Sunday, March 29, 2020

Rare Photo of a Yellow Orb

On a survey of a sacred sites Stone Structures--Hudson Valley/ Catskills Part 1 Overview in early November last year I captured a rare yellow orb in two of my pictures. I say rare because there really aren't many pictures of yellow orbs on the net.

There were however a plethora of opinions about the significance of seeing a yellow. The general opinion was that yellow orbs are a sign of warning and caution. But cautious about what?

I assumed that it was about me taking it easy and not pushing things. I also wondered whether it was warning about protecting the sacred site fellow geomancer Janice Carr and I were surveying; to stay mum about its location to avoid the onslaught of thrill seekers, UFO oligists, ghost hunters and their ilk that could overrun this holy area and ruin it. So I decided not to reveal the name or exact location of the sacred area where I photographed the yellow orb and only refer to it as a general area in my post  Stone Structures--Hudson Valley/ Catskills Part 1 Overview

Saturday, March 21, 2020

The following is by Dave Pasinski who has served as chaplain at our vigils at the Peacemaker's Sanctuary. It was posted on

10 ways to lift your spirits in time of coronavirus (Commentary)

Dave Pasinski, of Fayetteville, has served for 25 years as a chaplain at different health institutions, and for 28 years in mental health disaster services crisis intervention.

By Dave Pasinski

Whatever our “ spiritual orientation” — or none at all — we know how our “spirits” as humans are struggling as the coronavirus crisis just begins to unfold and we face weeks, if not months, of extremely changed routines and activities. While this is first and foremost a health crisis and we must adhere to medical advice, we know it is also an economic one for so many, a deeply disorienting emotional one for all, and that these dimensions combine to diminish our coping resources. We need to find personal ways to sustain us individually and together at this time.

During the crisis of 9/11, many of us flocked to churches or other civic events for mutual support. That is not our option right now, and that is a major loss as we can feel very isolated.

It is not just the most reasonable fear of illness for ourselves or loved ones, but anxiety about the various dimensions of serious financial sustenance for many, educational challenges for all students, and the myriad of events, meetings, interpersonal relationships that are now changed with acute personal pain.

There is surely no one or definitive way of dealing with all of this in this ongoing and yet-to-peak crisis.

Nevertheless, these following 10 suggestions may be helpful to our spirits that are under attack in ways that we have truly never experienced before.

1. You may well not be able to “keep calm,” but you can take three deep breaths when you feel those often or expected anxieties. Try it right now.

2. Ask “What can I do right now?” Now. Right now. Do something physical and tactile — wash your hands thoroughly, then go wash your face. Feel the hot or cold water. Let yourself really feel it. And, of course, wash your hands!

3. ”My mind is racing! I’m worried about ... I must ... Why don’t they? ... What will happen if?”

Sit down. Take a pen and write down something. It may be those thoughts, or just a word, or some lines or circles or a rough drawing. Stop after after a few minutes and see what you’ve done. What does it tell you about how you’re living this moment?

4. Who can you call to mind to “send” thoughts (and prayers, if you wish) who may particularly need support? Think of them right now. If desirable and possible, call or send them a text right now.

5. Can you go outside? If so, do it. Whether it’s for a just moment or a longer walk, go outside and take in the air, being conscious of your breaths, of the surroundings, of greeting others from a safe distance. If you cannot go out, can you look out a window and imagine being there.

6. Sit quietly ... and realize that you are human, with a mind and spirit, but also limited as a finite creature. You do not have the control of your life that perhaps you thought you did just last week. Think about that and accept it. For some, this may evoke a movement toward prayer or support from some spiritual writing ... or tears. Accept them.

7. Ask: Is there anything that I can do to help someone else? This is not to put myself or them at risk, but is there something simple that would be helpful to anyone else at this time? Think about it . Do it.

8. Nothing is going to make everything OK. However, with thoughtful reflection, thoughts of “loving kindness” toward all others, and a “one step-enough for me” approach, perhaps we can share common support at this most trying time.

9. For many, a simple repetition of the serenity prayer can be a great resource. (“God, give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”)

10. What works personally for you? You are challenged to come up with your own very personal way of coping which is consistent with your spiritual journey. What would you add or what would be one thing that you think you could do to help yourself at this time?

May this stimulate your own mind and help you to cope and know that somehow, at some point, our nation will come through this.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Second Warmest February and Winter

Earth just had its 2nd-hottest February on record

The NOAA report also said that the earth had its second warmest winter(December-February) so far.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Pyramids at Giza Egypt Can Channel Electromagnetic Energies--Were They Built to Tap Into Them

For years I have been a proponent that many of the sacred stone structures around the world were constructed to tap into Earth Energies and work with Mother Earth--to enhance Her, or to better be able to experience Her. This goes against conventional thinking which is that they were built for astronomical purposes to view the stars and planets; what is called archaeoastronomy. 

A research report I came across recently (thanks to Jan Woodworth) helps substantiate my thesis that many stone structures have an Earth Energies focus, Study reveals the Great Pyramid of Giza can focus electromagnetic energy. They study concluded that,
An international research group has applied methods of theoretical physics to investigate the electromagnetic response of the Great Pyramid to radio waves. Scientists predicted that under resonance conditions, the pyramid can concentrate electromagnetic energy in its internal chambers and under the base. The research group plans to use these theoretical results to design nanoparticles capable of reproducing similar effects in the optical range. Such nanoparticles may be used, for example, to develop sensors and highly efficient solar cells...Calculations showed that in the resonant state, the pyramid can concentrate electromagnetic energy in the its internal chambers as well as under its base, where the third unfinished chamber is located.
This adds to the work of others such as John Burke and Kaj Halberg who traveled the world and visited many stone structures with their magnometers and tested them for electromagnetism. They consistently found higher readings around the stone structures. They catalogued their trip and its findings in their book Seed of Knowledge, Stone of Plenty. Well worth a read. 

The idea that archaeoastronomy continues  to be  held in such high esteem given the work of Burke and others is not surprising. People tend to see the world through the lens of our conventional norms and their respective training. And because we live in the Scientific Age this means the lens of the material world. Sadly many people into stone structures, sacred sites and the like are not geomancers or dowsers; consequently they have little intuitive ability or  possess spiritual gifts. So they see and analyze things based upon what they can see and touch.

The challenges to conventional  archaeological thinking are all too apparent. As Graham Hancock and others have pointed out, civilization is much older than archaeologists think.  As I have been  researching and writing my next book The Environmental Crisis is a Crisis of Our Hearts I have come to learn that the Neolithic period (from 10,000 BC to about 1,500 BC and varies dramatically upon location) was the time of  the  Goddess. A time of matrilineal societies, a focus on Nature and communal life. Many stone structures such as  Stonehenge were constructed during the Neolithic period.

The idea of a matrilineal society flies in the face of conventional archaeological thinking. It also challenges and is a threat to our patriarchal society as expressed in science and organized religion. But there was a time when women and Nature were held in esteem.

I mention this because this because I want people to reexamine archaeoastronomy and see it in a different light. No doubt people did look to the sky and some stone structures were built to align with the celestial sky, but it is a pittance compared to those aligned to tap into and work with Earth Energies and our Mother.