Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving Day Pictures Onondaga Lake

The Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation, NOON, led a lovely gathering
 Thanksgiving Morning in Willow Bay.

The Peacemaker's Sanctuary

I secured the bench with clothesline fearing that the large snowmelt would raise the lake's water levels and wash away the bench. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Earth Healing- at Gossamer Retreat & Hipp Brook's Ancient Boulders 11/19/16

WE had a fruitful day this past Saturday working on Gossamer Retreat and Healing Center (Canandaigua) and visiting Hipp Brook, which was an incredible experience as the pictures below tell.

We able to make 2 stone circles, lay down several prayer stones which we mediated on and completed much of the new trail on the north side of Gossamer.

 Above is the Welcome Circle we created at the north end of Gossamer on the new entry trail. We have mediated in the circle several times. the vibe is very positive.

 Above is another Manitou Stone, or Upright Stone embedded in the ground we found at Gossamer. It marks the intersection of several Spirit Lines.

 Above is the Spirit Keeper's circle we constructed. An oblong stone circle about 80-100 feet in diameter on the middle trail at Gossamer; in fact part of it covers the trail. Yes, Yes bad feng shui to have such an intersection--but it keeps the circle true and forces people to walk through it, as they walk the trail.

 Another view of the Spirit Keeper's Circle. It contains the Spirit Keeper's Stone with the vortex on it.

When we meditated on it 4 to 5 skeins of geese flew overhead from different angles, all intersectimg above us over the Spirit Keeper's Circle. We took it as a blessing and positive affirmation.


By the time we got to Hipp Brook in Penfield (SE of Rochester)  it was raining pretty hard, the wind was blowing and the temp dropping ahead of the blizzard to come.

A map dowsing of Hipp Brook a few weeks earlier showed that a Field of Consciousness(FOC) (a stacked 6, S6) was located behind the bench on the trail. We had gotten permission to place a few flat prayer stones behind the bench as long as they were indistinguishable. I carried in four prayer stones. Since it is a marshy area, parts of the trail is on raised wooden planks. Hipp Brook is located in Penfield, one of the more affluent suburbs of Rochester. You will see houses in the background of several of the pictures.

When we got to the bench we found that there were stones already there: HUGE BOULDERS. 

Huge boulders which were strategically located over the Fields of Consciousness. The vibe was neutral at the periphery. Because we were so blissed out from Gossamer our sensitivity was diminished and we felt little.

 The Boulders behind the bench.

Several dowsing measurements showed that a FOC was below the boulders.

  • I dowsed a FOC (S6.)
  • We dowsed out a nearby Originator and the Spirit Lines (Ley Lines) originating from them.

When we walked to the center of the FOC we found that the vibe was positive to very positive there. A positive indication.

We found other FOC with boulders over them on the way out.

Another FOC with boulders.

Near the parking area there were boulders but not so connected to FOC. We also noticed several large stones on some of the houses in the neighborhood. WE assume that these had been moved by construction people.

Someone at the DEC said that the stones may have been placed by retreating glaciers. Possible. Although it is very odd to find such large boulders in a wet marshy area.

Given that the boulders appear to be placed over FOC I imagine it is the work of Spirit Keepers. I have never seen this before; usually it a few stones, a stone pile, an alignment of stones, etc.. Never boulders. But perhaps given the marshy area they choose to use such large stones. How did they move them?

I plan on going back in the next week to reexamine and verify my initial findings  when I am not so blissed out.


Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Day Circle of Peace, Willow Bay (Onondaga Lake) 10 AM

Circle of peace
Thanksgiving Day Circle of Peace and HopeIn solidarity with the Onondaga Nation and People
Thursday, November 24, 10 am
Willow Bay, north shore of Onondaga Lake, map
Join Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation to express our thanks to the Onondaga Nation and people for their leadership on ecological preservation and social healing. The ongoing confrontation at Standing Rock, where water protectors from over 200 native nations, including Onondaga, makes it more important than ever that we show our support.
The event is participatory, family-friendly and open to the public. Please dress for the weather. It will be held regardless of the weather.
Help spread the word via our Facebook event.
Contact Andy, or call NOON at 315-472-5478.

10AM Willow Bay, Onondaga Lake Park.

Dress Warmly you will be standing still.

Courtesy of NOON, Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation

End is Nigh--Biodiveristy and Extreme Coherence

I listened to an interesting interview of Arthur Demarest on Bloomberg today, Odd Lots: Here Are the Signs That a Civilization Is About to Collapse

While it seems odd to have a post about the end of western civilization on a blog dedicated to Mother Earth and sacred sites, if you listen to the interview it is evident, it is not. Demarest is an expert on the collapse of the Mayan and other cultures. He says that Trump is a symptom, not the cause of our demise. He argues that what made a civilization successful, also brings its demise. He sees business and technology at the forefront of our fall; both which are also at the forefront of the assault on Mother Earth, as I have been writing about for some time.

The really interesting similarity came with what Demarest calls, "extreme coherence", or a myopic focus on one thing. For example, its all about business, making money, business news etc.....nothing else matters except serving the god of greed.......  or....Its all about new gadgets, new apps., technology will save the day...etc. Diversity wanes and goes extinct.

Extreme Coherence reminded me of E O Wilson's talk about the loss of biodiversity, as I posted about a few weeks back. Species are dying and we are becoming less diverse, more coherent and in the process Nature is failing in those areas.

The End is Nigh.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Earth Healers Gathering, Saturday Nov 19 11 AM, Gossamer Wood, Canandaigua NY

Please Join us for a Gathering of Earth Healers
To Work on Gossamer Wood
Afterwards we may go work on Hipp Brook

When: Saturday Nov. 19. 11 AM to -- 3 or 5 PM.. BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH

Goal: We are looking to enhance the grounds, put in some new trails and add to the powerful love that already exists at Gossamer Wood Healing Retreat Center  In the process you will learn how to heal Mother Earth, better connect with Her and raise your consciousness and the vibe at Gossamer.

Activities: Will include trail work (maintenance, making new trails…), spiritually cleaning the sacred space,  constructing stone structures (circles, prayer stones…) meditating on prayer stones/stone circles. To perform certain tasks you will be working with L-rods (dowsing rods); instruction will be provided. Although it is not necessary to bring dowsing rods it is strongly encouraged. Please do not ask others to use their L-rods because it is like asking to use their toothbrush.

Bill has already done a lot of the trail work so the focus will be on creating stone circles and fortifying prayer stones. In other words meditating and working with Spirit Lines (Ley Lines.)

Learn, Experience, Connect, Teach: We are looking to teach you about Mother Earth and about healing and enhancing Her. We will be doing this through instruction and experientially. This will Better help you connect with Her. We want to teach you so that you can do Earth Healing yourself and teach others. We will be following small schoolroom approach where the sixth graders teach the third graders, who teach the first graders.

About Gossamer: GOSSAMER WOOD RETREAT HEALING CENTER is the home of healer (The Body Talk System and REIKI MASTER) Rev. Bill Dewey. Over the last few decades a variety of educational programs—Reiki Classes, A Course in Miracles, The Tree Whisperer, meditations, gongs, Seminars and Workshops by Doctors, etc. have taken place there.

The 12 acres of GOSSAMER WOOD sits on powerful aspects of Mother Earth, one of which I call Fields of Consciousness. This is where Spirit Lines (Ley Lines) originate from carrying Christ Consciousness to distant corners of the world; so it is important to rev up GOSSAMER WOOD so that Spirit Lines can better do their job. It is included as one of the sacred sites in my listing of sacredsites.

A recent survey of GOSSAMER WOOD posted on this blog revealed some incredible finds just north of the existing trail system--vortices, Spirit Keeper Site, Manitou stones, Earthen mound... We will be working to link those sacred places and enhance them. 

Because Bill’s longer term plans are to make grounds public and remain a sanctuary for all to visit,  we will be also begin putting in a new trail system. It will begin north of the house in the area of a future parking area for visiting pilgrims. Bill would at some point like to sell the house, but have the grounds be preserved as a sanctuary.

What you should bring: Work gloves, boots are preferred (but not necessary) a seat cushion, or portable chair to sit on when meditating, a backpack, or bag to hold your stuff, several bottles of water (spiritual exercises and powerful sacred sites will increase your need for water), LUNCHEON FOOD and snacks.

Please bring a pair of L-rods (dowsing rods), some basic instruction will be provided.

Again please make sure to bring some luncheon food to eat, particularly root vegetables to help ground you. GOSSAMER WOOD is a very powerful sacred site and can give you a spiritual high, bliss you out; particularly since you will be meditating and learning to better connect with your Mother.

We Need Rocks and Flat Stones: If you have any flat stones, or rocks big enough (fist size, or larger) to construct a 10-20 foot in diameter stone circle. The more the merrier. If you know of any places to get flat stones 12” to 18” in diameter please post below in the comments section.

Challenging: We will not ask anyone to do really hard work. Trail maintenance consists of raking, pruning and moving old dead tree branches to mark the trails. The greater challenge will be the big dose of Mother Earth you will be experiencing. The bulk of your time will be spent meditating and clearing up sacred space.

Parking: On the day of make sure to park snug next to other cars leaving plenty of room for others. If you not plan on staying all day, park towards the back. Please do park behind other cars. Bill can take 15-20 cars if people park considerately.

Syracuse Folk: Some of us will be gathering at 481 and the Thruway at 9:30AM

Updates: This blog will be updated with news.

Questions, Concerns: Post your questions, concerns on the comment section below. That way information will be better shared. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Election Day Survey of the Brink Hill Area of Hi Tor has been posted to my Clarks Gully Blog

This past election day I spent the day surveying and did some healing work around the Brink Hill section of Hi Tor. A found numerous stones marking Spirit Lines (LeyLines) as well as stone mounds.

The post is in 6 posts with lots of pictures on my Clarks Gull Blog. You can begin by clicking on the conclusion and scrolling down.

Brink Hill Election Day 2016 Survey Part 6 Conclusion-- A Bevy of Stone Mounds

Monday, November 14, 2016

Climate Changes' King Tides Flooding Miami Beach and other coastal cities

King Tides, an unusually high tide, is flooding Miami Beach and coastal cities around the world. A King Tide occurs when the increased gradational pull of a full moon causes a higher than usual tide--a King Tide. With the Super Moon occurring today their is concern that tide's will be unusually high.

Global warming and melting glaciers are behind rising King Tide's and threaten to flood coastal cities around the world.

NBC has a wonderful video on King Tides

When we damage Mother Earth we hurt ourselves; when we hurt Her she cannot protect us.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump Predicted to Appoint Global Warming Skeptic to Head the EPA

Poor Mother Earth. It appears that the newly elected Trump Administration is about to make a full frontal assault.

Politico in Meet Trump's Cabinet in Waiting reported that Trump is considering appointing a climate skeptic to head the EPA:
While Trump has called for eliminating the EPA, he has more recently modified that position, saying in September that he’ll “refocus the EPA on its core mission of ensuring clean air, and clean, safe drinking water for all Americans.”
Myron Ebell, a climate skeptic who is running the EPA working group on Trump’s transition team, is seen as a top candidate to lead the agency. Ebell, an official at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, has come under fire from environmental groups for his stances on global warming. Venture capitalist Robert Grady is also a contender.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Earth Healer’s Meeting, Tues., Nov 29, 6-8:45 Dewitt Community Library (Shoppingtown, Dewitt)

What: Earth Healer’s Meeting
When: Tuesday, November, 29th 6 PM to 8:45 PM 
Where: Dewitt Community Library’s  (Shoppingtown, Dewitt) Buckland Room

Purpose:To teach basic Earth Healing Techniques, go over past surveys and events, plan for future events, group meditation.

Schedule 6-6:30 Community Gathering/Practice Geomancy (Dowsing) Techniques, Instruction provided, please bring a pair of L-rods

6:30-7:30 PowerPoint Slide Presentation of Past Surveys (Hi Tor, Onondaga Lake, Serpent Mound, Swami Vivekananda's, Muller Hill,....) Group participation. 

7:30—8:00 Discuss plans for future surveys, plan meditation schedule for the winter.

8:00—8:30 group meditation—Developing your spiritual self will make you a better Earth Healer.

Earth Healing looks to heal Mother Earth by fortifying the special aspects of Her unseen body—Ley Lines, Chakras, Imprints….etc. We (humankind) need Mother Earth to achieve our fullest potential and She needs us to achieve Hers. When we work with Her we create new births—vortices, a thin veil, water domes…. By strengthening Her She is better able to provide nourishment our Souls and in the process helping us  with our individual and collective spiritual transformation.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Keeper's Work at Muller

I went to Muller Hill the day after Halloween to do some Keepers Work; physically and spiritually clean a sacred space. A Keeper was one that watched over and maintained the divinity and integrity of a sacred space. I lasted posted on my Keeper's Work at Muller Hill last April.

A lot of branches had fallen down since my last visit and needed to be cleaned up. One large limb had fallen on the entryway to The Glen confusing me where to enter. 

 On the trail to the Glen.

I found the above large flat stone buried under several inches dirt and moss in a boggy like area with no other stones in the most powerful Fields of Consciousness in the Glen. I immediately thought it may have been a prayer stone, or even a Spirit Keeper's stone. There was no vortex above it to indicate people meditated/prayed/did ceremony above it. The vibe above did not answer any questions as the whole area is very positive.

Pepper on the Holy Ridge.

I had to move these branches that were on one of the natural vortices on the Holy Ridge.

Jaida Bear and Pepper in front of the stone on the berm I meditated on, in the Holy Ridge. I wondered why here?--but then I realized that a vortex is about to form there,  one of   many more natural vortices ready to blossom on the Holy Ridge.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Sacred Sites Cover Done--Book Out Shortly--4 to 6 weeks

My fourth book,  Sacred Sites in North Star Country, Places in Greater New York State (PA,OH,NJ,CT,MA,VT,ONT) that Changed the World should be out in the nest 4 to 6 weeks.

Linda Donaldson of Imagine Design has done another magnificent job with the book cover incorporating various sacred sites listed in the book on the front, and back covers. Below is a picture of the cover.