Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Happy Summer Solstice

Today is the  Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year. Get outside and enjoy it. Spend some time with our Mother.

While the solstice heralds the beginning of shorter days, it marks another turning for me--the beginning of More Sleep.Ever since  late March or early April, I can at times experience waking up 15-20 minutes before sunrise. Sort of my own rooster wakeup call as the sun begins charging up our Mother's energies. It shows how powerful our Mother is and how varied Her influences are.

The influence of the rooster wake-up call begins waning with the Su mer Solstice and is usually gone some time around the middle of July.

I began experiencing the rooster wake-up call years ago, when I started tapping into and experiencing our Mother's Earth Energies. What is amazing is that the rooster wake-up call had begun diminishing years ago  and had  just about disappeared. However, since I began sleeping on an Earthing Pad it came back with a vengeance. AMAZING.

An Earthing Pad is a sheet with wires that has a long cord that plugs into the Earth. It is meant to carry our Mother's negative charge, so when you sleep on it you tap into those beneficial energies. This negative charge combats the positively charged free radicals in your body that are inflammatory; and inflammation is behind just about every disease.


That's my solstice story.Get out outside--take a hike, do some gardening... most of all..


Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Ludlow Creek NYS DEC Forest, Chenango County, NY Survey, Part 1

I visited Ludlow Creek in southern Chenango County last week for a survey of its stone mounds. They are located along the Finger Lakes Trail and because of this are well known to hikers such as the CNY Hiking Website

In the picture above you see the hiking trail to the left of the stone mound. Fortunately it was not hit by the tree that fell immediately behind it. Interestingly, the above mound was in the best condition of any of the others--I guess hikers are careful and considerate.

The integrity of the stone mounds varied, as all were in varying stages of deterioration.

While the stone mounds mark energy formations, in no way would I say that this location was a power spot with a ton of energy formations. Which begs the questions why were they constructed. Did someone have a lot of time an affection for the area--or, was this the way the world once was and much of the world was covered with Stone mounds.

The pictures below add to the variety of forms in the area. It seemed that the form of the stone mounds coincided with the type of energy formations they were meant to highlight and cover.


Ludlow Creek NYS DEC Forest, Chenango County, NY Survey, Continued Part 2

There was a large stone wall that straddled  the creek not far from the stone mounds. I would have paid no attention to it, but it was so large.

It did not appear to be marking a dragon line as is the case often for such large stone walls.

A Field Of Consciousness

There was a Field of Consciousness(FOC) on the other side of the creek. The vibe around it was positive. But getting to it was another thing. The area along the road that I had to walk through to get to the FOC had a horrendous vibe; and when you walk through a horrific place like that  it taints you, and because of this my sentience diminished of our Mother significantly.

In the picture above Jaeda Bear is located on one of the high points of the FOC--an S8, where eight FOC are located on top of each other.

All in all it was a great day to be in the woods on a hot spring day.

Back to Part 1.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Technology Hurting Young People

Ever since I started this blog over a decade ago I have been talking about the dangers of technology and cell phones and how they are alienating us, making us less empathic and causing a host of physical health and mental health issues. Adolescents and children have been particularly hit hard.

This decline began around 2009 with the introduction of the smart phone as I noted back in 2017 when I talked about a book by psychologist Jean Twenge who examines intergenerational trends and changes Technology Kills--Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

Last month The NY Times began a series about how adolescent mental health has suffered on adolescent mental health. Author Matt Richtel said,

What makes less sense to me is why our society has done so little to protect children from the apparent damages of ubiquitous digital media. They are almost certainly larger for most children than the threat from Covid.


Thursday, May 5, 2022

Peacemaker's Sanctuary Onondaga Lake

I went to the Peacemaker's Sanctuary today expecting to see high water and the legs of the benches several inches deep in water. Last year was a wet year, not only in spring, but for most to the year. Tim Hart moved the benches to higher ground close to the the main path and tied them to trees lest they be swept away.

What I did find was several large branches and even a tree that had fallen down.

The ground was incredible dry for the springtime.

In the picture above on the left is a large tree trunk that fell and is now resting against another tree.

As always the vibe was incredible, extremely positive. There were two Energy Vortices in the area. Both benches had lost their respective Energy Vortexes. I was able to resuscitate one of them. And should be able to resurrect the other one next time

While it can be disappointing that we lost two Energy Vortexes. The good news is that people are using the benches. I saw a fellow leaving as I was approaching.

We want people to spend time here because the vibe and consciousness of the area is so powerful, that anyone that spends time there will have their soul nourished and their consciousness raised--which is ultimately why we constructed the sanctuary,

So I was pleased.

We will move the benches back to their original locations in the next few weeks.

As a Keeper I have responsibility for the Peacemaker's Sanctuary. I will go back and work to improve the space.

Again if you are looking to learn to be able to sense and feel space (Mother Earth's Energies, Essences and Consciousness), particularly Consciousness, this is the place to go. It is also phenomenal for having  mystical experiences, an ephiphany.....

Twentieth Anniversary. The Friday after this upcoming Thanksgiving will mark the twentieth birthday when we reinvigorated and rectified this very ancient sacred area. About twenty-five of us gathered on that snowy day for an incredible ceremony. 

We will hold some sort of commemoration. If you would like to get involved, or have any suggestions post a comment.


Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Study Shows the Health Benefits of Following the Interior Building Design of Indian Vastu

Vastu is an Indian philosophy of interior home design to promote well-being. Consider it like Chinese Feng Shui.

MAHARISHI INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY recently released a study that analyzed outstanding research on Vastu going back forty years. Some of the finding were,

  • Sleeping with one’s head to the east or south is associated with positive health outcomes, such as lower heart rate, blood pressure, and serum cholesterol levels.
  • Homes with south entrances are associated with poorer mental health and more financial problems.
  • Facing east while working is associated with greater brain coherence and faster task completion.
  • Occupants of Maharishi Vastu architecture homes or office buildings show higher creativity and report improved health and quality of life.

The study also confirmed other studies that found interior design can help reduce stress.

Vastu incorporates the following principles,

The building’s main entrance is oriented to the east or north.

The building’s walls align with the cardinal directions.

The floor plan assigns key functions to specific locations within the building.

The floor plan enables occupants to face the most ideal directions during work and sleep.

The architectural plans must adhere to consistent and precise guidelines.

In keeping with the idea of providing a healthy environment, the system emphasizes non-toxic, natural materials, increased fresh air, and reduced electromagnetic radiation.

I would emphasize that EMF's have become one of the most important variables that influences health and well-being. So reduce technology and electrical devices in your home. Technology Kills.

My methodology of space sees the consciousness of a space trumping interior design. My work has consistently found that loving, healing and positive thoughts and actions promote well-being and spiritual development. Just think of how you feel in a toxic environment where violent actions have taken place, or a place where our Mother/Nature has violated, or polluted. No matter how savvy you are with your interior design it will be seriously challenged to overcome a space with negative consciousness,

My view of space places emphasis on the consciousness (is it loving, or is it violent?). A extremely positive vibe will always trump any interior design miscues. That is because as the Hindu and Hermetic traditions say, ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT. Consciousness equates to thought, material objects such as your home and furniture are energy.

Vastu can certainly help tweak your home. Ultimately it is what is in your heart that matters. I have been in many homes that were well designed, pleasing to the eye and had lovely furniture; yet I felt like I was in a refrigerator--cold as hell even if it was sizzling outside. So if you want to improve your home space meditate and pray regularly in all of your homes rooms and on property outside; and build an altar


Thursday, April 28, 2022

Cell Phones Contribute to Early Onset Alzheimers--Technology Kills

Digital Dementia is becoming a real concern with increased cell phone use and the overall increased usage of technology. For years I have been talking about the dangers posed by technology, saying Technology Kills. The video below explains how cell phones are contributing to early onset Alzheimers disease.