Friday, March 16, 2012


I have started a web page Mother Earth Prayers’ Health Pantry containing articles about Mother Earth’s affect upon our health.

Here is the first article:

Amish Farm Kids Have Lower Asthma, Allergy Risk: Study The Study found that farm children particularly Amish children had a much lower rate of asthma and allergies. Scientists hypothesized that the ‘Hygiene Hypothesis,” that our too clean environment and lack of exposure to a variety of germs at an early age was the reason for lower rates of asthma and allergies among Amish children, who do not recieve anitbiotics and are exposed to farm animals. No consideration was given to the fact that farm kids are more connected to Mother Earth and Amish children have a much lower exposure to technology (computers, cell phones, electronics...) which wreaks havoc on Mother Earth and disconnect us from her.
Are You Connected To Her?
Madis Senner