Thursday, October 19, 2017

Chair with the one of the World's Largest Energy Vortexes attached to it

I spent several hours today shooting videos of a chair with one of the world's largest energy vortexes attached to it. The energy vortex, or what I call a natural vortex, is approximately 50 feet in diameter. The closest in size that I know of is about 25-30 feet at Wisdom's Golden Rod in Hector, NY.

The chair will be a gift to anyone that donates 50K to 100K to our effort to save Gossamer Wood; although it seems we are leaning towards 50K.

It is a natty old, dog chewed Lazy-boy recliner that I have had ever since I moved back to Syracuse in 2000. The only reason I have kept it because of its vortex.

Here are some pictures
The picture above was taken next to the Oneida River. The chair is resting on the dock. We have 10 measuring staffs each about 5 feet in length  stretching the dock next to it to show the enormity of the vortex, reaching about 25 feet on with side.  To the right you are seeing about 20 feet.
The above is a screen shot from one of the videos. Notice how far the staffs and the measuring tape next to it stretch back.

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