Monday, October 16, 2017

Sacred Sites Update--Gossamer's Sacred Stones

We are in the process of trying to turn Gossamer Wood Retreat Healing Center into a sacred preserve for all to enjoy. I am negotiating the terms with owner Bill Dewey; the price and how much time we will have to raise money before the he sells the land along with his house.

I went there with Tim Hart and joined others in trail work and cleaning. In anticipation of the land becoming part of a land trust we created a new trail with a separate entryway north of the house so that there would be access once the house sold. The trail connects to the existing trail system. 

Ancient Area
I refer to the new area as the Ancient Area because it is evident that it was a very sacred area at one time and those spiritual embers remain. The vibe is very positive and there are several stones and stone structures located in this new area. Stones that were strategically placed to tap into Mother Earth. We found a few more this past Saturday.

I was aware of a group of boulders along the trail, but it was only when Kareen and Brooke kept telling me how very powerful they felt it was that I investigated them.

They were right. The stones are located over an aspect of Mother Earth. Here are some pictures.

 Four stones are contained in the area

 Kareen and Brooke are seated on the larger stone. They said that they felt female energy and it felt good to be there, as if there mood had been elevated. And that certain parts seemed to be warm.

 The black etching is a rough approximation of the shape of the aspect of Mother Earth. I have seen similar, in fact one such one is located on one of the offshoots of the original trail system.  It appears to have something to do with feelings, mood and emotions. But, that could be just the way the energy feels and it could have another function.

Coincidence, or intentionally placed?

The question always is,  were the stones strategically located there, or was it Mother Earth that moved them.

Some feel that the placement of such stones is always because of glacial movements. Since learning of a stone bursting forth from within the earth in Eldbridge (Mother Earth Wells Up a Boulder at Sacred Site (Sikh) in Eldbridge, NY) I must consider that perhaps the stones did the same here, in response to spiritual activities; either directly above or close by. I think  this is a remote possibility.

Interestingly, since I made the post about the stone welling up at Eldbridge Joscelyn Godwin contacted me and told me about the mention of this phenonnon in the his book Upstate Cauldron: Eccentric Spiritual Movements in Early New York State (page 60) that folkloric belief was  that stones would be used to mark hidden treasure and they would well up on occasions.

The case for placement by people hinges on two factors.
1)The vibe which is very to extremely positive over the stones and less only  ten feet away. A positive vibe forms in response to good intentions, prayer, ceremony, altruism.
2) A water dome has also formed underneath the stones. A water dome is water that formed deep in the earth in response to prayer/cermonty/good acts and attempts to bubble up to surface but reaches a point where is blocked. It starts to expand creation an undergourn water pool. Eventually pressure builds and water veins (streams) break off.  This dome has 3 water veins.

Another Manitou Stone

There are several manitou stones, upright stones buried in the earth often marking Ley Lines or Energy Lines, found at Gossamer.

I found another one Saturday close to where the sacred boulders are located. It was not very big and had sunk into the earth and had begun to lean. But it was thin and had a gravestone like shape. It  marked the intersection of two Ley Lines--perpendicular to each other.

 The Manitou is located on the trail and is less than a foot tall and leans back. Kareen and Brooke are in the distance sitting on the large stones.

In the picture above my dowsing rods mark the trajectory of the Ley Lines. If the stone were a person one Ley Line would bisect the body directly head on, while the other would go though the shoulders. The key is that they are perpendicular to each other.

To see pictures of Saturdays work click on,
Sacred Sites Update-Trail Work at Sacred Gossamer on Saturday October 14

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