Saturday, January 30, 2016

Group Meditation--Tuesday, February 2 6PM, Universalist Church of Central Square

Group Meditation

What: Earth Healer’s Group Meditation

When: Tuesday, February 2, 2016: 6PM

Where: First Universalist Church of Central Square, 3243 Fulton Ave. Central Square 13036

Join us for a group meditation to heal Mother Earth. We will be gathering for a group meditation at one of Her special places in the hopes of strengthening it.

For those interested a simple Earth Healing technique will be taught afterwards. If interested please bring a pair of L-rods if you have them.

Healing Mother Earth Helps Humankind, and Healing Humankind Helps Mother Earth because we have a symbiotic relationship.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Place Matters--Funeral Home Weddings are a BAD IDEA!

Fortune Magazine says that funeral homes are the new hot venue for weddings. CBS concurs and did a segment on Funeral Home Weddings. The funeral home director told CBS he had done over 60 weddings in the past year and is booked out most weekends for the next year.

While it might save couples some money, a funeral home wedding casts a dark pall over what should should be a joyous day.  It can also set a bad precedent for a newly married couple.

We leave imprints or memories of our thoughts and actions wherever we go. A funeral home is a place of death and sorrow, as well as memories of loved ones. It is where cadavers are cut up and embalmed. A funeral is not a positive joyous and uplifting event. So the funeral home retains a memory, or imprint, of sorrow and death; that is what it looks to invoke in people that are within its space.

The vibe is  generally negative; so it will deplete you spiritually. I once worked for a company that had an office in an old funeral home. The vibe was awful and it contained several negative energy vortices. My head would hurt every time I went there. Several people that worked there sought medical help for migraines.

A wedding is suppose to be a joyous event that formalizes a union between two people. Think of the wedding as a soup, a soup that is meant to last a lifetime; with the couple being the two main ingredients. Also in the soup to a lesser degree are family and friends. When you hold your wedding in a funeral home you add  it and all its baggage as another ingredient. 

The only positive is that a joyous event of the wedding will  combine with the negativity of the funeral home to uplift it.

Remember place matters and influences everything it comes in contact with. Choose wisely where you go and what you do at a particular place. 

Place Matters.

You can see the CBS newscast by clicking on YouTube.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Sacred Site--Peacemaker's Sanctuary

I spent some time Sunday meditating at the Peacemakers Sanctuary at Onondaga Lake. What a wonderful place, it still retains its sweetness. I went into a deep meditative state, the car sounds from nearby Rte. 690 quickly evaporated.

The vibe around the bench is very positive, to extremely positive; the only such place on Onondaga Lake, and one of the few in the county. While the vortex that had formed years ago is gone a vortex ring still remains, which means the hurdle to have a vortex reform is much less. The formation of vortex would mark a major achievement and union with Mother Earth. It will also increase the amount of Mother Earth’s consciousness, energies and essences you would draw during meditation. Vortices form in response to positive human intentions—good acts, prayer, meditation….

The Peacemaker’s Sanctuary is where my prayers were once answered to reduce the violence in the city of Syracuse. I cannot say your prayers will be similarly answered if you pray there. I can say it will be an uplifting experience. Meditating, or praying in a Field of Consciousness, particularly if it has been enhanced with human intention, is a soul nourishing experience.

It is a great place to meditate and I encourage you to do so there. You would also help with the reformation of the vortex.

Below are some pictures from my visit; one contains a rainbow that formed as the rain ended and the sun came out.

The Peacemaker’s Sanctuary is on the west shore trail of Onondaga lake, near the Beach Street overpass (rte. 690.) From Beach Street walk across the overpass. Turn left onto a gravel path; soon you will connect with an asphalt path, keep going straight. Look for a clearing and a bench on your right, lake side (about 100-150 yards.) you will see a water duct inletting into the lake to the right of the bench. If you look directly across you will see a large water tower. There is no placard on the wooden bench. See Map.

Enjoy and understand your prayers and love will enhance the space.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Place Matters--The Geography of Genius

A new book by Eric Weiner,  The Geography of Genius: A Search for the World's Most Creative Places from Ancient Athens to Silicon Valley argues, to quote the author, "place matters." Place being the physical location and the local culture (what I would call an imprint, or geographic samskara.)

Here is what the Library Journal had to say about The Geography of Genius:
"Weiner illustrates the power that culture and location can lend to creative efforts. Using a series of well-crafted travel essays the author propels readers across the globe… A welcome read for lovers of geography, history of geography, historical travel, travelogues, and the history of science."— Library Journal (starred review)

Author YouTube Video

CBS interview of author of the Geography of Genius.

Place Matters, and shapes who we are, what we think and what we do.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Health--Your Brain on Nature

The January issue of National Geographic has a wonderful expose on the health benefits of connecting with Mother Earth, with some beautiful pictures, This is your Brain on Nature.

Here is a quote from the article;
"IN 1865 THE GREAT LANDSCAPE architect Frederick Law Olmsted... “It is a scientific fact,” he wrote, “that the occasional contemplation of natural scenes of an impressive character ... is favorable to the health and vigor of men and especially to the health and vigor of their intellect.”

The next few days will be warm go out and take a hike, or walk in the woods and get healthy.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Reflections of the Winter Solstice

Happy New Year to all.

Our winter solstice gathering went well and was very moving and eye opening. I felt as though I had in some ways tapped into the collective Spirit and consciousness of past celebrants throughout history. For sometime I have realized that we need to connect with Mother Earth and show Her respect. The winter solstice ritual reinforced that, as well as elevated, or advanced, my connection to and understanding of Her.

I now see more deeply how we are connected to Mother Earth. How the winter is a time of inner reflection and cleaning; that while the days are short and cold, spring would soon burst forth with a new birth. Celebrate the turn to more light!

The event has made me look at my bible study in a different light and whether I should even attend anymore. I remembered reading The DarkSide of Christian History and the church’s assault of Mother Earth and those connected to Her, or worshipped Her. I thought of John Michell’s The New ViewOver Atlantis and how all the ancient Druid and pagan sites in England had churches intentionally placed upon them; this I am told is a worldwide phenomenon.

I also wonder about Christmas, in which I participate in less and less each year. Am I reinforcing the consciousness and being of the church, through something simple as exchanging gifts?

Christmas after all is nothing but the Churches’ attempt to thwart earth based spirituality and circumvents the winter solstice by replacing it with Christmas. Jesus was born in the spring. Jesus was a divine and great soul; I wonder what he would say about Christmas.

It was commercialization of Christmas that first got me to cool my participation in its festivities. But I now see the commercialization of Christmas as the churches’ karma, its comeuppance for the theft of the winter solstice. Winter Solstice was usurped by Christmas; Christmas was usurped by the gods of capitalism....

What should I do next year? Clearly focus more on the winter solstice. And how could I do anything, or participate in any action intended to harm our Mother.

There is a lot to think about over the coming winter months. Clearly I tapped into something deep from our Winter Solstice Gathering.