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Teens Suicides Have Spiked Since the Advent of iPhones/Cell Phones-TECHNOLOGY KILLS

In a new report the CDC announced that there has been an alarming rise in teen suicides beginning in 2007. Saying,
The suicide rate among persons aged 10–24 was stable from 2000 to 2007, and then increased 56% between 2007 (6.8 per 100,000) and 017 (10.6). The pace of increase for suicide was greater from 2013 to 2017 (7% annually, on average) than from 2007 to 2013 (3% annually).
The rise in suicides coincides with the rise in a lack of empathy, loneliness and depression among teens. I have posted about this on several occasions Technology Kills---Rising Cell Phone/Social Media Use Creates a Loss of Empathy and a Rise in Loneliness and Anger

The rise in suicides and loss of empathy can be traced to the advent of iPhones (2007) and the  increasing amount of time teens spend on cell phones. 2009/2010 is the period when the majority of Americans began owning cell phones.Technology Kills.

As I said in Everything Has Karma,
If you take nothing else away from this book get rid of your cell phone, don’t partake in social media, and reduce technology in your life. These simple steps will go a long way in preventing the devolution of your humanity and consciousness and will help reduce the chances of increasing the number of your future lives. Page 120, Everything Has Karma,
Technology Kills and the less you have in your life the better.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Grafton NYS Park, Hennig Preserve Surveys Part 1

I had a chance this Columbus/Indigenous Day to survey the stone structures at Grafton New York State Park in Grafton, NY and Hennig Preserve in Middle Grove, NY. Both places are located in the greater Capital District of NY.

We found several stone mounds/structures on earth and energy formations, some in a manner we have not found, or noticed, before. It was a great learning experience. Grafton had a very sweet area with a great vibe, Fields of Consciousness and a lot more. Hennig displayed different ways to mark features in ways we had not seen before.

I had a chance to finally connect with Lorna Reichel who is an Energy Wellness consultant who works with subtle energies. She brought along her magnometer and other energy measuring devices to measure the strength of the earth energies. For some time I have been wanting to get her input on the stone structures that I find in the woods.

Lorna taking a reading.
All in all it was an informative and great day.

Here is an overview of the survey. Each section will have a link to click on to continue.

Grafton NYS Park, Hennig Preserve Surveys Part 2 Grafton

Grafton NYS Park, Hennig Preserve Surveys Part 3 Grafton--The Sweet Area

Grafton NYS Park, Hennig Preserve Surveys Part 4 Grafton--The Sweet Area Continued

Grafton NYS Park, Hennig Preserve Surveys Part 5 Hennig Preserve

Grafton NYS Park, Hennig Preserve Surveys Part 6 Hennig Preserve Continued

The Pyramid. Craig Wright showed us what he called the pyramid at Hennig Preserve, so called because of its triangular pyramid like shape.. More about it when I discuss Hennig.

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Grafton NYS Park, Hennig Preserve Surveys Part 2 Grafton

Over three and a half years ago I visited Grafton State Parks and did not find many stone structures or aspects of Mother Earth. As I noted in my blog post about the survey Misdirected I felt as though something was playing with me, because my dowsing rods where constantly being misdirected. I am attuned to my rods. When they start moving in unexpected ways it usually to point something out to me that I had not been looking for, but would be interested in seeing. On that survey they just moved and jumped around as if I were a neophyte dowser, pedantic and out of control: going one way and the reversing course.

My interest in Grafton was piqued when I read a post on the Rock Piles Blog about some cairns in Grafton:Cairns with standing Manitou Stones in Grafton, NY

One of the things I looked for are covered Earth Chakras. When you cover Earth Chakras the Life Force is unable to penetrate the rocks so it bounces off and cannot  be channeled into the chakra's vortex. It then lingers in the air and looks for another Earth Chakra (EC).

To see if we could measure the affects of a blocked EC Lorna measured the area of the chakra unblocked and blocked.

Above is a the EC covered. It was later uncovered.
Lorna did find an increase in positive energy, but it was not that significant.

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Grafton NYS Park, Hennig Preserve Surveys Part 3 Grafton--The Sweet Area'

Grafton NYS Park, Hennig Preserve Surveys Part 3 Grafton--The Sweet Area

The Sweet Area

To me it's all about the vibe: the wonder and magic created between humankind and Mother Earth that produces an uplifting synergy that can nourish your soul, give you insights, send you on wonderful journeys and more. When we love, give, heal, meditate, do ceremony we enhance a space (uplift Mother Earth) and our Mother rewards us. She needs us to achieve Her fullest potential and we( humankind) need Her to achieve ours.

The area  we would spend the rest of our time at Grafton had a great vibe--running from positive, to very positive to extremely positive. This does all sorts of wonderful things, like significantly enhancing the power the features of Mother Earth found there. For example,  Energy lines and other formations seemed that much more powerful, so much so that at times you were  wondering whether it was the vibe, or our Mother's energy. AMAZING.

That said I did not find any energy vortices, or water domes (blind springs). What you would think would be abundant in such a positive space. It could be that the group overall distracted from me, or.... I did find a water vein that formed in response to prayer/ceremony.


As I noted in my THE DONALD TRUMP (OSTENTATIOUS) THEORY OF SACRED SITES   it is the wonder and soul of simple structures rather than large ornate structures that are wonderous. Stones are only a marker to tell us where  to pray someplace and act as a retainer of our spiritual imprints (thoughts, actions, intentions....)

Everything Was Marked
When you get in such a space (especially if it has not been dismantled by farmers, foresters, hunters and their ilk) you find that all sorts of features of Mother Earth are marked with stones; creating a myriad of delights to experience and explore.

In the picture above my backpack marks a large stone marking the intersection of several Lines of Consciousness( L.O.C.)or Ley Lines, or Spirit Lines,...Usually you would not feel much, but because the space (its vibe) was enhanced with prayer, well....

Was that the remnants of a seat, or just a natural collection of rocks next to the large stone?

Lost Pictures of a Field of Consciousness( FOC)

Regretably my camera battery was running low when I snapped several pictures of the Field of Consciousness (FOC emanate a soul nourishing type of Christ consciousness that makes you more loving and altruistic). FOC come as single Fields or as many as twelve FOC stacked upon each other. This was a stack two or three, not much; but because of the vibe it was  very powerful and sweet.

Lorna found this to measure a strong uplifting energy, as she did at other places with a very positive vibe.

The Depressed/Dimpled Mound
We did find a stone pile with a depressed center covering a series of two Earth Chakras. 

My dog Jaeda Bear is sitting in the depressed area of the stone mound. On her right side is a series of two Earth Chakras covered with stone. As noted the stone blocks the Life Force from entering the Earth Chakra's vortex. 

I believe that pilgrims would sit in the depressed area because all of the Life Force is trying to get as close as it can to the Earth Chakra's vortex which is at the bottom of the depressed area. So the depressed area is a charged area.

Further indications of the sacred area of the stone mound were found with Manitou stones and other alignments close to the depressed area. (below)

Interestingly the stone mound with the depressed center was part of a stone wall that connected with another stone wall at a right angle. This would make you think it was a boundary marker. But the Manitous around and within the stone walls say otherwise. It may have been that there were four walls at one time making an enclosed square/rectangle.. Besides the vibe was too good to be a farming area.

This stone structure was nestled on the side of the hill. The picture below of the backside is very reminiscent of a similar stone structure we found on our survey of the Whangtown Stone chambers in Putnam County, NY. Although not as high it was a wall on a hill with a depressed center marking Earth Chakras: Whangtown Stone Chambers, Part III(of VII)--The Stone Pile

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Grafton NYS Park, Hennig Preserve Surveys Part 4 Grafton--The Sweet Area Continued

Grafton NYS Park, Hennig Preserve Surveys Part 4 Grafton--The Sweet Area Continued

I have seen many pictures of cylindrically shaped stone mounds two to three feet high. Often they appear to be old trail markers. However, that was not the case this time. We found such stone mounds at Grafton and at Hennig. Each with a different intent, marking different types of Earth Energies.

The pictures below are of a series of stone mounds covering a particular Earth Energy of a higher order, in the area we have been exploring at Grafton.

Notice the other stone mound in the distance. The lighting makes it difficult to see.
A Grid?
As we were leaving our survey area at Grafton to drive to Hennig we found this rectangle of stone. The energy drew us to it from some distance. Several pictures appeared to have orbs in them.

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Grafton NYS Park, Hennig Preserve Surveys Part 5 Hennig Preserve

Grafton NYS Park, Hennig Preserve Surveys Part 5 Hennig Preserve

We got lost and it took us some time to get to Hennig Preserve. Because of this we got a late start and had to break early to make sure we got back to our cars before the sun set.

Our guide was Craig Wright who showed us around Sanders Preserve last year Survey of Sanders Preserve, Schenectady County, NY--Part I

Cylindrical Stone Mounds
There were lots of cylindrical shaped stone mounds at Hennig, but they were marking energy lines, compared to a particular type of energy formation at Grafton. This shows individuality and raises a host of questions like--did a different group of people construct them, is there some unifying principle why a cylindrical shape was used and I am missing something,...

In the picture above branches mark the energy line between two stone mounds.

In the picture above branches mark the energy line between two stone mounds
Rock Figures
Some in our party felt that several rocks/boulders were in the shape of animals. See below and decide for yourself.

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Grafton NYS Park, Hennig Preserve Surveys Part 6 Hennig Preserve Continued--Conclusion

Grafton NYS Park, Hennig Preserve Surveys Part 6 Hennig Preserve Continued--Conclusion

Pyramid Mound
Thanks to Craig Wright for finding the pyramid mound: a stone structure in the shape of a pyramid. It marks the intersection of ten or eleven Energy Lines. It is a pretty amazing stone structure that I have never seen before. It shows the creativity and individuality of the builders of the stone structures.

The Pyramid Mound

Branches mark some of the Energy Lines traversing the Pyramid Mound.

The branches mark a water vein emanating from the Pyramid Mound.

The water vein (an underground stream) forming underneath the Pyramid Mound tells me that it was used for sacred/loving purposes.

I  think  that there is much more discover at Hennig Preserve. I believe that there is a Field of Consciousness there, but unfortunately we had to leave because it was going to get dark soon.

It was to finally great to get out with Lorna and all her instruments. Her findings were interesting and corroborated my findings and work. 

We will have to go back and take another look at both places. It would be nice to meditate and explore more of Grafton's area where the vibe was very positive.

All in all it was a great day.


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