Saturday, October 28, 2017

Newsweek- Climate Change Records Wrong, We Are Living in Unparalleled Times

One of the arguments against Climate Change has been that historically there have been long periods of rising temperatures and shifting weather patterns. Newsweek citing an article in Nature Communications tells us that this is false.
"Scientists may have miscalculated ancient ocean temperature records. If confirmed, the discovery throws decades of climate research into question and could mean we are living through a period of climate change unparalleled for at least 100 million years."
"If this is the case, the current period of warming is potentially far more concerning than previously realized." 
"Another study published in Science Advances in March 2017 indicated that the oceans are warming around 13 percent faster than previously thought. The European Environment Agency warns that global sea surface temperatures are around one degree Celsius higher now than they were 140 years ago and on the current trajectory, we can expect to see the first ice-free summers in the Arctic by the end of the century."

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Author Talk--Sat, 10:30 AM, East Syracuse Free Library

I will be at the East Syracuse Free Library this Saturday at 10:30 AM to talk about  Local Pilgrimage Places. It will include discussion of the rich history of social reform and spirituality in upstate NY and the North Star Country (America's Northeast) overall as well as provide an overview of  a few local sacred sites. I will also be talking about our effort to buy Gossamer Wood in Canandaigua, NY and turn it into a sacred preserve for all to enjoy.

Madis Senner, "Sacred Sites in North Star Country: Places in Greater New York State (PA,OH,NJ,CT,MA,VT,ONT) That Changed the World"

Author Talk--Local Pilgrimages

When: Saturday, October 28, 2017, 10:30 AM

Where: East Syracuse Free Library, 4801 JAMES ST, EAST SYRACUSE, NY, United States 13057-2146

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hotumn--A new Season of the year has been created

Soaring temperatures in much of America, as October has felt like August,  had  the NY Times proclaiming a new season of the year today;

‘Hotumn’ Takes Hold as October Temperatures Soar

Saying, "Maybe we do need a fifth season. Not autumn, but “hotumn” — a between-time when thighs and shoulders linger a little longer, and fans of fall fashion are left sweating in their boots."

Here are some other recent articles of interest regarding climate change:

Climate Change Journalist Warns: 'Mother Nature Is Playing By Different Rules Now'

Once were sceptics: What convinced these scientists that climate change is real?

Climate Change Will Bring Major Flooding to New York Every 5 Years

IMF chief warns of 'dark future' over climate change

Monday, October 23, 2017

TV Interview--Upstate NY can become a New Age Pilgrimage Site like Sedona, Arizona attracting millions


In my interview with Dan Cummings of WSYR TV (Syracuse, NY) for his Newsmakers show (click on, see below) this past weekend I explained why upstate NY, and the Northeast overall, can become a leading destination for spiritual tourists and New Age Pilgrims, which will help power our local economies.  I compared Upstate NY to  Sedona, Arizona that attracts 3 million tourists annually (Spiritual Sedona, A Town Bursting with Positive Vibes.)  

As the Guardian article on Sedona (Spiritual Sedona, A Town Bursting with Positive Vibes) explains tourists have helped fuel a booming economy. Not only have traditional New Age  practitioners (healers, masseuses, metaphysical stores...) hotels and restaurants benefitted, but new businesses, some very high end, have been created.

People go to Sedona to  experience their healing and consciousness raising vortexes. I know something about vortexes: I have written a book (Vortices and Spirals), articles (American Society of Dowsers, Wisdom), lectured and taught on vortexes, and energy vortexes in particular.

What we have in upstate NY and America's northeast (North Star Country)  are Fields of Consciousness (FOC), which are much more powerful than energy vortexes. Many from our area that lived in close proximity to FOC achieved great heights in social reform and spirituality; Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Fredrick Douglass, Gerrit Smith, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Matilda Joslyn Gage....
They are a testament to the transformative power of the land in North Star Country

My book Sacred Sites in North Star Country: Places in Greater New York State (PA,OH,NJ,CT,MA,VT,ONT) That Changed the World tells where FOC are found and  the story of the area's rich history--it has been called "America's Psychic highway", "the Burned-over District"

FOC are where Ley Lines, or Spirit Lines, originate from. Ley Lines are the holy grail of the Earth Energy Crowd and to many in the New Age World. Millions flock to places in England such as Stonehenge, and others around the world,  to experience them.

Marriage of the New Age with History
Upstate NY has many historical homes and places; Women's Hall of Fame, Abolitionist Hall of Fame, Harriet Tubman Home, Susan B. Anthony Home, Michigan Street Baptist Church, Myers residence and many more--The NYS Tourism Equal Rights in NY Website has some of them. They can provide a vital resource to supplement the experience of visiting spiritual pilgrims. They are also a testament to the power of place. 

We continue to well up leaders, the Berrigan Brothers in sixties and Chris Hedges today. Strident voices for social change. The fastest growing spiritual trends  in the world today, the New Age Movement, and the belief that one is spiritual and not religious, trace their roots back to upstate NY and Spiritualism and Theosophy. In fact, Colin Dicky notes this in his book Ghostland and even mentions me.

North Star Country was once  a bright beacon and a source of inspiration and guidance to the rest of the world--birthplace of the American Democracy, the Women's movement, America's first and Second Great Awakenings, religions......It can be so again. 

Having pilgrims pray, meditate, do ceremony and ritual in a Field of Consciousness will help re-invigorate them and in the process help raise the consciousness of visiting pilgrims and fortify Ley Lines,  which then carry  that consciousness to distant corners of the world.

I ask your help in telling others of what is possible for upstate NY and what it could mean for the greater world.

madis senner

Directions to the Peacemakers Sanctuary mentioned in the interview

Sunday, October 22, 2017

North Star County--Map; and a Listing of Movements, Religions born here and people

Exhibit 1.2 The Fruits Born From North Star Country (Sacred Sites in North Star Country, page 14)

Movements Women’s Movement, Second Great Awakening, New Age Movement, Perfectionism, Social Gospel, Niagara Movement (predecessor to the NAACP), First Great Awakening*, Conservation* (Environmentalism with Transcendentalism’s focus on Nature.)

Religions Spiritualism, Mormonism, Millerism/Seven Day Adventists, Transcendentalism*, Theosophy*, Universalism*.

Prophets The Peacemaker, Handsome Lake (18th century Seneca prophet.)

Abolitionists, Women’s Rights Fredrick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Gerrit Smith, William Seward, Jermain Loguen. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Matilda Joslyn Gage, Sojourner Truth*, William Lloyd Garrison*+,… 

Utopian Communities Oneida Community, Skaneateles Community, Sodus Bay Phalanx, Inspirationalists of Buffalo Creek, Kiantone Domain,…

Other Birthplace of (American) Democracy, food reform, clothing reform, Anti-masonry, Peace Society,…
*Outside of the core of North Star Country, but still within it.
+ Garrison’s home in the Roxbury section of Boston, now in private hands, sits on a FOC.

Map of North Star Country (circled area)

Earth Healers, Forest Bathing

We had a wonderful gathering of Earth Healers at the Dewitt Library yesterday. I was amazed how adept many were at dowsing for Ley Lines.

We anticipate gathering again Saturday November 4, Rain date Sunday the 5th, at Gossamer Wood Retreat Healing Center, 2235 County Road 28, Canandaigua, NY. More info Pending

Thanks to Lee and Margot we heard about a Forest Bathing group in Syracuse where people gather to connect with Mother Earth. A big part of Earth healing is Forest Bathing and we have been doing it for over a decade. We will be forest bathing at Gossamer on November 4th. Evidently it was started in Japan in 1982

Here is a Washington Post article:

‘Forest bathing’ is latest fitness trend to hit U.S. — ‘Where yoga was 30 years ago’

Here is a link to an NPR program that started the craze.

Forest Bathing: A Retreat To Nature Can Boost Immunity And Mood

Friday, October 20, 2017

Reminder Earth Healers Gathering Saturday, October 21st, 11 AM Dewitt Library

Earth Healers Gathering

When:  Saturday, October 21st, 11 AM

WhereDewitt & Jamesville Library, 5110 Jamesville Rd, Dewitt, NY 



Geomancy/Dowsing instruction; we will begin with an informal teaching/practice of how to use dowsing rods (L-rods) to find Ley Lines. Several of us will be providing personal instruction. We will have Dowsing Rods (L-rods)  for you to use and buy for a donation thanks to Tim Hart if you don't own a pair.

Overview of Earth Healing and what we are about.

Update--on the projects we have been working on since we last met and what we plan on doing.
--Peter Shell and Madis Senner will talk about surveying and photographing the Ledges Area of  High Tor, Recent Survey Update.
--Update on Gossamer Wood Healing Retreat Center-Since the house has not sold Bill is willing to sell us the land behind the house to create a sacred preserve. Gossamer is one of the top places listed in Sacred Sites in North Star Country. The link is to an old outdated review.
What do you think; how big a donation should we get for the chair with the world's largest vortex attached to it?
--Gobind Sadan,Keeper Tim Hart, pictures of the  meditation room 

Set Up Field Trip--Gossamer Wood Healing Retreat Center, Canandaigua, NY

Open Discussion--Questions, suggstions, input,...

Group Meditation

Join others interested in healing Mother Earth and making a better world. Activities include Education, Lectures, Practice, Group Meditation. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Chair with the one of the World's Largest Energy Vortexes attached to it

I spent several hours today shooting videos of a chair with one of the world's largest energy vortexes attached to it. The energy vortex, or what I call a natural vortex, is approximately 50 feet in diameter. The closest in size that I know of is about 25-30 feet at Wisdom's Golden Rod in Hector, NY.

The chair will be a gift to anyone that donates 50K to 100K to our effort to save Gossamer Wood; although it seems we are leaning towards 50K.

It is a natty old, dog chewed Lazy-boy recliner that I have had ever since I moved back to Syracuse in 2000. The only reason I have kept it because of its vortex.

Here are some pictures
The picture above was taken next to the Oneida River. The chair is resting on the dock. We have 10 measuring staffs each about 5 feet in length  stretching the dock next to it to show the enormity of the vortex, reaching about 25 feet on with side.  To the right you are seeing about 20 feet.
The above is a screen shot from one of the videos. Notice how far the staffs and the measuring tape next to it stretch back.

Technology Kills--Former Surgeon General Technology contributes to Loneliness and Premature Death

The former Attorney General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, was on TV this AM talking about the dangers of loneliness and how technology contributes to it.

Technology is a pernicious  force that hurts all of creation and Mother Earth. I have posted about this on several occasions. Click "Technology Kill" below to read some of the posts.

Former surgeon general on how loneliness could reduce lifespan

Monday, October 16, 2017

Sacred Sites Update--Gossamer's Sacred Stones

We are in the process of trying to turn Gossamer Wood Retreat Healing Center into a sacred preserve for all to enjoy. I am negotiating the terms with owner Bill Dewey; the price and how much time we will have to raise money before the he sells the land along with his house.

I went there with Tim Hart and joined others in trail work and cleaning. In anticipation of the land becoming part of a land trust we created a new trail with a separate entryway north of the house so that there would be access once the house sold. The trail connects to the existing trail system. 

Ancient Area
I refer to the new area as the Ancient Area because it is evident that it was a very sacred area at one time and those spiritual embers remain. The vibe is very positive and there are several stones and stone structures located in this new area. Stones that were strategically placed to tap into Mother Earth. We found a few more this past Saturday.

I was aware of a group of boulders along the trail, but it was only when Kareen and Brooke kept telling me how very powerful they felt it was that I investigated them.

They were right. The stones are located over an aspect of Mother Earth. Here are some pictures.

 Four stones are contained in the area

 Kareen and Brooke are seated on the larger stone. They said that they felt female energy and it felt good to be there, as if there mood had been elevated. And that certain parts seemed to be warm.

 The black etching is a rough approximation of the shape of the aspect of Mother Earth. I have seen similar, in fact one such one is located on one of the offshoots of the original trail system.  It appears to have something to do with feelings, mood and emotions. But, that could be just the way the energy feels and it could have another function.

Coincidence, or intentionally placed?

The question always is,  were the stones strategically located there, or was it Mother Earth that moved them.

Some feel that the placement of such stones is always because of glacial movements. Since learning of a stone bursting forth from within the earth in Eldbridge (Mother Earth Wells Up a Boulder at Sacred Site (Sikh) in Eldbridge, NY) I must consider that perhaps the stones did the same here, in response to spiritual activities; either directly above or close by. I think  this is a remote possibility.

Interestingly, since I made the post about the stone welling up at Eldbridge Joscelyn Godwin contacted me and told me about the mention of this phenonnon in the his book Upstate Cauldron: Eccentric Spiritual Movements in Early New York State (page 60) that folkloric belief was  that stones would be used to mark hidden treasure and they would well up on occasions.

The case for placement by people hinges on two factors.
1)The vibe which is very to extremely positive over the stones and less only  ten feet away. A positive vibe forms in response to good intentions, prayer, ceremony, altruism.
2) A water dome has also formed underneath the stones. A water dome is water that formed deep in the earth in response to prayer/cermonty/good acts and attempts to bubble up to surface but reaches a point where is blocked. It starts to expand creation an undergourn water pool. Eventually pressure builds and water veins (streams) break off.  This dome has 3 water veins.

Another Manitou Stone

There are several manitou stones, upright stones buried in the earth often marking Ley Lines or Energy Lines, found at Gossamer.

I found another one Saturday close to where the sacred boulders are located. It was not very big and had sunk into the earth and had begun to lean. But it was thin and had a gravestone like shape. It  marked the intersection of two Ley Lines--perpendicular to each other.

 The Manitou is located on the trail and is less than a foot tall and leans back. Kareen and Brooke are in the distance sitting on the large stones.

In the picture above my dowsing rods mark the trajectory of the Ley Lines. If the stone were a person one Ley Line would bisect the body directly head on, while the other would go though the shoulders. The key is that they are perpendicular to each other.

To see pictures of Saturdays work click on,
Sacred Sites Update-Trail Work at Sacred Gossamer on Saturday October 14

Sacred Sites Update-Trail Work at Sacred Gossamer on Saturday October 14

Here are some pictures of the Ancient Area of Gossamer and the work we did last Saturday. 

We are hoping to raise money to buy the Gossamer grounds and turn it into a sacred preserve. Since the preserve will have a new  entry point, away from the house, we put in a new trail last year which we continue to work on.

 The new Welcome Circle in the Ancient Area.
 Looking from the Welcome Circle towards County Rd 28 and the new entryway.

 Kareen and Brooke cleaning up the area of the sacred stones.

 The Ancient Area Trail a little before it crosses to get to the "Other Side" area.
Bill and Tim working on making a bridge to cross the stream.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Sacred Sites Update--Gobind Sadan

We spent a few hours exploring and doing Keeper's work at Gobind Sadan this past Thursday. Each time I go back I am more amazed to learn how magnificent this place truly is.

Here are some pics,

 Tim Hart over a stacked 12 (S12) Field of Consciousness (FOC) with dowsing rods in hand. A very sweet and new found delight.

 Me in about the same place with Pepper on my lap and Jaeda Bear next to me.
 One of the many beautiful trails.

Tim doing Keeper's work and marking a sacred area so that he can come back later and meditate there.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Correction Newsmaker's Interview to Air Sat (10/21) 6:30 AM, Sunday (10/22) 5:30 PM


My interview with Dan Cummings, Channel 9 WSYR) will air Sat (10/21)  6:30 AM, Sunday (10/22) 5:30 PM. Please be aware of this change.

Dan will be interviewing me tomorrow (10/13) and I did not realize that there is a week's delay before airing. The Newsmakers show will also be commencing new hours beginning with my interview next week.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Technology Kills--'Our minds can be hijacked': the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia

Technology Kills--has been one of the themes that I have been espousing for over a decade, on this blog and in other places. The UK Guardian came out with a brilliant expose on how technology has taken control of our minds and manipulates us. 

It makes several alarming observations on how pliable we have become, how distorted our thinking is and how we respond so readily to emotional ploys. Showing for example, how Trump was victorious because the electorate has been reprogrammed to be vulnerable to his tactics of hysteria and playing to our emotions. Very, very scary.

It notes how several 30'ish tech execs remember the good old days before we were addicted, controlled and dumbed down. Click to read:

'Our Minds Can Be Hijacked' tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia
Google, Twitter and Facebook workers who helped make technology so addictive are disconnecting themselves from the internet. Paul Lewis reports on the Silicon Valley refuseniks alarmed by a race for human attention
by Paul Lewis in San Francisco

Here are some quotes:

A decade after he stayed up all night coding a prototype of what was then called an “awesome” button, Rosenstein belongs to a small but growing band of Silicon Valley heretics who complain about the rise of the so-called “attention economy”: an internet shaped around the demands of an advertising economy.

Rosenstein, who also helped create Gchat during a stint at Google, and now leads a San Francisco-based company that improves office productivity, appears most concerned about the psychological effects on people who, research shows, touch, swipe or tap their phone 2,617 times a day.

There is growing concern that as well as addicting users, technology is contributing toward so-called “continuous partial attention”, severely limiting people’s ability to focus, and possibly lowering IQ. One recent study showed that the mere presence of smartphones damages cognitive capacity – even when the device is turned off. “Everyone is distracted,” Rosenstein says. “All of the time.”

But those concerns are trivial compared with the devastating impact upon the political system that some of Rosenstein’s peers believe can be attributed to the rise of social media and the attention-based market that drives it.
Drawing a straight line between addiction to social media and political earthquakes like Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump, they contend that digital forces have completely upended the political system and, left unchecked, could even render democracy as we know it obsolete.
“One reason I think it is particularly important for us to talk about this now is that we may be the last generation that can remember life before,” Rosenstein says. It may or may not be relevant that Rosenstein, Pearlman and most of the tech insiders questioning today’s attention economy are in their 30s, members of the last generation that can remember a world in which telephones were plugged into walls. 
It is revealing that many of these younger technologists are weaning themselves off their own products, sending their children to elite Silicon Valley schools where iPhones, iPads and even laptops are banned. They appear to be abiding by a Biggie Smalls lyric from their own youth about the perils of dealing crack cocaine: never get high on your own supply.

“The technologies we use have turned into compulsions, if not full-fledged addictions,” Eyal writes. “It’s the impulse to check a message notification. It’s the pull to visit YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter for just a few minutes, only to find yourself still tapping and scrolling an hour later.” None of this is an accident, he writes. It is all “just as their designers intended”. 
He explains the subtle psychological tricks that can be used to make people develop habits, such as varying the rewards people receive to create “a craving”, or exploiting negative emotions that can act as “triggers”. “Feelings of boredom, loneliness, frustration, confusion and indecisiveness often instigate a slight pain or irritation and prompt an almost instantaneous and often mindless action to quell the negative sensation,” Eyal writes.
It is not just shady or bad actors who were exploiting the internet to change public opinion. The attention economy itself is set up to promote a phenomenon like Trump, who is masterly at grabbing and retaining the attention of supporters and critics alike, often by exploiting or creating outrage.
Williams was making this case before the president was elected. In a blog published a month before the US election, Williams sounded the alarm bell on an issue he argued was a “far more consequential question” than whether Trump reached the White House. The reality TV star’s campaign, he said, had heralded a watershed in which “the new, digitally supercharged dynamics of the attention economy have finally crossed a threshold and become manifest in the political realm”.
Williams saw a similar dynamic unfold months earlier, during the Brexit campaign, when the attention economy appeared to him biased in favour of the emotional, identity-based case for the UK leaving the European Union. He stresses these dynamics are by no means isolated to the political right: they also play a role, he believes, in the unexpected popularity of leftwing politicians such as Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn, and the frequent outbreaks of internet outrage over issues that ignite fury among progressives. 
All of which, Williams says, is not only distorting the way we view politics but, over time, may be changing the way we think, making us less rational and more impulsive. “We’ve habituated ourselves into a perpetual cognitive style of outrage, by internalising the dynamics of the medium,” he says.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Earth Healers Gathering Saturday October 21, 11 AM Dewitt and Jamesville Community Library

Earth Healers Gathering

When:  Saturday, October 21st, 11 AM

WhereDewitt & Jamesville Library, 5110 Jamesville Rd, Dewitt, NY 


Earth Healers looks to educate about our dynamic relationship with Mother Earth. To teach how to connect with Her and how to heal Her, through hands on experience.  

Our goal is to help people become stewards of the Earth. To empower them so that they have the knowledge to discern injuries and abuses done to our Mother Earth and how to heal them. Hopefully to become Keepers and watch over a particular place.

We believe that the development of our individual and collective consciousness is linked to Mother Earth, and Her's to ours (humankind.) We need Her to achieve our fullest potential and She needs us to achieve Hers.

Those of us living in North Star Country, America's northeast, have a unique opportunity because we live in Mother Earth's Soul. It also means we have a responsibility to mend Her and make sure that She is vibrant. 

Preliminary Agenda

Geomancy instruction; we will begin with an informal teaching/practice of how to use dowsing rods (L-rods) to find Ley Lines. Several of us will be providing personal instruction. You should bring a pair of L-rods with you; however I am hoping we will have a pair for you to borrow. It is not necessary to learn how to use L-rods to be an Earth Healer, but it sure helps.

Overview of Earth Healing and what we are about.

Update--on the projects we have been working on since we last met and what we plan on doing.
--Peter Shell and Madis Senner will talk about surveying and photographing the Ledges Area of  High Tor, Recent Survey Update.
--Update on Gossamer Wood Healing Retreat Center-Since the house has not sold Bill is willing to sell us the land behind the house to create a sacred preserve. Gossamer is one of the top places listed in Sacred Sites in North Star Country. The link is to an old outdated review.
--Gobind Sadan,Keeper Tim Hart, pictures of the  meditation room 

Set Up Field Trip--Gossamer Wood Healing Retreat Center, Canandaigua, NY

Open Discussion--Questions, suggstions, input,...

Group Meditation

Join others interested in healing Mother Earth and making a better world. Activities include Education, Lectures, Practice, Group Meditation. 

There will be updates posted as we get closer to the gathering.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Mother Earth Wells Up a Boulder at Sacred Site (Sikh) in Eldbridge, NY

I had a chance to celebrate Sikh Guru Baba Sri Chand's birthday at the home of Ralph and Joginder Singh in Eldbridge, NY the last weekend of August. The atmosphere of their property is charged with the imprints of prayer, particularly the house. Both Joginder and Ralph are devotees of Baba Ji (Baba Virsa Sri Singh Ji), a noted Sikh mystic. Some of you may remember Joginder and Ralph from my posts and events held at Gobind Sadan in Central Square, NY.

The service was held in their lovely garden and was followed by lunch inside.

Located in the backyard is a statue of Baba Sri Chand housed in small shed like building, arguably a temple.

Below is a picture of Ralph bowing to  Baba Sri Chand.

I met Ralph and Joginder shortly after moving back to Syracuse (2000) during my quest to learn about the world's different religions. It was right after 9-11 when the original temple in Central Square was burned down by teenagers. A tragedy that proved to be a great learning and community bonding experience as Ralph and Joginer forgave the arsonists. 

Ralph was noted for teaching a course on the world's religions and for his very ecumenical views. I joined others at his house on several occasions to discuss spirituality.

In late winter/spring of 2002 Ralph asked me to take care of Baba Sri Chand while he and Joginder went to India to stay with Baba Ji. I was given keys to the house and was to prepare daily lunch for Baba Sri Chand. I would cut up a banana and some fruits and bring it outside to Baba Sri Chand. I would then light the sacred fire and meditate.

It was a wonderful learning experience. Several insights came to me during my visits that week.

Co-creating with Mother Earth

If you are at all familiar with my work you know that I talk a lot about how we create new births with Mother Earth. My book, Vortices and Spirals, details the formation of an energy vortex at a location where we love, give, heal, do self-less acts, prayer, meditation......takes place regularly. I have also spoken about the creation of water lines and water domes.

Given the focus on spirituality and doing good, and the prayers that have taken place at their home it was not surprising to find the formation of an energy vortex, what I call a natural vortex,  pictured below. My dowsing rods with pink tape on the step next to Baba Sri Chand's temple mark the vortex.

What was more interesting, or peculiar, something I have never seen before; the welling up of a large boulder from within the earth close to the sacred area. Ralph told me that less than a year after they put up the out building to house Baba Sri Chand the boulder emerged from the earth. It was not noticeable before.

I find this extremely interesting, first because I have never seen it before and second,  that it is a testament to what is possible when we follow the spiritual path, live a good life and perform spiritual practices.

Kudo's to the Gobind Sadan community and all of their friends.

This is amazing. To think that a large boulder welled up in response to human intention. It tells me that everything and anything is possible.

Mother Earth is so wonderful.


Friday, October 6, 2017

Video of Vigil for the Victims of Las Vegas at the Peacemaker's Sanctuary

I just got this from WSTM reporter Brett Hall. It is the news clip they ran of our vigil Tuesday night. Click Below.

Vigil for Las Vegas occurs at quiet spot on Onondaga Lake

Climate Change news

Concerns over Climate Change keep increasing daily; seriously increasing. Below are links to recent articles on the problems it poses, as well efforts by the Trump Administration to deny Climate Change. 

While the prognostications grow worse and the impact broadens, the world is beginning to realize how dire our fate appears to be.

 There’s a Climate Bomb Under Your Feet

Amazon forest fires pushing climate change ‘beyond human control’

Interior Department rejects 25 endangered species petitions, including several linked to climate change

Climate change could nearly triple airplane turbulence in the next decades, study says

Trump administration planning to scrap Obama's 'game changing' climate change regulation

How Climate Change Is Making Hunger Worse Around The World

One of the oldest climate change experiments has led to a troubling conclusion

The unexpected health risks of climate change

Can climate change affect the frequency of rock slides?

Confront climate change or count on ever crueler hurricanes and Septembers

Climate Change Is Already Making People Sicker

More Strange Climate Change News: Longer Flowering Season Is…Bad for Bees?

A Pacific flip triggers the end of the recent slowdown in rising Temps; Temperature is about to start rising again.