Sunday, May 27, 2018

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 1--Overview

I gave a talk to the Living Waters Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers in Claremont, New Hampshire on May 15. I stayed at the home of then president Alice Hardwood along with Peter Voss of Mohawk Hudson Dowsers. It was a good talk to a nice group of informed people.

I had a chance to survey several places on my way there. The next day Alice took Peter and I out to show us some sacred areas in Vermont. It was delightful

I put together a summary of the sacred sites I visited. You can either click on the various links to go to the individual sites, or just scroll down to read and see what I found.


Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 2---Londonberry, Vermont's Field of Consciousness --Sacred Sites Update

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 3-- Londonberry, Vermont's Standing Stones.

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 4-Fox Chair Mountain Memorial Forest. Sacred Sites Update

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 5--Moody, Park, Claremont, New Hampshire--Sacred Sites Update

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 6 --Another America's Stonehenge

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 7--Calendar II Stone Chamber

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 2---Londonberry, Vermont's Field of Consciousness --Sacred Sites Update

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 2---Londonberry, Vermont's Field of Consciousness --Sacred Sites Update

On the way to my talk the first stop on my trip was to investigate a Field of Consciousness (FOC) in Londonberry, Vermont that I had map dowsed in advance. It was supposedly located near Reilly Rd close to the intersection of Rte 11. Google maps showed it to be a forest area.  When I got there I found the FOC and some houses; but also found what appears to be an old access utility road. So I am not sure if it is public land or not, I would appreciate if someone in the area could tell me whether it is, or is not.

There was a FOC there, a stacked 3 (S3.) While close to Rte 11 it is located on a service road that is very accessible. The vibe is slightly positive to positive.

 Looking west on Rte. 11 Reilly Rd goes to the right
My car is parked over the FOC.

My dogs are sitting in the middle of the FOC about 25' in diameter. Notice how the road goes back and there are faint signs of utility poles in the background.

Worth a visit if you want to experience FOC and live in VT/NH. It has the potential to be much more.

Again, I am not sure if this is public space. If anyone finds out please contact me.



Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 3-- Londonberry, Vermont's Standing Stones.

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 3-- Londonberry, Vermont's Standing Stones.

Imagine my surprise when I looked across the street from the FOC on Reilly road in Londonberry, Vermont and saw a standing stone. I thought no it couldn't be, but as I got closer I realized it was.

Above is what I saw at a distance. It is a zoom shot with my camera. A standing stone on the eastern border of Londonderry, Vermont.

 A frontal look shows the standing stones pointed  peak to be a little over 7 feet tall. My measuring staff is 5' in increments of 1'.

A side look showing the pile of stones behind the standing stone.

Elated over my two discoveries I popped into my car and headed off to Fox Chair Mountain Memorial Forest. As I drove down the hill into Londonberry I saw the following.
It was another standing stone in the center of town. Notice the standing stone on the middle right.

I expect that the two sacred standing stones in Londonberry, Vermont are chalked up to colonial farmers and not an ancient culture that worked with Mother Earth. I expect a walk in the woods would reveal more interesting works.

Who would of thought that I would just happen upon this. What luck. So far its been a great journey.


Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 4-Fox Chair Mountain Memorial Forest. Sacred Sites Update

My next stop was  Fox Chair Mountain Memorial Forest. Although listed as located in Springfield, the nearest town is Chester, Vermont.  It is close to the Vermont/ New Hampshire state border.

I had map dowsed a Field of Consciousness before my trip--but I found more.

This is the approximate area I map dowsed before my trip and photoshopped a google map with a grey circles.  The areas I am referring to are a bit more to the right of the entry sign.

I marked the FOC with a small stone circle

About 60-80 feet in the background you can see a stream or wet area.

A Vortex

While I had map dowsed a FOC when I got there my rods kept directing me to something else; almost refusing to direct me to the FOC. I realized that my rods were trying to tell that there was a vortex there. WOW.

DOWSING TIP: You need to develop a strong bond with your L-rods (pendulums don't cut it) so that they can guide you at times and point out things you are not looking for but would be interested to know about. Remember dowsing rods are suppose to respond to your intention.

My L-rods and I have such a relationship with a variety of specific motions that my L-rods make to show me certain things. So if your rods start acting wacky or don't seem to respond properly, they may be trying to show you something else, or be trying to tell you something.

Pepper is standing on the stone marking the vortex. It is closer to the road than the FOC.

I meditated on the vortex. I would love to have spent more time but I had to get to Alice's house and head out for the talk.


I must say I was very  pleased and very surprised to have found a vortex and a standing stone and I still had yet to get to my destination.

Thanks, God.

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 5--Moody, Park, Claremont, New Hampshire--Sacred Sites Update

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 5--Moody, Park, Claremont, New Hampshire--Sacred Sites Update

A Field of Consciousness (FOC) in New Hampshire. YES.  I had imagined that FOC reach into New Hampshire and Southern Maine. This is the first one I found in New Hampshire. VERY NICE!

The FOC is located at Moody Park, in  Claremont, New Hampshire. Claremont is just south of Lebanon, New Hampshire where Phineas Quimby was born. Quimby is credited for being the guiding force in creating the New Thought Movement--Law of Attraction, the power of thoughts....The Unity Church is part of the New Thought Movement.

 The FOC is to your right as you enter the park in the first picnic area.
Jaeda Bear (black dog) and Pepper are sitting in the center of the FOC which is about 25 feet in diameter. Notice the drop in the land (a ravine) behind the dogs.

Although there is not much vibrancy to the FOC it could be something very nice with a little prayer and meditation on it. But, it's still a FOC and its in New Hampshire. Excellent!

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 6 --Another America's Stonehenge

Friday, May 25, 2018

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 6 --Another America's Stonehenge

Mystery Hill in Salem New Hampshire calls itself America's StonehengeTake a look.

But as the pictures below show I think that the following is a better representation of Stonehenge, England.

In the picture above you can see me meditating in front of  what appears to be  the mother stone. Although I was meditating it looks more that I was snoozing. I spread tobacco and Alice (Living Waters Dowsers) brought some flowers as an offering. Notice the ring of earth around the standing stones. Photo by Peter Voss of Mohawk Hudson Dowsers.
Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 7--Calendar II Stone Chamber

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 7--Calendar II Stone Chamber

I also had a chance visit Calendar II Stone Chamber in Vermont again. What's interesting about Calendar II is that there is a hole in the ceiling in the  back of the chamber.

There is a lot going on there, particularly at the periphery.

The inside of the chamber. Notice the hole in the ceiling in the back.
There were also mysterious holes in the stone blocks that I have posted about before. A clear sign of an ancient culture employing some sort technology we have no knowledge of.
All of the chamber sits on a water dome that, in my opinion, formed in response to prayer/ceremony/meditation. A water dome forms when a vertical vein of water attempts to rise to the surface of the earth and form a spring but it is blocked; consequently  large dome, or pool of water forms. Water veins break off from the sides of the dome. My staffs mark one of the water veins that ends up in a cistern.

A closer look at the cistern.

The picture above is of a nearby large platform stone that marks the intersection of numerous Energy Lines. My staffs mark only a few of the Energy Lines. Subsequently someone built a fireplace over the large platform stone.

A Great Trip
Before heading home I stopped in Fair Haven, Vermont (close to the NYS border) to investigate and photograph another FOC. Although located in a busy area, it was in a place you could mediate at.  It had a positive vibe and had a pleasant feel to it.

All said it was a great trip. I was able to locate and investigate 4 FOC in VT/NH. I was surprised to find standing stones--unplanned. I got to see Calendar II again and to see and meditate first hand in an amazing group of standing stones.
Thanks, God.

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 1--Overview

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Talk--Tuesday May 22nd 6:30 PM

Author Madis Senner discusses "Sacred Sites in CNY"

 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

5440 Bennett St. Brewerton, NY 

Event Details
Author Madis Senner will discuss his book Sacred Sites in North Star Country and our regions' unique history that shaped the world. Upstate NY was the birthplace of the Women's Movement and American Democracy, home to America's Second Great Awakening, and was called the Burned-Over District for its spiritual wildfires, and America's Psychic Highway. There is something unique to the land that fosters transformation. Learn about this and where to tap into it. 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sacred Site Update---Gossamer Wood

Gossamer Wood in Canandaigua, NY continues to be closed and is only open for special events. We are in the process of raising money to purchase it and turn it into a sacred preserve for all to enjoy. You can donate to our effort at 

That said, we put in a new trail to connect the three trailheads on the property to make it easier for people to walk the trails in the future. On the following trail map the new trail cuts across close to the top. 

With the exception of one spot the new trail is about 30 feet from the border line of the property. We wanted to show respect to the new homeowners and believe that once leaves are up you will not be able to see the house. Several posted signs were put up to help ensure we don't violate their space.

Here are some pictures.

A posted sign has been placed at the entryway on Cty Rte 28. We put several signs at the edge of the property. Several near the boundary line to tell people not to walk on the new homeowners property.

After crossing the bridge, which Bill Dewey built last fall (Well Done Bill), the trail scoots to the left.

Jaeda Bear is on the trail. It hugs the Spirit Keepers Circle which is on its left.  The Spirit Keepers circle is the largest stone circle at Gossamer and has a very positive to extremely positive vibe and contains a vortex. It sits on a stacked 12 Field of Consciousness. Very Nice!

The trillium was out in force around the property.

The emanator. You are looking back to the entry point(north). On the left a stone pile marks the emanator. Check it out when you visit and tell us what you think.

The old southern most trail facing(west) the house.

When I walked around I found these old stones (from 10 years ago?) that were at the side of a tree. I moved them and others onto the trees close to a trail. Stones leaning on the side of a tree are always a good sign you are in a power spot.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sacred Sites update Gossamer Wood, Keeper's Work

Yesterday a few of us gathered at Gossamer Wood for trail and Keeper's work. Here are some pictures

Peter and Mark standing by the drainage ditch Peter and I (Madis) dug. The overflow flooded  a big section of the northside of the property. As soon as we redirected the flow parts of the trail began drying. We hope this remedy works and keeps from soaking a section of the trail.
Looking upstream onto the farmer's field in the area of the cattails where the overflow begins from. Peter thinks there might be a spring there.
 The ditch we dug drains into the creek.

Mark spent the afternoon building a wooden walkway of logs he cut over a wet area near the Welcome Circle.

Brooke started marking a stone circle in the entryway area, but had to leave early because of her baby daughter.

Mark and I (Madis) finished the day working to heal the Tall Oaks area. Mark meditated in the vortex in the Spirit Keeper's stone circle.

Fo more information go to,