Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Medicine Wheel at the Foundation of Light--Ithaca

Yesterday at the Foundation of Light http://www.jubileeinitiative.org/SacredFOL.html in Ithaca, NY I dowsed out (found the spiritual embers of) a medicine wheel adjacent to the Northwest corner of the main building. What was so interesting about the medicine wheel is that the axis’s did not run north-south and east-west. Rather the axis’s, or spokes, were aligned on energy lines. Traditionally many people believe that medicine wheels should have at least two spokes one running North-south the other East-west.

Later I dowsed out several other medicine wheels I had found closeby and they too were aligned on energy lines and did not go North-south/East-west. I never paid much attention to the direction of the axis before.

The medicine wheels also had numerous ley lines running through them. I think that this is a shiva(consciousness) shatki(energy) thing and shows incredible knowledge of how to work with Mother Earth. Ley lines or spirit lines
http://www.jubileeinitiative.org/Gaiassoul4.html carry divine consciousness and intersections of ley lines in particular are good places to go to connect with the divine. Energy (energy lines) facilatate that connection--call it the Kundalini principle. The circle at the FOL was created by Spirit Keepers. http://www.jubileeinitiative.org/SpiritKeepers.html

The FOL medicine wheel shows a different approach and needs to be studied further. I expect that there is a lot more at work. I consistently find that the Spirit Keepers focused on`aspects of mother earth's mechanics--energy lines, spirit lines, fields of consciousness, etc. Not a pretty view as we do today.

This is the second epiphany of sorts I have had at the Foundation of Light.

I will be speaking and leading a tour of the sacred places (prayers/meditations) of the Foundation of Light on Saturday March 22 beginning at 10AM.