Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Earth Healers Gathering Saturday October 21, 11 AM Dewitt and Jamesville Community Library

Earth Healers Gathering

When:  Saturday, October 21st, 11 AM

WhereDewitt & Jamesville Library, 5110 Jamesville Rd, Dewitt, NY 


Earth Healers looks to educate about our dynamic relationship with Mother Earth. To teach how to connect with Her and how to heal Her, through hands on experience.  

Our goal is to help people become stewards of the Earth. To empower them so that they have the knowledge to discern injuries and abuses done to our Mother Earth and how to heal them. Hopefully to become Keepers and watch over a particular place.

We believe that the development of our individual and collective consciousness is linked to Mother Earth, and Her's to ours (humankind.) We need Her to achieve our fullest potential and She needs us to achieve Hers.

Those of us living in North Star Country, America's northeast, have a unique opportunity because we live in Mother Earth's Soul. It also means we have a responsibility to mend Her and make sure that She is vibrant. 

Preliminary Agenda

Geomancy instruction; we will begin with an informal teaching/practice of how to use dowsing rods (L-rods) to find Ley Lines. Several of us will be providing personal instruction. You should bring a pair of L-rods with you; however I am hoping we will have a pair for you to borrow. It is not necessary to learn how to use L-rods to be an Earth Healer, but it sure helps.

Overview of Earth Healing and what we are about.

Update--on the projects we have been working on since we last met and what we plan on doing.
--Peter Shell and Madis Senner will talk about surveying and photographing the Ledges Area of  High Tor, Recent Survey Update.
--Update on Gossamer Wood Healing Retreat Center-Since the house has not sold Bill is willing to sell us the land behind the house to create a sacred preserve. Gossamer is one of the top places listed in Sacred Sites in North Star Country. The link is to an old outdated review.
--Gobind Sadan,Keeper Tim Hart, pictures of the  meditation room 

Set Up Field Trip--Gossamer Wood Healing Retreat Center, Canandaigua, NY

Open Discussion--Questions, suggstions, input,...

Group Meditation

Join others interested in healing Mother Earth and making a better world. Activities include Education, Lectures, Practice, Group Meditation. 

There will be updates posted as we get closer to the gathering.

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