsing rods and it has given me great results, from discovering imprints to discovering, and determining, what Energy Vortices are. A link is below.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Geomantica Magazine Article

The Spring Equinox issue of Geomantic Magazine is out.  It's focus is on Mother Earth, dowsing, electropollution, Earth Energies, a great article on a mineral to reduce arthritic pain and more. . It is produced by Australian Alanna Moore, an accomplished dowser known for her permaculture work, who now resides in Ireland with her husband.

I have written several articles for the magazine over the last decade plus. In the current issue I have an article titled '* A Sporting Cushion—An Essential Tool for Geomancers and Seekers.'

If you are at all familiar with my work you will know I am a big fan of employing a meditation to jack up your spiritual practices and help with  your geomancy and Earth Healing work. I recently posted a YouTube video explaining the benefits of a meditation cushion. 

You can access the Spring Equinox issue of Geomantica by clicking on the link below.

Click to read   Geomantica.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Climate Migration, , Bloomberg Says Housing Crisis in Warm Climates is getting Worse

The insurance crisis in climate stricken areas is getting worse and will ultimately affect all of us--the only question is how and the severity. People cannot get homeowners insurance in places like Florida, California, Texas... States may extend themselves by offering cheap homeowners insurance to residents, only to face a huge financial crisis should a major weather event (hurricane, fire...) occur--which is highly likely. Then turn to the Feds. I have been writing about how climate change and rising costs for insurance, help.. will force climate migration north. 

I had written an article  for the March/April issue  Life In the Finger Lakes on how people will begin to leave southern climes in favor of the north. Climate Migration--Is A Change in Store For the Finger Lakes?  It was a followup to a blog post I did for them five years earlier.

I have several posts on Climate Migration

Today on Amanpour and company, a Bloomberg reporter talked about the depth of the crisis and how it is spreading. Link below.

Things are getting very serious and we are in the early stages of what will become the new normal--AND IT IS ONLY GOING TO ACCELERATE!

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Florida Housing Prices Falling--Another Indication that Climate Migration May Pick Up

Back on March 1st I posted an article I had written for the March/April issue  Life In the Finger Lakes on how people are beginning to leave southern climes in favor of the north because of rising temperatures and rising costs for help, insurance... Climate Migration Is A Change in Store For the Finger Lakes? It was a followup to a blog post I did for them five years earlier.

Newsweek just put out an article Prices Fall as Homeowners Desperately Try to Sell on how the price of homes in Florida are starting to fall because of the surge in homeowners insurance, one the factors I mentioned in my article. Saying,

The Sunshine State's number of motivated sellers on Zillow remained much higher than in other states like California and Texas. As of Wednesday morning, California had 1,032 motivated sellers for a total of 74,792 properties listed, while Texas counted 1,829 out of a total of 1818,888.

The high number of motivated sellers in Florida might be explained, in part, by the skyrocketing home insurance premiums in the state. In the past three years, the cost of home insurance has grown by 102 percent, according to the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I), as the risk posed by extreme weather events is rising. Several private insurers have left the state or have stopped offering new policies.

Still early in this trend, we will see.