Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mass, Vermont Survey Road Trip

Yesterday morning I left early in the AM to survive for Fields of Consciousness (FOC) in Massachusetts and Vermont ahead of my talk in Saratoga Springs. If you had asked me a few years back I would have told you  that FOCS"s are confined to New York State. But it is clear that Fields extend well beyond the Utica-Rochester corridor; what folklorist Carl Carmer called "America's Psychic Highway."

The FOC's diminish in potency the farther you get from the Utica-Rochester corridor. You will not be able to feel them; they need lots of love to be rejuvenated. But they are still there. It goes to show how large an area FOC's cover.

I was keen to add more sacred sites outside of New York State for upcoming book Sacred Sites in North Star Country, Places in Greater NYS that Changed the World. 

Below are pictures of some of the places we found that had FOC's. I was very pleased that my map dowsing was correct and that there is a FOC at Walden Pond.

Housatonic Unitarian Universalist Mass, one of many UUS churches listed in Sacred Sites in North Star Country.

Walden Pond, Mass. I still have to pinch myself to think that  Thoreau, Emerson and other Transcendentalists lived in close proximity to Fields of Consciousness and were shaped by them. Not surprising that Thoreau would influence the environmental movement.

Natural Trail in Brattleboro Vermont. This place had a slightly positive vibe--VERY NICE!!!

Lake Paran North Bennington, Vermont. Pepper and Jaeda Bear are soaking it up in a sweet spot next to the lake.

It was a great day; Thank you God.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Benches Coming to the Peacemaker's Sanctuary

Our effort to have more benches in the Peacemaker's Sanctuary at Onondaga Lake is bearing fruit. Thanks to generous donations we have purchased our first bench from Onondaga Lake Park. They have a program where people can buy benches ($750) and have the plaque inscribed as they like. Most of the benches are inscribed in memory of a deceased loved one; ours is not.

Here is what the placard will say:
Peacemaker’s Sanctuary
A Place of Contemplation
Where Serenity and Hope Lives

Where someone once Prayed/Did Ceremony
While looking where to locate the bench we found something pretty incredible by the shore of Onondaga Lake. There is a large overflow duct that releases water from the other side of  the walkway just east of where the current bench is. I thought having benches on the other side of the overflow pipe would not be a good idea—feng shui teaches that features which separate like a two separate twins to make a king is bad, or in this case a a seasonal stream separating different areas would not be good. WRONG!

When I took out my dowsing rods they led me to the most heavenly place on the other side of the culvert from the bench. I had never even thought of looking there, but there is this little peninsula that juts out with reeds and huge trees. Sort of a hidden alcove, because the trail behind it (West Shore Trail) angles away creating a larger buffer with thick growth between the area we want the bench to be and the west shore trail. Visually pretty—more importantly a series (3) of 12 FOC's (Fields of Consciousness) stacked upon each other—Who knew. Twelve Fields stacked upon each other  are as high as it gets and Onondaga Lake has more than anyplace else; that is one of the reasons it is one of the most sacred places in the world.

But real surprise was the vibe. The area in front of a large multi-limbed tree is very positive to extremely positive. Let me repeat, a place at the shore of Onondaga Lake has a very positive to extremely positive vibe.WOW.

Let me put this in perspective. Onondaga Lake is one of the most polluted lakes in America. Toxic chemicals and pollutants are pervasive. The lake and the land has been raped and pillaged. Every time I go to the inner harbor, or the mall, my heads hurts and sometimes I even get nauseous. There are many other parts of the lake that are not nice. All of this pollution has a vibe, or consciousness, to it--Toxic and detrimental to your soul.

So, to find a place with a very positive, to extremely positive vibe, what you would find at a very holy place, is pretty incredible.

My Thesis
It is most likely that someone, or several people, used to pray, meditate or do ceremony there; at that exact spot. I say exact spot because the vibe diminishes the farther you move away from it. If it was a general area the vibe in the surrounding area would be positive.

What is also special about the location in front of the tree is that it is in the middle of what I call a series of stacked FOC's. When you get a stacked FOC, the highest stacked Fields within it come in a series of 3. It is is a stacked 12 (S 12) the highest there is. This spot is also the middle of the Field overall. So whoever prayed there knew what they were doing or sensed something special. The only people I know that has such knowledge is an ancient people I call the Spirit Keepers; but again it could be someone just felt the love of Mother Earth there.

We may also assume that the spiritual practices that led to the extremely positive vibe in front of tree took place a long time ago; at least hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. First, the trees around the area are old and the area seems to has been secluded for a long time. Secondly, it seems to have been a wet area for some time, so it would not be conducive to habitation. Finally, it may well be that a vortex was once there and that it has been dissipating for some time. I checked for a vortex ring a precursor to the formation, or the dissolution of vortex; but found none, only wishful thinking that there was one. The reason that I think a vortex may have once been there is because the vibe is so powerful; again a precursor to the formation of a vortex. And if a vortex was once there it would take a lot to dissolve it, because they are difficult to form and just as difficult to dissolve. So this is clearly a very old sacred site.

This was a real find and a joy to me. Finding vortices or special places like this is what I work and live for. Please read the beginning of Vortices and Spirals (pages 1-4) to better appreciate what I am talking about.

Let Us Pray
Let us pray and hope that the Onondaga County Parks people are able to place a bench in front of the tree. There was concern that the low elevation would not allow a stake be planted to secure the bench.

Please visit and pray/meditate/or do ceremony at the Peacemaker's Sanctuary. 

Directions Take Rte 690 to the Lakeland/State Fair Blvd Exit. Head back towards Solvay Syracuse. At the Empower Credit Union Bldg take a left onto Beach Street. Follow till the end and park on the grass.

Cross the train tracks and the bridge over ret. 690. Take a left onto a gravel path that shortly converges with an asphalt path. In about a 100 yards on your left you will see a bench at the Peacemaker's sanctuary, look for the water flow pipe close by..

We need people to do the heavy lifting of praying and meditating there to raise the vibe of the area. Mother Earth needs humankind to achieve Her fullest potential and we need Her to achieve ours.

Please make a tax deductible donation so that we can buy more benches and make more improvements to sacred sites in North Star Country--Click on the donate button on the right. To learn more click on Donating.

We anticipate that the bench will be in place mid to late April.

Below are some pictures of the area. You can see the proposed site of the new bench in the second picture relative to the current bench, the X with the black circle. The large multi-limbed tree that we hope we can place a bench in front of is marked with pink tape.



PS. Thanks Cindy for your kind words in your comment. Here is a link to your web page Be Love in Miracles for people that want to hear about your story--there is no link to click.

Donate to our Capital Campaign

We need your help. Please consider making a tax deductible contribution to our effort to improve and make sacred sites in North Star Country (greater NYS) more accessible to pilgrims. The bulk of the money donated will go for capital improvements.

One of our first efforts will be to  buy park benches for the Peacemaker's Sanctuary at Onondaga Lake. This will increase the capacity of the area as well as provide access to previously inaccessible divine spots in the area.

Our goal for the Peacemaker's Sanctuary is very simple, we look to provide access to Mother Earth's Soul (Fields of Consciousness) and create a resource for greater Central New York and the world at large; a place that will be a sanctuary and place of prayer where people can find peace and solitude. A sanctuary at a time of need and a place of contemplation and meditation where you can raise your consciousness. A place where we hope the veil becomes thin.

You can click on the link at the side to make a donation or come to one of our events. You will be making your donations to Jubilee Initiative #16-1609072.

Jubilee Initiative is a 501c-3 registered with IRS (EIN 16-1609072) run by volunteers dedicated to Mother Earth and making a better world.

madis senner

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I had an interesting, or perhaps frustrating would be a better word, experience this past weekend at Grafton State Park. My dowsing was off kilter, or maybe it wasn't.
Whenever I make a long trip I like to use it as opportunity to look for sacred sites away from home, Fields of Consciousness in particular. When I booked a talk in Saratoga Springs to the Mohawk Hudson Dowsers I began doing some searching for places to explore.
I went to and scoured the Rock Piles Blog for stone formations and found the following listing in Grafton State Park, Cairns with standing Manitou Stones in Grafton, NY - from Norman Muller. What piqued my interest was the first pile of stones. A map dowsing, or should I say a picture dowsing indicated that a Field of Consciousness (S6- six Fields upon each other) was close by. By picture dowsing, I mean I look at the picture and visualize standing in front of it and ask my L-rods to point to where the Fields were.
What gave me further hope that Grafton state park had Fields was that it is close to the Peace Pagoda which I know has Fields. I had surveyed it years earlier and went back last year to take a fresh look and write a review to include in my upcoming book Sacred Sites in North Star Country—Places in Greater NYS that Changed the World.
It was cold this past Sunday and even colder at Grafton State Park when I got there about 9:30 in the morning. I parked at the Gartlers Trail and headed down the trail with my dogs Pepper and Jaeda Bear.
As I walked the trail my rods kept pointing straight ahead to indicate where the Fields were. When the trail turned right my rods continued pointing in the straight ahead, so instead of taking a right and following the trail I went off trail.  I walked between several hedgerows and came to an old stone wall with thick woods behind it. I looked for a place to cross and enter the woods.
As I continued I found myself zigging and zagging through thick woods and getting farther off trail  Although I had a compass, the sun and the noise of cars to guide me I was concerned that I might get lost, not so much totally lost, but lost for a few hours and being late for my talk. I also became concerned that maybe my readings were not correct, or that I was being misdirected. I say misdirected because as my rods kept directing me in one direction, but when I seemed to get there nothing was there.
Given time constraints of having to be in Saratoga at 12:30 PM and fearing I could get lost I decided to head back.
When I got back to where I first went off trail I still had a half and hour or more before I had to high tail it to my talk. So I decided to start anew and followed the trail.
The trail eventually took a left and was going in the same direction it was originally headed. I took out my rods and they pointed a little left of center—in the original direction they had pointed. As I continued the rods would increasingly point to the left—meaning that I was getting closer. When my rods pointed 90° to the left I knew that I needed to turn left and get off the trail. I was not more than a 100 yards from where I had been before.
But as I continued walking it became increasingly clear that my rods were not accurate. That there was nothing there, or that my rods had misdirected me, or was I being misdirected?
It is times like this that one has to do some soul searching. Intuitive skills can vary at times. While I feel confident finding Fields and other aspects of Mother Earth when I am at a particular site, map dowsing is another thing. Although I have been getting better over the years finding Fields in Canada, in Pennsylvania and other places simply by looking at a map. In the beginning of Vortices and Spirals I begin with a story of a Energy Vortex I found in a Vermont State Park several miles from where I began. But there are other times when my abilities are not so good.
There was also the possibility that I was being misdirected by a nature spirit; that some being in another realm did not want me to be there, or draw attention to a place; or perhaps at an even higher level it was felt that people should not be traipsing to a place, or that it was not ready. I often find at times like this my rods act funny moving this way and that and being highly inaccurate.
Was my dowsing off, or was I misdirected? You tell me.

Below are some of the pictures I took at Grafton. There were numerous stone walls 10-12 feet thick at times and with hollowed out centers(the dogs are sitting in one such place with a sunken center. )The surroundings and size of rocks is very similar to the pics in the Rock Piles Posting.

Carbon Emissions--Exploding

A recently released report that looked at sediment off the New Jersey coast found that--Human carbon release rate is unprecedented in the past 66 million years of Earth's history

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bloomberg-Stunning Global Heat Wave Pushes Planet Into Uncharted Territory

Bloomberg reported today that a Stunning Global Heat Wave Pushes Planet Into Uncharted Territory. There is a great visual within the article that shows all the years we have broken heat records, as well as a short video on the history of global warming.

They were reporting on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's finding that February and the December-February period shattered global heat records.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

More Earth Healing Work at Mulller Hill

This past Saturday (3/12/16) I returned to Muller Hill with Janice Carr to do some more Earth Healing. We began by meditating in the Welcome Circle to raise its vibe; we also smudged, gave thanks and asked for permission to enter. I am a big believer that sacred sites should have Welcome Circles.

A Welcome Circle acts like an entryway, or foyer of a home. It is an intermediary step between the profane (outside world) and the sacred (the sacred site itself.) It is a place where you take off your boots, or shoes and hang up your coat; only with a Welcome Circle you smudge yourself and remove any spiritual debris you may have picked up recently--it is a cleansing. It is here where you greet your host, or in the case of a Welcome Circle you ask permission to enter and announce yourself. A prayer helps set the tone for your upcoming visit.

Over time by performing the acts of a Welcome Circle in the same place over again and again you build a powerful imprint. An imprint which will increase the vibe of the Welcome Circle and increase the power of smudging and prayers.

In the picture below Janice is meditating at the edge of the Welcome Circle.

We then headed towards the Holy Ridge where we meditated at several sacred sites. Locations with powerful Fields of Consciousness, Fields that had 12 Fields stacked upon each other--as high as it goes. See the picture below. It shows Janice and my dogs Jaeda and Pepper. Places are strengthened through spiritual practices, particularly meditation.

Mother Earth needs us to reach Her fullest potential, and we (humankind and all of creation) need Her to achieve our fullest potential. This feeling of unity, cooperation, symbiosis and even necessity became very apparent to both of us Saturday. I have known this for sometime, but for some reason it was a profound feeling, as if it were an epiphany--almost startling. Why?

Perhaps it was the realization that the vibe, or imprints on the Holy Ridge continue to improve from our efforts. The vibe is becoming more palpable, sweeter.

Perhaps it was the realization that more is being revealed to us. Over time as you pray and meditate at a place it begins to reveal more of itself. The veil begins to thin and and you see, or feel things previously unknown. For the Holy Ridge this meant we began to sense the other aspects of Mother Earth's Soul besides Fields of Consciousness. There is much more to Mother Earth's Soul besides Fields of Consciousness. I mention this in my review of Swami Vivekananda's Cottage in the Thousand Islands. It was not such a high aspect found at the Swami's cottage, but other things.

We were also blessed to be shown, or revealed, another large area of Mother Earth's Soul not far from the Holy Ridge. Last summer I had known that there was something else close by, but could not find it. I remember walking through thickets of briars, scrub and thick growth and not finding it. My dog Jaeda got quilled by a porcupine. I gave up and turned back.

But on Saturday we found it. Or found tiny bits of what I think will be another large area of Mother Earth's Soul. We meditated in one of the stacked Fields I found and gave a prayer of thanks.

What to call this place?  The Promised Land, the Oasis, Shangri-La. 0r............

It was a glorious and beautiful day. We finished with a prayer and thanks at the Welcome Circle. Perhaps the reason we had such a profound feeling of unity and symbiosis with Mother Earth was because it was Mother Earth's nectar that had had raised our consciousness and blissed us out, or perhaps it was Her, or one of Her Deva's, or the land itself that had guided us and showed us so much. Thank you!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Earth Healing--The Gerrit Smith Estate, Muller Hill

This past Tuesday Jan and I did some work on the Gerrit Smith Estate and Muller Hill. You can learn more about them by clicking on  Gerrit Smith Estate and Muller Hill; although I must admit that those reviews were written long ago and my knowledge of Mother Earth, Fields of Consciousness and the sites themselves has improved dramatically. These are two locations I have been working for this past year and plan to continue. So in a way I am currently a Keeper for these places; that is I watch over and take care of them along with another small cadre of Earth Healers.

The Gerrit Smith estate has very potent Fields of Consciousness, but the vibe is neutral, like most of the world. We meditated at several locations and worked to clean the space. A few spots within the grounds have seen a slight pickup in vibe.

Below are pics Jan Woodworth took of both places.

Muller Hill is an incredible place with lots of Fields and an extremely positive vibe in places. We worked on the welcome circle, which has grown to a slightly positive to positive vibe--Nice.

This is a great time of year to work in the woods as leaves have not yet sprouted, so you have greater vision.

We spent most of our time on the Holy Ridge which is as loaded as any place in North Star Country.. The vibe in the Fields runs very positive to extremely positive; and has only improved since early last year. The feeling of the place is palpable and our meditation was deep and got our feel good chemicals flowing. SWEET!  

My upcoming book Sacred Sites in North Star Country will detail how to find the Holy Ridge and access the Fields.

We will continue to work on both places, particularly Muller Hill. Cleaning and fortifying sacred spaces is an illuminating process. As you clean and polish the places you work on begin to glow and shine, and in the process wake up other places close by that were in effect dormant (not charged with human intention.) As I have noted earlier Mother Earth needs positive and loving intentions to achieve Her Potential, and we need Her as well. 

It was a beautiful day, thank you Heavenly Father and Divine Mother Earth. Blessings.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Place Matters--Violence Begets Violence

Back in December I wrote a post Place Matters—Murder returns to the same place in my hood (Eastwood) detailing how a recent murder occurred at the same location a few years earlier; the only two in a very long time in the Eastwood section of Syracuse.

A few days ago I read that a section of Rich street was home to three murders in three years and at least five shooting. 

We leave imprints of our thoughts and actions wherever we go. If we act of love and think loving thoughts someplace we leave an imprint of such and will attract love. Conversely if we act violently we will create an imprint of violence and attract such. Violence begets violence at the same place.

Fortunately Mothers Against Violence did hold a prayer vigil at Rich Street last week. Actions such vigils are important to counter the negativity of a space.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Talks--Cherry Valley, Waterloo, Little Falls, Saratoga Springs

Upcoming Talks, More information coming- time and topic.

Saturday, April 9th.
Cherry Valley
2 Genesee Street, Cherry Valley NY 13320

Sunday May 15th.
Little Falls
Beardslee Restaurant,123 old State Road Rte 5 in Little Falls NY  13365

May 21, 22.
Holiday Inn,  2468 NYS RTE 414 , Waterloo NY 13166

Saturday June 19th.
Saratoga Springs
American Society of Dowsers Annual Convention
Skidmore College Campus
Nourishing Humanity’s Soul, Nourishing Your Own
Just as your energy body needs nourishment so does your soul, but blockages abound. Learn a simple Earth Healer’s technique to improve the spiritual environment of your home to better nourish your soul and raise your consciousness. Gain knowledge of Mother Earth’s Architecture for Linking Humankind. Knowledge you can apply to nourish our collective soul and help bring about the many Earth changes people are forecasting.
Part of the course will discuss the unique aspect of Mother Earth found only in greater NYS (Saratoga Springs) that has influenced great souls such as Fredrick Douglas, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, Henry David Thoreau.. and how you are connected to it.
Make sure to bring your L-rods so that you may dowse this divine aspect while in Saratoga Springs.

Learn about Fields of Consciousness, Ley Lines, originators, connectors (artificial Leys.)