Friday, February 26, 2010

Become an Earth Healer

Saturday March 20 Liverpool Library 3 to 5PM, (may begin 2:30 with crafting dowsing rods)

Rochester—Lori’s Health Food Store, TBA

Buffalo, Utica, Albany contact me.


For those interested in healing Mother Earth and working with her to raise our collective consciousness and make a better world I will be offering instruction on how to become an Earth Healer. Instruction will include:
ü An overview of Mother Earth’s cosmology as to how it pertains to healing her. We will focus on Spirit Lines.
ü Hands on training in being able to find the spiritual aspects of Mother Earth that will facilitate healing and consciousness raising.
ü Practice Healing of Mother Earth.
ü Roundtable discussion of your spiritual practices and things that you can do to improve your meditative and other spiritual practices in order to become a better Earth Healer and improve your overall well being.
ü Group Meditation.

Basic dowsing skills will be taught so please bring a pair of L-Rods. If you do not have L-rods you can purchase them from the ASD or from a store that sells metaphysical tools. You can also make a pair of L-rods from the metal of two metal coat hangers (they need to be metal through out) and from the receptacles of two old disposal ball point pens. You cut and twist the coat hangers to make two L-shaped pieces of metal and place the short L part in the ball point pen receptacle. See I may ask people that need to make L- Rods to come early at 2:30.

The premises/beliefs behind being an Earth Healer are:
ü Mother Earth is our Soul Mate. If we are to bring peace, heal the world and advance our collective consciousness we need to learn how to co-create with Mother Earth because she is our spiritual partner.
ü Knowledge is empowering. By understanding how Mother Earth works and working with that knowledge to heal her you can have exponential results, not only in healing her but in elevating the consciousness of others in your community and the world at large.
ü We are one. All of God’s creation is linked and have a similar spiritual makeup.
ü Spiritual strength, what some call higher consciousness, increases your awareness and healing ability. Because of that Earth Healers need to develop their spiritual acumen through spiritual exercises such as meditation. By becoming a stronger vessel you are better able to channel God’s healing love and Mother Earth’s essences to facilitate healing.
ü It is by giving that we receive. When we focus on helping others or healing Mother Earth we spiritually grow like a weed.

This is the Spring Equinox so I may hold an activity around Onondaga Lake.

I booked the room at the Library today and wanted to get this out quickly to give people notice. I will be sending out a more formal announcement towards the end of next week.

People in Albany, Buffalo, Ithaca, and Utica need to contact me if they want me to come teach in their area.

Madis Senner