Thursday, November 12, 2015

Triangle of Stones & Mounds at South Hill (Hi Tor DEC Forest) in the Keepers Area

The Keepers Area of South Hill of Hi Tor State Forest has lots of stone structures, most are mounds located on aspects of Mother Earth's subtle body such as Earth Chakras, Ley Lines and other features in the Energy Plane. There are Fields of Consciousness.

One interesting feature is a triangle of large stones, shown below. 

I have been in the Keepers area dozens of times over the last ten years and never paid much attention to it, even though the stones are large. We all wondered whether there was something to it.

There was. The three stone mounds mark three Ley Lines, or put differently they are connected by three Ley Lines. The black lines in the photo below show the Ley Lines.
Perhaps there is something else to the formation, or that it serves some other purpose. Was it designed to have  people sit in the triangle? 

I point this out to say that what appears trivial, or insignificant may have a higher purpose. We have become so disconnected from Mother Earth that we fail to see Her as ancient cultures did and much is lost to us--even those looking for stone structures. 

Below are a few more pictures from our trips, one shows an orb taken by Jan Woodworth.


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