Sunday, May 27, 2018

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 3-- Londonberry, Vermont's Standing Stones.

Imagine my surprise when I looked across the street from the FOC on Reilly road in Londonberry, Vermont and saw a standing stone. I thought no it couldn't be, but as I got closer I realized it was.

Above is what I saw at a distance. It is a zoom shot with my camera. A standing stone on the eastern border of Londonderry, Vermont.

 A frontal look shows the standing stones pointed  peak to be a little over 7 feet tall. My measuring staff is 5' in increments of 1'.

A side look showing the pile of stones behind the standing stone.

Elated over my two discoveries I popped into my car and headed off to Fox Chair Mountain Memorial Forest. As I drove down the hill into Londonberry I saw the following.
It was another standing stone in the center of town. Notice the standing stone on the middle right.

I expect that the two sacred standing stones in Londonberry, Vermont are chalked up to colonial farmers and not an ancient culture that worked with Mother Earth. I expect a walk in the woods would reveal more interesting works.

Who would of thought that I would just happen upon this. What luck. So far its been a great journey.


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