Monday, October 9, 2017

Mother Earth Wells Up a Boulder at Sacred Site (Sikh) in Eldbridge, NY

I had a chance to celebrate Sikh Guru Baba Sri Chand's birthday at the home of Ralph and Joginder Singh in Eldbridge, NY the last weekend of August. The atmosphere of their property is charged with the imprints of prayer, particularly the house. Both Joginder and Ralph are devotees of Baba Ji (Baba Virsa Sri Singh Ji), a noted Sikh mystic. Some of you may remember Joginder and Ralph from my posts and events held at Gobind Sadan in Central Square, NY.

The service was held in their lovely garden and was followed by lunch inside.

Located in the backyard is a statue of Baba Sri Chand housed in small shed like building, arguably a temple.

Below is a picture of Ralph bowing to  Baba Sri Chand.

I met Ralph and Joginder shortly after moving back to Syracuse (2000) during my quest to learn about the world's different religions. It was right after 9-11 when the original temple in Central Square was burned down by teenagers. A tragedy that proved to be a great learning and community bonding experience as Ralph and Joginer forgave the arsonists. 

Ralph was noted for teaching a course on the world's religions and for his very ecumenical views. I joined others at his house on several occasions to discuss spirituality.

In late winter/spring of 2002 Ralph asked me to take care of Baba Sri Chand while he and Joginder went to India to stay with Baba Ji. I was given keys to the house and was to prepare daily lunch for Baba Sri Chand. I would cut up a banana and some fruits and bring it outside to Baba Sri Chand. I would then light the sacred fire and meditate.

It was a wonderful learning experience. Several insights came to me during my visits that week.

Co-creating with Mother Earth

If you are at all familiar with my work you know that I talk a lot about how we create new births with Mother Earth. My book, Vortices and Spirals, details the formation of an energy vortex at a location where we love, give, heal, do self-less acts, prayer, meditation......takes place regularly. I have also spoken about the creation of water lines and water domes.

Given the focus on spirituality and doing good, and the prayers that have taken place at their home it was not surprising to find the formation of an energy vortex, what I call a natural vortex,  pictured below. My dowsing rods with pink tape on the step next to Baba Sri Chand's temple mark the vortex.

What was more interesting, or peculiar, something I have never seen before; the welling up of a large boulder from within the earth close to the sacred area. Ralph told me that less than a year after they put up the out building to house Baba Sri Chand the boulder emerged from the earth. It was not noticeable before.

I find this extremely interesting, first because I have never seen it before and second,  that it is a testament to what is possible when we follow the spiritual path, live a good life and perform spiritual practices.

Kudo's to the Gobind Sadan community and all of their friends.

This is amazing. To think that a large boulder welled up in response to human intention. It tells me that everything and anything is possible.

Mother Earth is so wonderful.


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