Saturday, September 28, 2019

Clarks Gully Post

I posted some pictures of my visit to High Tor this week to my Clarks Gully Blog, September 25, 2019--Part 1

Friday, September 27, 2019

Sacred Sites Update--Followup to High Tor's Keepers Area

A couple of weeks ago I posted Sacred Sites Update--High Tor's Keeper's Area that gates on the dirts road that traverses the Keeper's Area at HIgh Tor were gone. I went back the other day and found out that I was wrong: one of the posts had fallen the other is still upright.

So if you can find the posts continue to use the area between them as a Welcome Circle.

I also cut down a path through the reeds from the roundabout parking area towards the Keepers Area. So there is a clearer path to get to the Keepers Area from the roundabout off of South Hill Road. The brush is still high, but it is doable.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Processed Water Like Processed Food Is Bad For You--The Karma of Water

In a world where everything has karma, everything really does carry karma, and that includes water. I mention this because a recent research report 'Cumulative risk analysis of carcinogenic contaminants in United States drinking water' found that tap water could be responsible for over a 100,000 cases of cancer. Saying:
"The majority of this risk is due to the presence of arsenic, disinfection byproducts and radioactive contaminants."
Noting that,
"Estimated cancer cases due to disinfection byproducts and arsenic account for 87% of the total number of cases." 
So the bulk of the problem rests with how the water was treated and natural occurring arsenic. In other words, the processing of water involves contaminates which can kill you over time.

I think that this is the tip of the iceberg and that there are many more problems associated with drinking processed water, because the water retains a memory off how it was treated (karma). Before I continue let me say that removing living organisms and contaminants from water is a good thing and may be necessary for many drinking waters.

Processed Water
Water that has been treated, possibly with chemicals, is processed water. It took decades before we realized that eating processed foods was bad for your health. Drinking processed water is similarly bad for your health.

The study suggested you should buy a simple brita water filter; so that should work. Yes, if you have really bad water. Otherwise no: it will create more problems.

As I said in Everything Has Karma:
"Anything you consume is going to retain a memory of its treatment and where it's been. Drink processed water or eat processed food and it will similarly ravage you. As we are taught "Do unto others as we wish others to do unto us," whatever has been done to what we consume will be done to us."Page 206,
Consider distilled water that has been super processed and cleansed of all contaminates, organisms, nutrients  energies, etc...People drink distilled water to remove metals, chemicals and the like from their body. In other words, drinking distilled water that has been highly processed will similarly process you and leach your body of minerals, nutrients and more; doing to you what has been done to it.

Distilled water has been processed so powerfully that it corrodes metal piping. Imagine what it could do to your gut's microbiome.

Your home water purifier is creating a milder version of distilled water. Because it like distilled water retains a memory (karma) of what has been done to it.

Drink Living Water
The larger problem created by drinking processed water (whether it is tap water, home water treatments (reverse osmosis filters, brita filters and the like) is that it is going to attack your gut's microbiome and kill some of your gut's bacteria, flora. Your gut's microbiome is critical to our health.

Your flora plays an important role in fighting inflammation in your body. Inflammation has been associated with many chronic disease. In fact it is so important that changes in your gut flora can have a devastating for your health (Changes in the Gut Microbiome as the Cause of Inflammation and Oxidative Stress Leading to Vascular Dysfunction) Because of this many of us avoid taking antibiotics because they ravage our gut's flora.

If you take probiotics you understand how important your gut's flora is.

Dr. Mercola who recommended reverse osmosis systems for years switched to a charcoal based filter because he felt that water treated by reverse osmosis had the same affect as distilled water upon the body.

As I have written about on several occasions. :You need to drink living water:
Raw Water, Spring Water Living Water
Living Water, or Primary Water
Tap Water Better Than Bottled Water--Consumer Reports
I am so passionate about the importance of drinking living water karma of  water that I dedicated a whole chapter to it in Everything Has Karma.

One final note about the karma of water. Homeopathy relies upon water to retain a memory (karma) of its contact with the remedy. Through the process of potentiation homeopaths dilute the remedy with water so much that almost none of it is left. In fact, it is believed that the more diluted the remedy the stronger it is.



Friday, September 20, 2019

Greenland's Glaciers Being Devastated by Europe's Heat Wave--In Unexpected and Dire Ways

This summer's heat wave in Europe is causing massive ice melts of Greenland's glaciers. The problem is being compounded by the affect that the melt is having upon the glaciers themselves--it is causing the ice to become denser. This as Nature reported a few days ago is making the ice less permeable. Consequently the water from the ice melt is not being able to be absorbed by the ice and the surface below, and instead runs off into the ocean. In other words, if the ice was less dense and more permeable much of it would seep to the surface below, instead it is running off into the ocean. This new phenomenon  is increasing the amount of runoff and increasing sea levels in an unanticipated way.

As I posted a month ago Rate of Climate Change has been underestimated--It's Much Worse--the changing consequences of Greenland's ice melt is another example of how we have radically underestimated the consequences and the rate of climate change.

National Geographic had a good article about the ice melt in Greensland: Something Strange is Happening to Greenland's Ice Sheet.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Author Talks

Author Talks 

Below  is a listing of upcoming talks for my  book Everything Has Karma: Learning to Embrace Our Interconnectedness I will have books for sale with me. They include a sacred walk at Pagan Pride Day in Central New York. Most events are FREE.. I anticipate I will be booking more venues.

To keep abreast of my talks and events please click on, Author Talks or Events on the upper right..  

Sep 19, Th.        N. Syracuse    N. Syr. Community Ct.      Everything Has Karma  
6:30 PM                                     700 S. Bay Road              $5 Admission-Dowsers

Sep 21, Sat.       Liverpool         Long Branch Park,           Pagan Pride (food donation)
10 AM                Syr-Onon Pk..  3813 Long Branch Rd.    Sacred Walk--Sign Up, Limited Space 
12 Noon                                                                              Talk Karma/ Pagan--Ritual, Ceremony 

Oct 4, Fri            Dewitt              Dewitt Library                  Reading, w/other authors
6:30-8:30 PM                              5110 Jamesville Rd        10 minute reading Karma 

Oct 5, Sat.         Rochester        Monroe Central Lib          Everything Has Karma  
1 PM                                           115 South Ave                FREE
4 PM                  Macedon          Books, Etc.                      Everything Has Karma  
                                                   78 W Main St                   FREE

Oct 26, Sat        East Syr..         E. Syracuse Library          Everything Has Karma                                                    10:30 AM                                   4990 James Street           FREE

Oct 29 Tues.     Cazenovia       Cazenovia Library            Everything Has Karma  
7 PM                                           100 Albany St.                FREE

Nov 7 Th.          Brewerton         Brewerton Library           Everything Has Karma                                                        
6:30 PM                                      5440 Bennett St.             FREE

Nov 13 Wed.      Herkimer         The Java Shop                Everything Has Karma  
6 PM                                           143 N. Main Street          FREE

Nov 17 Sun        Norwich           Bonnie Gales.                 Everything Has Karma  

Dec 5 Th.           Dewitt             Dewitt Library                  Everything Has Karma
7 PM                                          5110 Jamesville Rd        FREE

Monday, September 16, 2019

Sacred Sites Update--High Tor's Keeper's Area

I visited the Keepers Area of High Tor (Page 310-318 of Sacred Sites in North Star Country).  Here are a few observations:

Brush Was High. I entered from the parking area with the roundabout off of South Hill Road. 

The fields had not been mowed in some time and the weeds were very high. This made movement difficult at times, especially when I was returning and walking uphill. You never know what you get with the fields. I imagine that they provide great cover for wildlife. I found numerous bedding spots for deer.

I could not find the old gates along the road that served as a Welcome Area. They may have been removed, more likely are located above the point I entered. I had not entered the Keepers through the fields in several years.

Sadly, one of the first things I found was that a large tree had fallen on the large stone mound covering several Earth Chakras (7 if I remember correctly).

In the picture below my backpack is situated in one of the depressed areas where I believe pilgrims sat. 

The vibe was great in this area.

That was not the case in farther down as I noted in Sacred Sites. Not much change.

That is the area of the 3 standing stones marking the intersection of three ley lines, or spirit lines, as I postedTriangle of Stones & Mounds at South Hill (Hi Tor DEC Forest) in the Keepers Area

I hope to go back and explore some more soon.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

5G Dangers


Conservative commentator Sharyl Attkinson of Full Measure had an informative segment on 5G earlier today. Below is a link.


Sadly the grip of corporations control over us is growing.

Technology Kills.


PS There has been almost no discussion of the detrimental consequences of EMF's and 5G on Mother Earth and all of creation. It is called Electropollution and it is a serious environmental hazard.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Karma Teacher, Karma Quotes

I have set up a webpage that educates about karma. It contains quotes from my book Everything Has Karma: Learning to Embrace Our Interconnectedness. Here are a few quotes:

"Anything you consume is going to retain a memory of its treatment and where it's been. Drink processed water or eat processed food and it will similarly ravage you. As we are taught "Do unto others as we wish others to do unto us," whatever has been done to what we consume will be done to us."
Page 206, Everything Has Karma, by Madis Senner

"Karma is a teacher. It is our partner through many lifetimes, helping us with our spiritual transformation, to become more loving, compassionate, and altruistic. Many outside of the Eastern Traditions dismiss karma as being impersonal and a cold indifferent enforcer of retribution. Karma is anything but. It is intimate and personal and involved with the most sacred of duties--the transformation of our evolving soul." 
Page 252, Everything Has Karma, by Madis Senner

Friday, September 6, 2019

Clarks Gully Post

I have made a new post to my Clarks Gully Blog:

September 5, 2019 Part 1- 4-Tiered Mound

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Everything Has Karma--Midwest Book review

My latest book Everything Has Karma: Learning to Embrace Our Interconnectedness was reviewed in the Midwest Book Review's September issue of the MBR Bookwatch. Here it is:

Everything Has Karma
Madis Senner
Mother Earth Press
9780990874423, $16.95

Everything Has Karma: Learning to Embrace Our Interconnectedness is not a traditional book about karma's history or meaning, but focuses on the bigger picture of how karma connects people, ecosystems, and life.

This approach allows readers to understand karma's active process in daily living in new way. From Madis Senner's perspective, karma is not limited to individual pursuits. It's within every living thing. The circle of webs and entwined lives extends beyond human experience and moves into every ecosystem and interaction. Everything Has Karma is devoted to exploring this expanded view of karma.

It should be noted that Everything Has Karma is not an easy, quick read. Like karma, it embraces various disciplines from science and philosophy to psychology, offering a revised view of history, theory, and events. Discussions range from concepts of karmic debt to the larger context of groups and nations, drawing connections between both individual lives and interrelated social and eco-systems.

Madis Senner points out that "We have lost our connection to Mother Earth." He surveys the fundamental concepts of higher consciousness and how these apply to reconnecting systems, people, and theories.

The only prerequisite for the successful enjoyment of Everything Has Karma is a willingness to accept ideas of reincarnation, higher purpose, and purposeful connections between physical, mental, and spiritual life forces.

Everything Has Karma is powerfully effective: a well-researched, nicely referenced discussion of the bigger picture of karma. It is recommended for new age and spiritual readers, whether they have a basic understanding of karma or are newcomers to the entire concept. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Sacred Sites Update--HIgh Tor's Finger Lakes Trail

This past Saturday I walked the Finger Lakes Trail (FLT) in NYS DEC's HIgh Tor Wildlife Management Area, pages 318- 321, of Sacred Sites in North Star Country.

Sadly, the first (page 320) Field of Consciousness(FOC)  that you encounter on the trail has lost a lot of its vibrancy, or vibe. It is a dramatic loss, but it is still positive.

The other FOC farther down the trail on a peninsula of sorts still hums and has a very positive vibe. Below is a picture of the manitou in the FOC and in my book. This is great place to meditate at.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Bizarre, Unexpected and Devastating Consequences of Climate Change

When we think of Climate Change we think of warmer weather, rising seas, increasing wildfires... Unfortunately recently I have been reading about new unexpected diseases that can have devastating consequences. Here are a  few:

A mysterious kidney disease may be the first pandemic caused by climate change

A mysterious disease is killing tens of thousands of farmworkers globally — and the worst may be yet to come...
In a recent article published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Cecilia Sorensen, an emergency medicine physician who also teaches at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, called this unexplained kind of kidney failure a "sentinel disease" in the era of climate change.

The disease, described as chronic kidney disease (CKDu), "grows with environmental exposures (to heat and humidity) that are directly influenced by climate change," she said.

It has made kidney failure the second-leading cause of death in Nicaragua and El Salvador.

Climate change and infectious diseases – a partnership made in hell?

In their paper in mBio, Arturo Casadevall and colleagues, explain how warmer global conditions have reduced the temperature gradient between the environment and our body temperatures, making the ‘jump’ from one to the other easier for fungi  – and this is mainly why the yeast Candida auris has emerged as a global human pathogen and is being touted as the first to emerge as a result of climate change (it is also highly anti-fungicide resistant making matters even more complicated).

What of other pathogens? Well, the spread of many bacterial and viral diseases is influenced by where their vectors (carriers, who do not themselves suffer from the infectious diseases) are to be found. Extreme weather events and warmer temperatures mean that water-borne and insect-borne pathogens have migrated further than where they were normally found. In the aftermath of hurricane Florence in North and South Carolina back in 2018 there were huge swarms of mosquitoes in the states – flooded streets became a haven for them. The mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus spread to wider geographic regions fueled by warmer temperatures, as Madeline Thomson, University of Columbia, explained in her interview with On Health.

A Mysterious Infection, Spanning the Globe in a Climate of Secrecy (NY Times)

The rise of Candida auris embodies a serious and growing public health threat: drug-resistant germs.

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Is Infecting More People And Spreading To New Areas. Scientists Blame Climate Change.

Pollutant Linked to Climate Change Accelerates Lung Disease

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Clarks Gully Post

I have posted pictures of my visit to High Tor yesterday to my Clarks Gully Blog:
Labor Day--Brink Hill