Thursday, December 26, 2019

More Weird Activity in the Earth's Geomagnetic Field

It was reported today that an unusual compression/crunch within a section of the geomagnetic field led to anomaly in the Norther Lights causing it to twist and contort in unusual patterns..
A mysterious crunch in Earth's magnetic field created a new type of aurora borealis.
Scientists said that it was the first time that they have seen an aurora caused by a compression. They noted that it was not caused by the sun.

The article noted that,
On the day of this particular aurora, a NASA satellite detected a huge compression in Earth's magnetosphere (the protective bubble that the magnetic field creates around the planet) at the moment the lights began spiraling.
Scientists believe it may have been a magnetic storm at the periphery of the geomagnetic fields, but don''t know for sure why the compression happened.

Internal Factors ?
The article gave no consideration to internal factors within the  the geomagnetic  itself for being behind the compression. Instead the focus was on an exogenous shock. Consider

Something very strange is afoot. The compression in the geomagnetic field is not a good omen. Unfortunately we have not idea of what it portends. Is a pole shift, possibly a physical shift coming? Will climate change and a weakening geomagnetic field create new unimaginable problems?....

Click on pole shift or below to read previous posts on a pole shit.

Below is a video from PBS Space time on the reversing of the Earth's Magnetic Polies.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Happy Winter Solstice

Today marks the turning of the year when the days begin to get longer. The past year and what it meant and how it defined you is behind you; a new year is here. 

It is time to celebrate and see the positive of increasing light as the cold, wind and snow gain strength.

The holidays will soon pass and the time of hibernation will be upon us. Make the most of this gift. See it as an opportunity to grow, to reflect and to make anew. Soon Spring will be here and it will be  time to plant those seeds of growth and change that you forged during your slumber..

For millennia people would celebrate the solstice and see it for the wonder that it is. Their thoughts, their actions and intentions are buried in the land and around us. A wonderful inheritance that we can tap into by celebrating the solstice.

Celebrate the solstice--get outside, give thanks, hug your Mother. Have a ceremony, say a prayer, burn a candle, light some incense.

We too were once connected to our Mother--to the land, the sea and air. Renew that spirit and tap into the wonder and joy of this day.


Friday, December 13, 2019

The Karma of Water Video--Drink Living Water, Not Processed Water

Water like everything retains a memory (karma) of its treatment and where its been.This karma will effect the quality of the water.  Learn why you may be drinking "processed water" that is bad for you and not high quality "Living Water" that is good for you.

Everything Has Karma.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Arctic Report Card 2019

The 14th annual Arctic Report Card, compiled by more than 80 scientists for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association showed that warming in the Arctic region is accelerating with troubling findings.Temperatures in the Arctic were the second-warmest on record for an 11-month period ending in August. The permafrost continues to thaw, potentially releasing up to 600 million tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year. Fish are beginning to migrate north. The Greenland Ice sheet melting is accelerating.....

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Sacred Site Update--Peacemaker's Sanctuary, Onondaga Lake

I visited the Peacemaker's Sanctuary at Onondaga Lake earlier today. The snow muffled the  sound of nearby traffic. I saw no one during visit, or walking around the park. Nice. It was very quiet and serene. 

Both energy vortices attached to the benches were still intact. The vibe of the space was still very positive to extremely positive.

I encourage everyone to visit this divine place. Winter provides quiet and solitude. Click on the right or below for directions,
Directions for the Peacemaker's Sanctuary Onondaga Lake

Below are a few pictures.


Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The World Meteorlogical Organization came out with a report today noting that climate change is accelerating and getting worse. You can click on the link to read the press release or watch the video below.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Sacred Sites Survey--Oxbow Falls, Canastota, NY

I recently visited  Oxbow Falls in Madison County, just south of Canastota for a sacred sites survey. I was drawn there because a map dowsing showed that it contained  a Field of Consciousness ( FOC). FOC are where Lines of Consciousness (Ley Lines, Spirit Lines) originate from and emanate divine consciousness. My book Sacred Sites in North Star Country: Places in Greater New York State (PA,OH,NJ,CT,MA,VT,ONT) That Changed the World  details the transformative power of FOC and where they can be found in America's northeast and in southern Ontario, Canada.

Oxbow Falls consists of 125 acres of wooded trails and a waterfall. It also has spectacular views of Oneida Lake as the pictures below show.

The Field of Consciousness was not far from the waterfall. In the picture below my backpack marks its center. Notice the tree limbs in the background arranged as a teepee..

My friend Janice Carr noticed that closely several stones were aligned in a straight-line. My dowsing showed them to be marking an energy line.

As you can see the alignment extended some distance.

There were lots of other formations in the area such as the Manitou Stones below. I was not sure whether the pair had fallen over, or they had intentionally been placed on their sides.

Unfortunately, the water was running low and Oxbow Falls was bare.

The woods are full of all sorts of wonder and ancient stone works.. All one needs is to know what to look for and keep an open mind. It was a joy and another fun day at one of our Mother's many sacred areas.


Friday, November 29, 2019

Climate Tipping Point

Nature, the highly regarded magazine in the scientific community recently reported that we are close to, or have passed a tipping point in climate change making it next to impossible to reverse course  (Climate tipping points — too risky to bet against). Saying, 
Politicians, economists and even some natural scientists have tended to assume that tipping points1 in the Earth system — such as the loss of the Amazon rainforest or the West Antarctic ice sheet — are of low probability and little understood. Yet evidence is mounting that these events could be more likely than was thought, have high impacts and are interconnected across different biophysical systems, potentially committing the world to long-term irreversible changes.
They noted as others have that projections for rising temperature have kept increasing with each successive analysis over time as the graph below shows.

Global Cascade
The article notes that there will be a cascading effect between interconnected systems as they feed on each other. In other words, a reduced Amazon forest (the earth's lungs) will exacerbate melting of the Arctic ice, which will..... It will be like when you replace a hose on the radiator system of an old car and the new hose puts pressure on other hoses that leads to another failed hose, which...

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Thanksgiving Circle, 10AM Onondaga Lake

November 28, (Thanksgiving Day), 10 am - 11 am 
NOON's Thanksgiving Circle of Peace
Willow Bay, Onondaga Lake Park, Syracuse, NY. 

All are welcome for a brief gathering to appreciate the environment and our friendships working together. Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation, Onondaga people, and allies will gather to express thanks for the goodness of the Earth and to each other for our ongoing friendship, as we work side-by-side in peace and hope for healing, justice and environmental restoration. Everyone welcome, dress for the weather, light refreshments.

Dress Warmly, bundle up with layers.

See you there.

Willow Bay is located on Long Branch Road in Onondaga Lake Park.

NOON is the Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation

Life in the Finger Lakes--A Thanksgiving Tradition

Friday, November 15, 2019

Stone Structures--Hudson Valley/ Catskills Part 1 Overview

A few weeks back I had a chance to survey some areas in the Catskills/Hudson Valley Region of NY. We found a variety of stone structures,; particularly lots of Manitou Stones.

Stone Chamber-- I found what appeared to be a  very small  and primitve Stone Chamber. Nothing like the Whangtown, or the King's Chamber in Putnam County NY.

Because there was no indication that the chamber was used for spiritual purposes I did not investigate further. Also I wanted to spend more time exploring.

There were lots and lots of Manitou Stones.

Here are the sections that follow:

Stone Structures--Hudson Valley/ Catskills Part 2 Dragon Lines

Stone Structures--Hudson Valley/ Catskills Part 3 Manitous

Stone Structures--Hudson Valley/ Catskills Part 4 Stone Piles/Columns

Stone Structures--Hudson Valley/ Catskills Part 5 Miscellaneous Stones, Conclusion

Click on the word "Survey" below, or on the right to see other surveys of sacred sites and stone structures.

Next, Stone Structures--Hudson Valley/ Catskills Part 2 Dragon Lines 

Stone Structures--Hudson Valley/ Catskills Part 2 Dragon Lines

Feng Shui speaks of dragon lines--lines of energy that curve and twist. In contrast to most energy lines that are straight.  The wall below  curved and twisted over the landscape for some length.

Although the picture above does not clearly depict it, you are looking at a hairpin turn in the wall. Not a right angle turn, but one like the end of a hairpin. Notice how thick the wall is. Also notice the stone wall in the background.

 Look how the wall above curves.

 Interesting another pile of large stones next to the wall. Why not make the stones part of the wall?

 Notice the curve in wall.

The stone wall in the distance appeared to be 5-6 feet tall.

What gave credence to  my belief that the stone wall was not built by famers and was old and built for sacred purposes was the fact that there were Manitou stones embedded in the stone wall.

The above Manitou was located in a break in the stone wall.

Next Stone Structures--Hudson Valley/ Catskills Part 3 Manitous

Stone Structures--Hudson Valley/ Catskills Part 3 Manitous

We found lots of Manitou Stones. Here are pictures of a few of them:

I saw this late in the afternoon as I was heading out and the sun was beginning to set.

 The Manitou Stone below was by far the largest we found. Each segment of my staff is 1 foot long.

The picture below is from my friend and fellow surveyor Janice Carr.

Great Light Janice.  It looks like beam of light is shining on the Manitou Stone. Well Done.

Next,Stone Structures--Hudson Valley/ Catskills Part 4 Stone Piles/Columns

Stone Structures--Hudson Valley/ Catskills Part 4 Stone Piles/Columns

We found lots of stone piles, many several were stacked in columns. Many appeared to be  located on earth formations, or in a line, or grouped together for some reason. 

The column of stones below was over 7 feet tall, the tallest by far.

The tall stone column appeared to be aligned with others.

In the picture above my staff is next to the tall column. Notice the stone column behind the tree.

The picture above is the most distant stone pile that seems to be aligned with the tall stone column. 

It looks like there is almost a small entryway for the stone pile above. Its form shows that the stones were stacked with intent to give it its form. 

Here is a thought about the stone pile below.
Were they placed there to serve a specific purpose, or highlight something?
Or were they a pile created from single standing stones, or amalgams of other stone structures?

Stone Structures--Hudson Valley/ Catskills Part 5 Miscellaneous Stones, Conclusion

Janice found what she thought was an engraved stone. You decide. See below

People get all excited about prayer seats. Most have a bad vibe because of all sorts curiosity seekers and the like sit on and fondle them. Any sacredness they may have had is overwhelmed by their carnival voyeur like intention, leaving a bad vibe.

The seat below was most likely created by a hunter and had a horrific vibe.

Another great day in Nature exploring ancient stone structures.

Click on the word "Survey" below, or on the right to see other surveys of sacred sites and stone structures.

Back to the Beginning
Stone Structures--Hudson Valley/ Catskills Part 1 Overview

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Climate News--More Negative Surprises

Two articles came out today that  paint a increasingly negative outlook. One by the NY Times about how scientists have grossly underestimated climate change and the other a CBS report on the Federal Reserve report on how the mortgage market could implode because of climate change.

How Scientists Got Climate Change So Wrong

Tells how scientists grossly underestimated climate change and what would have been considered fringe science is now the norm. Here are some quotes:
Had a scientist in the early 1990s suggested that within 25 years a single heat wave would measurably raise sea levels, at an estimated two one-hundredths of an inch, bake the Arctic and produce Sahara-like temperatures in Paris and Berlin, the prediction would have been dismissed as alarmist. But many worst-case scenarios from that time are now realities.
Were the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica to melt, sea levels would rise by an estimated 225 feet worldwide. Few expect that to happen anytime soon. But those ice sheets now look a lot more fragile than they did to the climate change panel in 1995, when it said that little change was expected over the next hundred years.In the years since, data has shown that both Greenland and Antarctica have been shedding ice far more rapidly than anticipated. Ice shelves, which are floating extensions of land ice, hold back glaciers from sliding into the sea and eventually melting. In the early 2000s, ice shelves began disintegrating in several parts of Antarctica, and scientists realized that process could greatly accelerate the demise of the vastly larger ice sheets themselves. And some major glaciers are dumping ice directly into the ocean.
Even if scientists end up having lowballed their latest assessments of the consequences of the greenhouse gases we continue to emit into the atmosphere, their predictions are dire enough. But the Trump administration has made its posture toward climate change abundantly clear: Bring it on!
It’s already here. And it is going to get worse. A lot worse.

Climate change could end mortgages as we know them

Reporting on the Federal Reserve recent report on climate change's effect on the mortgage   market CBS said:
Climate change could punch a hole through the financial system by making 30-year home mortgages — the lifeblood of the American housing market — effectively unobtainable in entire regions across parts of the U.S.  That's what the future could look like without policy to address climate change, according to the latest research from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. The bank is considering these and other risks on Friday in an unprecedented conference on the economics of climate change.
Once lenders and housing investors do start pricing in such risks, "There may be a threat to the availability of the 30-year mortgage in various vulnerable and highly exposed areas," Berman wrote in a recent San Francisco Fed report. He predicts lenders could "blue-line" entire regions where flood risks are high — a reference to redlining, the practice of refusing mortgages to minorities. The result: Entire neighborhoods would empty out, leaving cities unable to shore up their crumbling roads and bridges just as severe weather events become more extreme and more frequent. Home values would fall, potentially depleting the budgets of counties and states. 
Lower real estate prices also drag down counties and cities. Because local budgets are reliant on property taxes, even a small drop in home prices can make it harder for a locality to provide basic services, like fixing roads and paying for public education."There is a real possibility that real estate values will be decreasing… just as the real estate tax base is being relied on for funding of new flood mitigation infrastructure," Berman wrote.
That's why many who study this issue are calling for governments to plan for what they call the inevitable retreat.Said Cleetus: "My biggest fear, honestly, is that the markets will get out ahead of our policies, and we see a situation where property values do start to decline, and small communities that rely on a lot of property tax revenue won't be able to deal with it."
in other words, the same way inner cities where hollowed out and made ghetto's because of redlining the same could be done to large swaths of America close to the coast, in hot zones and the like.

The conclusion is clears. The news for climate change will continue to get worse, that even the more dire forecasts. Secondly, impact of climate change will continue to morph and affects us in ways previously unimagined.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

11,000 scientists from 153 countries signed a declaration of climate emergency published in the journal BioScience.

Technology Kills--Too Much Screen Time for Pre-Schoolers Compromises Brain Structure

A new study found that increased screen time among preschoolers resulted in structural differences in the brains of preschool-age children. From Science Daily:
The study, published in JAMA Pediatrics, shows that children who have more screen time have lower structural integrity of white matter tracts in parts of the brain that support language and other emergent literacy skills. These skills include imagery and executive function -- the process involving mental control and self-regulation. These children also have lower scores on language and literacy measures.
The Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center study assessed screen time in terms of American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations. The AAP recommendations not only take into account time spent in front of screens but also access to screens, including portable devices; content; and who children are with and how they interact when they are looking at screens. Science Daily



Saturday, November 2, 2019

Everything Has Karma Video

I uploaded the first in a series of YouTube videos about my book  Everything Has Karma: Learning to Embrace Our Interconnectedness. Below is the Intro video:

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Book Review--Everything Has Karma

Chicago based Conscious Community magazine's November issue had a review of my book Everything Has Karma. Here it is:

Everything Has Karma: Learning to Embrace Our Interconnectedness
by Madis Senner (Mother Earth Press, $16.95 Paperback)

Karma connects us in a way that we seldom understand. Madis Senner simply explains how everything and everyone we come into contact with affects us and is a part of our karma. He also shares why we may take on the karma of another and how to make karma work for us in our lives. Senner’s interpretation of karma serves as an alternative approach to the traditional one and emphasizes how we all depend on each other for positive growth.

To read the review and reviews of other books.

To read the November Issue.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Fall is the Sunset Season

My recent post to Life in the Finger Lakes:

Fall is the Sunset Season

by Madis Senner
We are so used to thinking of fall as being the season of beautiful colors because of tree leaves changing hue. However, there is another spectacular beauty that appears in the fall – sunsets.
Some of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever seen were in the fall.
Beautiful sunrises and sunsets are created by the sunlight striking molecules and particles in the atmosphere. Light rays are deflected when they hit particles in the air. This is called “scattering,” because the light is scattered by the particles they strike.
What makes this scattering more dramatic in the fall and winter is that the sun is lower in the sky. Because of this sunlight must pass through more of the atmosphere before it comes into our vision. Consequently in the fall and winter sunlight is redirected and scattered much more.
One of things I do in the fall and early winter is to make sure that part of my drive home from a trip includes taking in a beautiful sunset. This means that if I go on a hike, visit a friend, or travel to a sacred area I make sure I leave an hour before sunset.
You may wish to catch a sunset on the eastern shore of one of our beautiful Finger Lakes. Or set your watch, or phone to notify you a little before sunset so you can walk outside and behold.
The real beauty of a spectacular sunset is that it allows us to be in the moment and take in the wonder and magnificence of Mother Earth. Sunsets are more than a visual phenomenon; they are an experience, because for a brief period of time we are captivated and absorbed with its wonder. No matter how much technology has provided us and shaped us, it is nothing compared to the grandeur of a beautiful sunset. When you are staring at a sunset you are participating in, arguably sharing with, an awe and wonder that dates back to when we (humankind) first walked the earth.
Mattie Stepanek (1990-2004) was a poet and peacemaker who died prematurely from a debilitating disease (dysautonomic mitochondrial myopathy). He was a regular on the Oprah show who captured our hearts with his maturity and depth of character. Mattie said, “Sunset is still my favorite color and the rainbow is my second.”
‘Find time this fall to take in the beauty and wonder of a sunset.

Upcoming Author Talks


I have several upcoming talks about my book Everything Has Karma: Learning to Embrace Our Interconnectedness



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Oct 29 Tues.     Cazenovia       Cazenovia Library            Everything Has Karma  
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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Teen Suicides Have Spiked Since the Advent of iPhones/Cell Phones-TECHNOLOGY KILLS

In a new report the CDC announced that there has been an alarming rise in teen suicides beginning in 2007. Saying,
The suicide rate among persons aged 10–24 was stable from 2000 to 2007, and then increased 56% between 2007 (6.8 per 100,000) and 017 (10.6). The pace of increase for suicide was greater from 2013 to 2017 (7% annually, on average) than from 2007 to 2013 (3% annually).
The rise in suicides coincides with the rise in a lack of empathy, loneliness and depression among teens. I have posted about this on several occasions Technology Kills---Rising Cell Phone/Social Media Use Creates a Loss of Empathy and a Rise in Loneliness and Anger

The rise in suicides and loss of empathy can be traced to the advent of iPhones (2007) and the  increasing amount of time teens spend on cell phones. 2009/2010 is the period when the majority of Americans began owning cell phones.Technology Kills.

As I said in Everything Has Karma,
If you take nothing else away from this book get rid of your cell phone, don’t partake in social media, and reduce technology in your life. These simple steps will go a long way in preventing the devolution of your humanity and consciousness and will help reduce the chances of increasing the number of your future lives. Page 120, Everything Has Karma,
Technology Kills and the less you have in your life the better.