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Poland’s Nature Preserve--A Hidden Treasure--Poland, NY

Gone--Poland’s Nature Preserve:A Hidden Treasure--Poland, NYPlease note the Poland School System has sold the Preserve
How is this possible?

One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.
Tucked away in the foothills of the southern Adirondacks is the Nature Preserve of the Poland School System and a precious piece of Mother Earth’s soul that contains numerous stacked fields of consciousness and other divine aspects. Easily accessible and yet remote, visually beautiful and oozing consciousness and earth energies, the Nature Preserve on Buck Hill Road, less than 20 miles north of Utica, is a rare place.
The Preserve
The Nature Preserve is part of the Poland Central School system and was donated to them years ago. Clearly it has been rescued and offers refuge, there is no killing of animals, burning of fires or other acts of degradation allowed on the property. It appears that the intent of the school system is to keep it wild and natural, in other words to allow it just to be.
There are two access points for the preserve. The top point is entered at the intersection of Buck Hill and Military Roads. From the parking area follow the dirt road west. The road dips for a stream and then rises again. You will come upon a field in about 100 years. Continue walking straight. As you enter the woods you will see a large stone on your left. Directly across from the stone is an elevated area that contains a stacked field (7) of consciousness. Spend some time there. Fields of consciousness are divine aspects of Mother Earth’s soul that I have consistently found them near where great people lived or great events happened—epiphanies, religious movements were born, centers or social justice, etc. A stacked field of consciousness occurs when several fields are located upon each—the more fields that are upon each other the stronger the formation. I indicate the number in parentheses (), here there are seven (7).
Lower on Buck Hill Road you will see a Nature Preserve sign. The area is overgrown and not maintained. Park your car there. Walk downhill past the sign and take a right onto an overgrown footpath, less than 20 yards. Continue walking through briars and other diversions. Up ahead about 30-50 yards the woods open up. You will be on the side of hill well behind people’s homes. This is heaven.
Usually I tell people where the fields of consciousness are and where to go. Not this time. There are dozens of stacked fields throughout. For example, going straight ahead you will see a gully. There are several stacked fields of 7 before it and after it about 30-50 feet above the sign.
I believe that there are many more divine aspects of Mother Earth down below into the Valley and its environs. But I cannot say for sure, because all was not revealed to me during my two visits. Revelation whether it be exploring our own soul or the divine or Mother Earth takes time and effort. I would not be surprised if there were stacked fields of consciousness where 10 or more fields were stacked on each other. I expect that other divine aspects are there as well, features such as connections to higher planes of existence.
A Rare Find
I still pinch myself to think that such a divine hillside and valley exists undisturbed in isolation, full of divine aspects of Mother Earth. It could be because so many other hiking trails and vistas are available close by in the Adirondacks and people go to those other places.
There are some signs that this once was a sacred site, such as the formation of energy vortexes. Energy vortexes form where people pray meditate and do ritual and they remain in a place for a long time. When I find them near piles of stones or divine aspects of Mother Earth I assume that prayers and ritual had taken place there before.
All I can say is that this place is a real sanctuary, offering a serene setting with divine aspects. It has the potential to make you feel that you have walked into another room, or another dimension and all that matters is where you are and the moment at hand.
Getting There
The Poland School System’s Nature Preserve is located on Hill Road in Poland, NY. Take route 8 north out of Poland. Take a left onto to Buck Hill Road (218). A little more than half way up the hill you will find the Nature Preserve on your left hand side, farther up is the intersection with Military Road.
Thanks to Lorraine Mavins for her photography and assistance.
Peace,In emailing me make sure to change (at) to @ in the address header: madis senner
Madis Senner

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Abode of the Message--New Lebanon, NY

Abode of the Message

New Lebanon, NY

One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.

The Abode of the Message, a Sufi retreat center in New Lebanon NY, is a great place to get your feel good chemicals flowing, raise your consciousness and connect with the divine. Located near the NY/Massachusetts border on 400 acres where the utopian New Lebanon Shaker Village once stood, it is only a few hours (3) drive from major metro centers such as NYC and Boston, less than 30 minutes from Albany. It provides an excellent opportunity to experience Mother Earth’s soul.

Sufi Order International
The Abode was founded in 1975 by Pir Vilayat Inayat whose father Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat brought the Sufi message of unity to North America in 1910. He started the Sufi Order International that looks to unite humanity through community and knowledge. Among other things this mystical order advocates tolerance and the study of other faith traditions.

When reading about Pir-o-Murshid Inayat one cannot help think of Swami Vivekananda who introduced Vedanta to North America in 1893 and his retreat center in the Thousand Islands in the heart of Mother’s Earth soul where he achieved the highest state of Samadhi. The Dali Lama who chose to set up his North American headquarters in Ithaca NY, ( Namgyal) in Mother Earth’s soul, also comes to mind.

Experiencing The Abode
What is special about the Abode is that its main buildings are surrounded by fields of consciousness (fields can raise your consciousnes.) This along with the intentions and prayers of its community members gives it a great vibe, or instills a good feeling within. I call the thoughts that linger at a place geographic samskaras and they can either hinder or enhance your spiritual experience. It really felt good to be there, particularly after having driven from Syracuse through some pretty unenlightened places.

Another special feature about the Abode of the Message is that has several stacked fields of consciousness far from the heart of Mother Earth’s soul, the Rochester Utica corridor. Stacked fields of consciousness are fields that are placed one upon each other—the greater the number the stronger the formation is. Six fields upon each other are quite common in the Rochester Utica corridor and increasingly rarer the farther you get away. Being so far east of Albany and almost in Massachusetts, it is incredible to find such a formation.

Where to Go
In front of the altar in the Meditation Hall there is a stacked (5) field of consciousness. Very Nice. Facing the altar it extends from the right side of the altar to about 5 feet beyond the left side. It begins about 5 feet in front of the altar and extends to about 20 feet in front of it.

The bench in the parking lot and the stream by its side is situated on a stacked (6) field of consciousness. Don’t be intimated by the cars. Whoever decided to put the bench there must have at sensed that it was a sweet spot.

Make sure to check out the stream bed in the woods by the upper parking lot across the street from the main buildings. You will find an old sacred site. There are some large cables there that distract from the flora. Across the stream you will see two very large stones. Directly in front of the smaller stone, when you are facing the two stones so that they are aligned in a straight line, is a natural vortex of cosmic prana.

Cosmic prana is the highest form of prana that contains more consciousness than energy. When we pray/meditate/do ritual Mother Earth sends us cosmic prana. It helps raise our consciousness and makes us more compassionate. Over time if we keep doing spiritual exercises at a particular place a cosmic prana vortex may form. (Click to read about energy vortices.)

I love to meditate in ancient cosmic prana vortices, not so much for an extra dose or cosmic prana, but because I am tapping into the aspirations, thoughts, dreams and reaching for the divine of all the others that have worked with Mother Earth to create the vortex. It is your chance to spiritually connect with them and transcend history and time. This can be invigorating and fortifying as you are absorbing the highest essences of those that have come before. You are tapping into the mystical power of oneness. Thank you GOD!

An Old Sacred Site.
The cosmic prana vortex is old and tells me that the grounds of the Abode are an old sacred site. We know that the spiritual community of Shakers lived there before. Did they create the vortex or was it an old Native American tribe?

A historian told me that the Shakers in the now modern day Watervliet would go into the woods for their ecstatic dancing and prayers, so it is possible that the stones were such a place.

If you go
The Abode of the Message offers offers courses and workshops. It also acts as a conference and retreat center. It even has an esoteric school. The Abode of the Message is located in the Old Shaker Village in New Lebanon NY at the top of the hill. For directions to get there click on Directions , for visuals click on maps.

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Video's and upcoming talks, workshops


I have just posted two videos and will be giving a talk this Friday and offering a workshop on November 21st.

Video--Stay Healthy by Cleaning your subtle body--

Video--Using Energy Vortex Formation to Verify Sacred Sites--South HIll (Canandaigua lake, NY)

Friday November 13th 7PM

Talk on health, your subtle body and meditation (Free)

Healing Art Passages

137 First Street

Liverpool, NY

Saturday November 21st. 1 to 7PM Workshop $65.

Become a better Healer, Learn to Work with Mother Earth

Healing Art Passages

137 First Street

Liverpool, NY

Early registration necessary call Suzanne 426-9987.

Whether you are a practicing healer or someone that is looking to boost their health and vitality this workshop will teach you how to improve the healing process by showing you how to better tap into the energy in the environment around. All hands on healing techniques from Reiki to Therapeutic Touch draw energy (life force) from the immediate environment (the field) around them to do a healing, By understanding how Mother Earth works you can better channel healing energies.

This workshop will teach you:

*The basics about the Energy Field we live in and the dynamic relationship between healer and Mother Earth.

*Why space matters and choosing the right place to facilitate healing.

*You will learn about energy blockages in the environment and how to remove them.

*How to enhance your space for better results.

*How Mother Earth can raise your vibration to make you healthier and less vulnerable to disease. A HIGH Vibration is the key to building immunity to contagions.

*Things you can do to strengthen your healing ability.

*Basic dowsing skills will be taught and participants are asked to bring a pair of L-rods if possible.


Madis Senner

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Do Labyrinths Have a Design Flaw?

Do Labyrinths Have a Design Flaw?
By Madis Senner

Labyrinths are a great way to connect with Mother Earth, get insights and heal. Unfortunately the twisting and turning path of most labyrinths disrupts the flow of prana, the life force, and disturbs the proper functioning of Mother Earth’s subtle body. This design flaw prevents labyrinths from realizing their full potential as a spiritual resource.

For a labyrinth to be used for spiritual purposes and to be in sync with Mother Earth it should have a vortex or spiral design, or pattern, which mimics the movement of an energy vortex with a constant steady clockwise movement inwards. The creation of an energy vortex is one of Mother Earth’s first responses to humankind’s spiritual overtures. In other words, the creation of a vortex is a natural response by Mother Earth to a site where much prayer/meditation has occurred and marks a union with humankind. The formation of such an energy vortex within a labyrinth significantly increases the spiritual experience of the labyrinth walkers and provides a boost to Mother Earth as well.

Our energy trail
Our subtle body dynamically interacts with our surrounding environment 24/7. There is a constant exchange of essences, energy and consciousness between us and our immediate environment. We are influencing our immediate environment and it is influencing us. In the process there is an exchange of subtle matter, as little bits of us rub off wherever we go and we pick up a little bit of our surrounding environment. So when we move about we are de facto creating an energy trail that maps out our movements.

It is this human energy trail left behind by labyrinth walkers that creates problems for Mother Earth. Over time the cumulative affect of human energy trails left behind by labyrinth walkers becomes a powerful presence that embeds itself on the labyrinth path. Basically it becomes an energy overlay on the twisting and turning labyrinth path. This overlay of the human energy trail conflicts with and often blocks the movement of prana, the life force. The life force, or prana, sustains everything in the physical plane. It is said that the heart may stop beating, but as long as we have prana we are alive.

To understand how an energy overlay blocks the flow of prana we need to understand how prana moves in the ether around us. The ether is filled with unseen essences, forces and energies creating what can be called an energy field, or a field. Within the field there are a variety of pranas, moving in various directions, but always in a straight line unless its path is blocked, or disrupted. Prana descends from the ether above and is released by ducts on the ground and is pulled towards the closest earth chakra in a straight line. When its path is blocked its movement becomes fragmented and its potency is reduced. The energy trail of the labyrinth walkers creates a major block for the movement of prana. To learn more about the flow of prana read:
Understanding Prana/chi/qi and how Flows.
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Our world is filled with paths from roads, to sidewalks, to railroad tracks that have energy overlays on them that can block the flow of prana. What distinguishes the energy overlay on a labyrinth is the intensity, focus and deliberate movement of the labyrinth walkers, which gives added strength to the energy trail. For example, labyrinth walkers follow a very specific and often narrow path, whereas on a sidewalk people move in different directions or on different parts of the sidewalk. Further just because much of world is damaging Mother Earth’s subtle body it is not a justification for labyrinths to have a design that is not in balance with Mother Earth.

A Joint Effort
We have a dynamic relationship with Mother Earth and our spiritual evolution and development is intimately intertwined with her. She responds to our spiritual overtures. Dowsers such as Sig Lonegren who focus on geomancy have noted how various energies of Mother Earth can be drawn to a sacred site, or labyrinth:
“There have been other dowsers who have also noticed the apparent ability of new labyrinths that were used regularly, to draw water to them - John Wayne Blassingame and Marty Cain, both good dowsers in the US - to mention two. Here at Benton, was the first time I had seen that energy leys were also drawn to the newly constructed space.”“The Gathering Earth Energies: An Interim Report”; Sig Lonegren; Mid-Atlantic Geomancy
Mother Earth also responds to our spiritual endeavors in the ether as well. When we pray, meditate or do ceremony at one place with great intensity an energy vortex will eventually form there over time. This occurs because, as Vedanta (Hinduism) teaches us that our thoughts have a whirling vortex like motion to them, what they call vritti(s.) Our thoughts also attach to, or remain at a location. By continually meditating in the same place we give added strength to the seed thought of meditation that is planted there. Eventually the whirlpool motion of the meditator’s thoughts becomes so strong that they begin to exert a mild pull on prana that passes nearby. Continued meditation/prayer will create an energy vortex at the location drawing the life force into it. Meditation and spiritual exercises in particular draw the highest form of Prana that has the highest consciousness component, that I call Cosmic Prana. To learn more about energy vortices go to:
Energy Vortices.

The Power Place
It is the continual praying, meditating or performing ritual at a place that gives it spiritual strength, or a vibe. The thoughts, intentions, aspirations and hopes of people that have been there before act as a foundation for those that follow. This is one of the reasons we are told to meditate in the same place because we are further reinforcing the process of meditation begun there. This is the strength of the beauty of a labyrinth. When you are walking its path you are tapping into the cumulative thoughts of those that have come before you which aids your quest. I call the thoughts that attach to a place
geographic samskaras
The natural progression of a spiritual place as it gains strength from continual prayer/meditation is the creation of an energy vortex. Most sacred sites, whether they be in some far off land or your local place of worship often have vortexes that have formed from continual spiritual exercises. Places where healings take place also form vortices. Unfortunately, the energy overlay created by labyrinth walkers on labyrinths prevents the creation of a vortex and stalls this joint effort between Mother Earth and humankind.

Energy vortices perform a lovely healing and enlightening function. The vortex pulls in prana into it bathing anyone within it with an increased dose of the life force. For meditators or spiritual aspirants this means an increased dose to enhance their spiritual experience and raise their consciousness.

The life force not only nurtures and sustains us, but is critical for our spiritual development. Tantric Hinduism holds that the divine energy in our base chakra, what they call kundalini, must unite with our individual consciousness in our heart chakra, to achieve enlightenment. Similarly the energy in the environment, the life force, needs to unite with our consciousness for enlightenment. The increased flow of the life force (prana) from an energy vortex facilitates this process.

Vortex Design
Even without a vortex design labyrinths provide benefits. The insight that labyrinths should have a vortex design came to me while walking the labyrinth at the
Foundation of Light in Ithaca, NY which has a Chartes design. ( To read my review of the FOL.) The cumulative thoughts of the labyrinth walkers, while out of sync Mother Earth, can still be palpable.
A vortex (spiral) design, or pattern, has a clockwise (counter-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere) path turning steadily to the right in a slow circular manner. It has a spiraling clock-wise movement inwards. The path should not be so narrow that it would restrict movement of the walker to a very tight path. It may also have a circle in its center, providing it is not too large, where people can reflect or meditate afterwards. The idea is for the labyrinth walkers to mimic the movement of an energy vortex with its spiraling movement inwards in order to help jump start the creation of an energy vortex.

Infinite Possibilities
All the great mystics have taught us to look within. The labyrinth does this with the physical movement of labyrinth walkers moving inwards. It is this inward searching combined with the reinforcing action of walking inwards that gives added strength to the ritual. The vortex design reinforces this further through its steady clockwise movement and does not distract from the introspection by having walkers twist and turn as they walk. Eventually the energy overlay created by a vortex design should lead to the creation of an energy vortex.

A natural vortex of prana within a labyrinth would nourish walkers with an increased dose of the life force. This would enhance their spiritual experience and help raise their consciousness. It would also increase the chances for epiphanies, insights and revelations. Over time other divine aspects of Mother Earth would manifest from continued spiritual endeavors. Anything and everything is possible if we are in balance with and work with Mother Earth.
Madis Senner is sentient of Mother Earth and her various energies and essences. He maintains a listing of sacred sites and a detailed cosmology of Mother Earth at
Mother Earth Prayers. His book The Way Home—Making Heaven on Earth (O Books) explains our dynamic relationship with Mother Earth and how our thoughts affect her mind body balance.
Click to see Video on Labyrinths

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Healing/Reiki is About Tapping Into Mother Earth


The following video shows how the healing process is about tapping into Mother Earth. In it you see healer Cherie Sardella while performing a Reiki Healing on her husband taps into Mother Earth to do the healing. The earth prana is drawn towards her while she is doing the healing and channeled into her husband John.

What is remarkable about this healing is the size of the healing vortex created during the healing—4 feet in diameter—one of the largest I have ever seen. This is due to Cherie’s acumen as a healer and the power of Mother Earth and her field at their home in Parish NY.

Cherie does healings on a donation basis. She and John are part of a community called, Where People Gather, and they hold sweat lodges, talking circles, moon ceremonies and a variety of other Native oriented ceremonies that all are welcome to attend. You can contact them at:315-625-7295.

To see video Click on:

Madis Senner

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Buffalo meditation, geographic samskaras


1) There will be a group meditation at the Basilica in Buffalo on Monday September 21, 2009 at 6PM. We will gather in rows 50 to 60. To read about the Basilica

2) I updated my article on Geographic Samskaras and it was published in Wisdom magazine. Geographic samskaras are thought forms that attach to a place—they can either lift you up or drag you down. They can be one of the biggest impediments to your spiritual development. To read the article go to:

Madis Senner

PS Email me if you plan on coming to the group meditation in Buffalo

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Wind Turbine Syndrome


This past winter I posted a report on Wind Turbines and how they damaged Mother Earth and made people sick. What seemed radical, arguably blasphemous at that time is beginning to be accepted. Today I came across an upcoming book by a doctor from Malone, NY that documents, what she calls Wind Turbine Syndrome:

Below are a few other reports documenting people that live near wind turbines getting sick. But technological induced disease are not confined to wind turbines. If you are suffering from migraines, sleep disorders or similar ailments and have no major diseseases or are not under significant stress then chances are good that you are suffering from some technolocial disruption of Mother Earth.

Visiting one of the sacred sites at will make you feel better and possibly help begin the healing process if you stick with it. You should also make an effort to connect with Mother Earth and gain sentience of her.

There is another Dr. in Maine who has consistently found people that live near Wind farms suffer from migraines and sleep disorders:

Sick in Japan--
Sick in Missouri--

Sick in the UK--Here is an article in the UK Guardian and another Dr. Pierrepont talking about illness:

Let us hope that we can start to look objectively at wind turbines so that we can understand how they and other technologies damage Mother Earth.

Madis Senner

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Zoar Valley Review --Upcoming Events


Below you will find my review of Zoar Valleys Forty Road Access point. There are several events planned for in the next month:

September Zoar Valley: Survey, Walk, Connection—As the review below notes I am keen to improve and provide more of a spiritual connection at Zoar Valley. I have made tentative plans to go there one Saturday afternoon in September. We will be exploring, walking, meditating and building stone circles in the Martins point area that I am told is a very sacred and a not well traveled part of Zoar Valley. Who knows what we will, or will not find. Please contact me if you are interested in joining.

August 22 Gossamer Woods. Group Meditation Our efforts at Gossamer are beginning to bear fruit. A vortex of cosmic prana has formed in the Tall Oaks area. This is how Mother Earth responds to prayer/ceremony/meditation and is an excellent indication that we are having a positive affect. Wonderful As our participants on July 25th learned the feeling of a cosmic prana vortex can be quite palpable even if you are not sentient of Mother Earth. I will be leading another group meditation on Saturday August 22, from 10 to 12(1PM?) $15

August 29th. Tentative Gobind Sadan Exploration/Development On Memorial Day we walked much of the 365 acres to find numerous stacked fields of consciousness, some with as many as 12 fields stacked on each other—very rare only found at Onondaga Lake and a handful of places. And much, much more… But we need trails to get to all the many places. I am hoping to meet with Gurbachan when I get back from speaking at the dowsers convention August 9 about using the brush hog and tractor to clear a path. If he is willing Ralph Singh said that it would be good to do something around Baba Sri Chand’s birthday on August 27. Will get back to in the next week or two.

Other South Hill HI Tor Canandaigua Lake ????Just keep finding more and more there. But needs lots of work..more coming…..

Good News--Plymouth Congregation is giving serious consideration to building a labyrinth


Madis Senner

Forty Road Zoar Valley Gowanda, NY

One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.

For those living in western NY the Forty Road entrance (eastern side in Cattaraugus) to Zoar Valley offers access to a serene location and a sweet piece of Mother Earth's soul. A favorite of hikers and nature lovers the beautiful Zoar valley is located 30 miles south of Buffalo in Gowanda, NY.

Experiencing Zoar from the 40 Road
From the parking lot follow the road towards the Cattaraugus Creek. You will be walking on the old Forty Road that once was a thoroughfare until the bridge crossing the creek was taken down. As with many well traversed roads the vibe, or geographic samskara, is negative meaning that being in that space will diminish your consciousness, so try and walk on the side of the road. As you get closer to the creek you will begin descending. Turn to your right anywhere between 100 to 300 feet before the creek. The bank is very steep, I repeat STEEP, and there is no path so be extra careful.

Walk towards the creek. As you get closer to the creek you will find a large patch of myrtle which extends along the creek for hundreds of yards. I have created a large stone circle on a stacked (3) field of consciousness. Stacked fields of consciousness are fields that are placed upon each other (stacked) and are more powerful than single fields. See the pictures.

Spend some time meditating in the circle, it will help energize you and raise your consciousness. Fields of consciousness emanate God’s highest aspirations for humanity and when you mediate on them your soul will be the better for it. Your prayers will also help Mother Earth and humanity because the spirit lines (what some call ley lines) emanating from those fields will carry that consciousness around the world.

The vibe in the area is good so you may want to walk along the creek by following the herd path. Those more adventurous may wish to take a creek walk in the water. If you do decide to take a walk in the water bring along a pair of Tevas or something similar to wear in the water. Be aware that in the spring, or after storms, the water can run fast and furious and is dangerous. I suggest bringing along a pair of water shoes regardless if you plan on walking in the creek or not.

Longer Term Dream
I usually pass on recommending people visit a place with only a stacked(3) field of consciousness. However, I am hoping that this one site by Forty Road is the beginning of something more; that perhaps I can someday join with others and create a trail walk that has numerous sites on it. Or perhaps a sacred walk or stone circles on Martins point above in the old growth forest. My preliminary work shows that there are many more fields besides this on and the ones on Valentine Flats. So the Martin's point area and below would be a good place to nuture and build upon.

Many people have worked hard to rescue this special place and make it part of the public domain for all to use. So a lot of love has been and will continue to be applied to it. It is also has a rich history of being a sacred place for many Native American Cultures. Julie Broyles of the Zoar Valley Nature Society says that the remnants of several earthen mounds are found in the greater Zoar Valley.

Getting there
Map of Zoar Valley
Topo map
NY DEC website and directions
This is the eastern entrance of Forty Road, also known as the access point to Martin’s point. It is just west of the intersection of Wickham and Forty roads in Cattaragus county.From Gowanda take Zoar Road east. Take a right onto North Road (Rte 11) going south. Take a left onto Wickham Road and then a right onto Forty road. Follow until signs say stop.From Otto take North Road (Rte 11) going north. Take a left (west) onto Forty Road. Follow until signs say stop.
Make sure to visit Valentine Flats when visiting the Zoar Valley.

Making Zoar Glow
In August of 2008 Mother Earth Prayers planted a seed in Zoar Valley when I wrote up Valentines Flats. No doubt this was in response to the love and hard work others have already put in. This write up of the precious piece of Mother Earth's soul near the Forty Road along the Cattaragus Creek shows that the seed is taking hold. Help make that seed grow stronger by visiting and praying/meditating/doing ceremony in the Zoar Valley. You can also join Mother Earth Prayers or a conservancy group in helping maintain or adding to the spiritual glow in the Zoar Valley.

Peace,In emailing me make sure to change (at) to @ in the address header: madis senner
Madis Senner

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Upcoming events

July 25, Group Meditation and Connecting with Mother Earth 10AM to 12 noon+, I will be leading a group meditation and tour to help people gain sentience of Mother Earth at Gossamer retreat Center. This will be a great opportunity for people to gain sentience of Mother Earth and expand your consciousness by tapping into her. Cost $15.

August 9th, Lecture--The Flow of Prana American Society of Dowsers Convention Killington Vermont. 2 to 3:15 PM Sunday afternoon.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Earth Chakras

To learn about earth chakras view the following youtube posting:

Friday, May 1, 2009

What ancient cultures can teach us about Mother Earth

For more information contact For Immediate Release
Kellie Galucki, 718-655-6663,

Lecture: What ancient cultures can teach us about Mother Earth

Friday May 15th, 7PM, The Cornell Cooperative

The Roycroft Campus, 21 South Grove St. East Aurora NY

Native American cultures in upstate NY from the Hopewell (mound builders) to the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) created a variety of structures to tap into Mother Earth—from mounds to ceremonial circles. What wisdom can we gather from them to improve our relationship with Mother Earth so that we may be better tackle the problems we face today from global warming to the swine flu.

Madis Senner of www.MotherEarthPrayers and author of The Way Home—Making Heaven on Earth will share his experiences of surveying sacred sites in upstate NY and tell us what he has learned from ancient cultures.

This will be more than a talk and will contain an experiential component where people will be able to sense, or see first hand how things affect Mother Earth.

The cost to attend this event is $10.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gossamer May 16 10AM-Noon & follow-up


Thanks to everyone that joined us a week ago Saturday at Gossamer Retreat for a group meditation and connection with Mother Earth. We will be gathering there again Saturday May 16 from 10AM to 12noon/1PM for another group meditation ($15). This is a chance to help you better connect with Mother Earth for better health and to raise your consciousness.

We were able to discover some new spiritual aspects of Gossamer; Several healing areas and one place that had us all zone out so much that it took quite some time to get us moving again, which we aptly named “Peace and Serenity”. Another one is one of my favorites Chimayo Fatima. The following is from my revised review of Gossamer in the Tall Oaks area:

You will also see a very tiny small circle on a slight embankment as you enter. This is what I call a Chimayo Fatima area, or circle, or just Chimayo Fatima. It is a place where the veil to higher planes of existence (above the
Mental Plane) is thinner and not so strong, consequently the connection or possibility for interaction with divine beings increases. They are often found at very sacred sites that contain divine aspects of Mother Earth where much prayer and ritual have occurred. I call it Chimayo Fatima because I believe that it is this sort of feature that makes Chimayo a place of great healing called the Lourdes of America and Fatima a place where devout young children met the Mother Mary. Meditate in and around the circle. Go their in total innocence with no expectations and show your love to God and spirit. Again go in innocence with no expectations and fill your heart with great love and dedication to the divine!

I also finally made a trail map for Gossamer

Madis Senner

Monday, April 6, 2009

Group Meditation at Sacred Site, Saturday April 18th

Connect with Mother Earth For Health and Expand Consciousness

Saturday April 18th, 10 AM to Noon

Gossamer Wood Retreat and Healing Center, Canandaigua NY

I will be leading a group meditation and experiential tour to help people connect with Mother Earth at Gossamer Wood, 2235 County Road 28, Canandaigua, NY, about 10 miles southeast of Rochester, on Saturday April 18th. The pilgrimage will begin around 10AM and is expected to last about 2 hours. This will be the first of a series of monthly pilgrimages that I will be leading at Gossamer this summer. The cost is $15.

Healing and Bridging the Disconnect
Our inability to connect with Mother Earth and absorb all of her beneficial essences such as prana/chi,qi or the life force, contributes to illness. Basically we are disconnected from source and absorbing only a fraction of what we need to be healthy and happy. Healing techniques such as Reiki and the laying on of hands help heal us by tapping into source. When a healer lays their hands upon us there is a surge in the amount of prana that is drawn to us as the following article notes:

One of the goals of the pilgrimage is to help people improve their connection to Mother Earth so that they can raise the amount of prana and other essences they draw 24/7. This begins by gaining sentience of Mother Earth. Being part of group effort at a place with divine attributes will help with this, as will follow-up visits.

Expanding Consciousness
Meditating in a field of consciousness can significantly raise your consciousness. is dedicated to educating people about praying at fields of consciousness and Mother Earth’s soul. History shows that people that lived at and frequented fields of consciousness went on to greatness by starting religious movements and striving for social justice:

Spiritual High
Not only are we meant to be happy, but we are meant to feel good. When you learn to connect with Mother Earth you will begin feeling good and may even enter a state of bliss, or spiritual high. As you develop your sentience and begin meditating in fields, or at other divine aspects of Mother Earth you may find that you may experience a profound spiritual high that may include visions. This will take time if it happens.

Gossamer Wood
Gossamer Wood has many divine aspects of Mother Earth. To learn more go to: Gossamer Wood is located at 2235 County Road 28, in Canandaigua. Directions to Gossamer Wood.

If you come
If you come please bring:
ü Wear a pair of boots.
ü A backpack to put things in.
ü Plenty of water to drink.
ü Some snacks and possibly a lunch.
ü Dress in layers. We will be walking and stopping to pray and meditate so you want to able to add or take off clothes as appropriate.
ü A sportsman cushion or something to sit on outside.
We will have use of the house the day of pilgrimage so you will be able to go the bathroom inside. Just make sure you are signed in and ask permission to do so before you go in. Also make sure to take your shoes off when in the house.

Gather by the welcome circle.

Madis Senner

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gossamer Wood Healing and Retreat Canandaigua

Gossamer Wood—Nurturing Nature by Raising Consciousness, Canandaigua, NY
One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.

Gossamer Wood Healing and Retreat Center in Canandaigua, NY 2235 County Road 28, 10 miles southeast of Rochester encompasses 12 wooded acres that contain a precious piece of Mother Earth’s soul. It has numerous stacked fields of consciousness, Native American sacred sites and other divine aspects of Mother Earth. It is great place to go if you are looking to expand your consciousness or learn to sense the subtle differences between consciousness and energy. It is a place where ancient sacred sites have been resurrected and stone structures/alignments have been constructed to maximize Mother Earth’s benefits.

Body Talk
Gossamer Wood was rescued by retired engineer Bill Dewey in 2001 when he purchased this gem of a property. Bill is a healer who employs the body talk method of healing. Call to make an appointment (585) 394-9114.
Bill feels that it is his responsibility to shepherd Gossamer. Ever since he purchased the land he felt that it had special special qualities. He has invested time, money and sweat into something he could share with others. He has created trails in the woods, had a sweat lodge constructed, erected the Bliss Recreation/Learning Center and more...

The Preserve
The preserve consists of 12 wooded acres made up of hardwoods, most fairly young. There is a sweat lodge and several re-constructed Native American Ceremonial circles that are placed upon energy vortexes. It appears that at least one Native American Trail going east-west, possibly paralleling the Central Trail, comes near the sweat lodge area.
There is a seasonal brook in the back that dissects the property. There are numerous stacked fields of consciousness in the woods this side of the brook. “The Other Side” of the brook, as it is called, has a bounty of stacked fields of consciousness, attributes associated with higher planes of existence and a lot more.

Experiencing Gossamer WoodI suggest you wear a pair of boots particularly if you are going in the spring or after a rain. Bring along a sportsman cushion to sit on when meditating or praying in the woods. Wear long pants in case you may come in contact with poison ivy. There are no facilities on the grounds, so bring plenty of water to drink while there. THERE IS NO SMOKING ON THE PROPERTY.
Looking east from the parking lot is a house that contains the healing center. Unless you have made an appointment for a healing please do not enter the house. On the south side at the end of the parking area is a welcome circle about 20-30 feet in front of a canvassed structure that is the Bliss Learning Center. Begin in the welcome circle. The welcome circle is constructed of stones making an oblong shaped circle about 10 feet of length, with several larger stones in the center. It sits on a stacked fields of consciousness (2-fields upon each other) and has a powerful vibe.
Spend some time in the welcome circle to prepare yourself. Say a prayer, and give thanks, or just meditate. There should be several feathers there for you to use to clean your subtle body. Do this by waving the feather around your subtle body one to 3 feet away from your physical body, as if you were smudging yourself. When leaving you should go to the welcome circle to give thanks and finish with a prayer.
The welcome circle performs several functions, so it is important to spend some time there. The focus and pause will help prepare you and improve your experience. The efforts of those that have come there before you, both meditating and smudging, will help cleanse you and help your focus for the journey ahead. Each thought that we have creates a thought form, or what Hindu Vedanta calls a samskara. Each thought that we have is like a seed that looks to bear fruit by having us think the same thing. Thoughts also linger at a place creating what I call geographic samskara that encourages us to think or do the same thing at a particular place. In the welcome circle the samskaras are focused on purification and the divine and help us cleanse our subtle body and beckon us to connect with spirit. The feeling/vibe in the welcome circle is palpable, particularly when several people are within it at the same time. When we(several healers and myself) constructed it one wintry day in November of 2008, we were all shocked how powerful it was.

The Trail
Looking north from the welcome circle you will see a sweat lodge and a few stone circles up ahead. Go there. This is a high energy area that contains lots of chi, qi, prana. If you are interested in sensing the difference between consciousness and energy this would be a good place to sense energy; Because the energy here, is pure energy. In other words it is of a lower form of prana and contains very little if any consciousness. According to Hindu Vedanta the world was created by having consciousness devolve into combinations of energy and consciousness with progressively increasing percentages of consciousness to create the physical world. The material world is pure energy. Later you can compare it to the sensation of consciousness that you will experience in the back of the preserve.
Several stone circles near the sweat lodge are reconstructed Native American sacred sites and sit on energy vortices(earth chakras). I suggest standing near but not in the circles. You may feel energy burst or get an edge as if you drank too much coffee, so be careful.

The EmanatorContinue walking a little bit and a trail will break on your right (east). Begin walking the trail. About 20 feet in you will see a pile of stacked stones placed on what I call an emanator. An emanator emanates beneficial essences from Mother Earth that make you feel good. They are great places to go when you have the blues, the winter doldrums or need an emotional pick-up. While they are found all over the world, they often attract the spiritual and religious institutions. For example, both the Lily Dale spiritualist (Cassadaga) and the Roycroft Reformist (East Aurora) communities' in western NY appeared to have formed around emanators.
Get close to the emanator, but don’t sit on the stones—it can be overkill. See if you can sense its essence and compare it to the energy in the sweat lodge area. Spend a few minutes by the emanator, but not too long. Bring your depressed friends here to heal.
Continue on the trail. About 100 -200 feet ahead on your right hand side you will see several lines of orange tape. The tape marks several stacked fields of consciousness from (3 to 5). This area is a great place to meditate and to sense consciousness. Find a place that you like. Or look for flat stones on the ground.
When I meditate I try and do so on a stone. The stone acts as a talisman and helps retain the consciousness of my meditation. In other words it retains the samskara(s)/thought forms of my meditation. Meditating on a stone helps your meditation as your meditation will be facilitated by the meditations of those that have done so on it before you. It also serves as a marker for others.
The Other SideSpend some time in the woods meditating. Be careful of to avoid poison ivy, as there is some there. The marked area ends near a bench a ways in the distance. You can cross the stream near the bench.
The trail on the Other side is not so well marked. Don’t worry, the whole area is covered with numerous stack fields of consciousness. Again look for the markers. A wide swath of area 30-40 feet in radius around any of the markers would be good places to meditate.
Look for a trail beginning near a fallen tree. Follow it going north/northeast. You will walk several hundred feet and come upon two very tall oak trees. If you get lost look for the tall oak trees, they really stand out and are situated upon a little bit of a rise.
The Line
Flora often responds to sacred space and the tall oak trees are indicative of something special in the area. I suggest you spend a good amount of time in this area. Again look for the flat stones—they are places where I have meditated. There are numerous stacked fields that number as high as 6—This gives the area a very nice vibration.
You will notice that there is a line of stones going east west that is marked with colored tape. I have created what I call a line. A line links several fields of consciousness the same way you link up sets of Christmas lights, only here each field is strengthened from the other fields so the whole area becomes much, much more powerful.
A line contains a lot more energy than a field or stacked field by itself. In fact the energy powering the fields can overwhelm the consciousness. I have experienced fields created by the Spirit Keepers that I estimate to be over a mile long. If you are sensitive to earth phenomena such a line can feel like an electric wire to fence in cows—giving you a minor shock when you cross it.
Try meditating on the line and compare it to meditating on one of the stones not in the line. You should note that there are several stones placed on attributes associate with higher planes of existence so you might not sense anything. Don’t worry your subtle body will and this is great way to strengthen it.
Go back the way you came and cross the stream. Continue following the trail as it heads back to the parking area. You will come across some other fields on your way back, enjoy.

Make sure to go back to welcome circle before leaving. Smudge yourself with a feather. Give blessings and thanks so that you will help prepare others that will follow.
Please give generously to the donation box located near the welcome circle. Your donations help pay the taxes and other expenses.

If you go
Gossamer Wood is located at 2235 County Road 28, in Canandaigua. Directions to Gossamer Wood. To make an appointment for a healing call (585) 394-9114.
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Prana Flow--How Earth Prana Works & Circulates

The Circulation of Prana (chi)

How Mother Earth's Subtle Body Works

By madis senner

The pattern flow of prana in Mother Earth’s subtle body is very similar to our own. Hindu Vedanta teaches us that all is Brahman, or God, so if we are made up of the same essence whether we are human or the earth, then we should have similar structures. Like us, Mother Earth has chakras and other functions that regulate the flow of prana, only she is distributing it and we are absorbing it.
Prana is the life force that sustains us, without which we would die. Taoists and practitioners of feng shui call the life force chi, or qi. The objective of feng shui is to arrange our living environment to optimize the flow of chi to improve health and well being. Others such as Sigmund Freud’s star pupil Wilhelm Reich called the life force orgone and saw it as giving us vitality.

When prana/chi is blocked in the human body it leads to disease and possible death. Similarly when it is blocked or prevented from properly flowing in the ether around us, both we and Mother Earth are deprived of its benefits. This creates problems for both we humans and Mother Earth.


Duct Distributing Prana: The diagram above is a top down view of a duct that distributes prana. Prana descends from above into a duct that distributes it in a 360 degree radius.

Prana circulates in the air that we breathe. In the human subtle body the air or ether through which prana circulates is called a vayu. There are a variety of vayus in our subtle body that circulate different types of prana. For example, the udana moves in a circular motion around the extremities of our arms, legs and head. Similarly Mother Earth has a variety of pranas circulating in her vayus, although it appears that they coexist in the same places and are not necessarily confined to one region as they are in our own subtle body.

All of the pranas in Mother Earth’s subtle body are regulated and circulated in the air through a series of chakras, ducts and nadis. As I note in my book The Way Home—Making Heaven on Earth the process is very similar to a heating system where ducts distribute the prana and chakras in the distance act like a cold air register that absorbs and re-circulates it. Some types of coarser prana flow through the earth to sustain it, others do not.

The Circulation Process
The most basic prana in the air around us (vayu) is responsible for sustaining humanity and the plant and animal kingdoms. It is the prana that tantrics and energy workers work with, the chi that Taoists and feng shui practitioners work with, the prana we absorb doing pranayama and the one that therapeutic touch, reiki, body talk, acupuncturists and ayurvedic healers use. Other higher forms of prana contain consciousness or provide vitality for other purposes.

Earth Chakra:The diagram above is a top down view of an earth chakra. The vortex draws prana in (broken lines) into the earth chakra and sends into the earth where it divides into two nadis(two thick lines) that transport it a distance.
Prana descends from the heavens (vayus) above. It goes into invisible ducts that are located on the ground. Each duct distributes the prana in a 360 degree radius. This is where the prana that we absorb comes from.

Once prana is released it will continue to move in the same general direction—east, south, west and north-- towards the closest earth chakra. For example, prana dispersed towards the east will continue moving in an easterly direction and will not be drawn to a chakra in the west even if the one in the west is much closer. The distance it travels could be a few hundred feet or much further. Prana will be influenced by a variety of things that it encounters along its path and could even stagnate. Stagnating or blocked prana in our human subtle body can lead to disease and even death.

An earth chakra is what dowsers call an energy vortex and is similar to the chakras in the human subtle body. It is an invisible structure that spins in a clockwise motion (counter-clockwise in southern hemisphere) on the surface of the land. This whirling motion creates a mini-whirlpool of several feet around its center. It is this vortex that draws the prana in.

Duct with nadis flowing into it.: The diagram above is a top down view of a duct that has several nadis flowing into it. Once the prana traveling in the nadis reaches the duct it is sent back into the ether.

Once drawn into an earth chakra prana descends into the land where it divides into two energy lines that are at right angles to each other. In the human subtle body such energy lines are called nadis (meridians by acupuncturists) and they are invisible to the eye and do not necessarily have a firm structure like a blood vessel. Once prana descends into one of Mother Earth’s nadis it begins traveling in the ground pretty much parallel to the earth's surface above. It further breaks into smaller nadis that often resembles the pattern of heating coil in a seed tray warmer.

It is difficult to determine whether this prana is made coarser by the chakra before it descends into the soil or becomes coarser through its travel in the earth. What is clear is that this basic form of prana once it is in the land is much coarser and of a lower level. When I have encountered earth prana, in a ravine or large excavation where the land has been broken and opened up severing an earth nadi, it does not feel good nor is it healthy for you. This form of prana feeds plants, trees and the soil. There is another whole complex hidden architecture that gives structure to the physical earth.

Circulation of prana.: The diagram above shows the flow of prana.1) Prana descends from above into a duct.2) The duct on the surface of the earth sends the prana out into the air.3) An earth chakra absorbs the prana and funnels it into nadis in the soil.4) Prana travels through the earth via nadis nourishing all along its path.5) The flow of prana in the soil terminates at a duct that sends it back into the ether.6) Prana is recycled back to a vayu.

The nadis flow into other ducts in the distance. Each duct will have several nadis terminating at it. The prana will flow into the duct and ascend back into the air until it is recycled by descending into another duct that distributes it and the process begins again.
There are variations of this system. I have found several ducts and chakras clustered together. The process described could also be part of a larger system that has not been revealed to me. I do believe that this basic format can be found all over the world.


Madis SennerMother Earth PrayersIn emailing me make sure to change (at) to @ in the address header: madis senner

Madis Senner is former global money manager turned faith based activist. In 2002 he felt called to get people to pray around Onondaga Lake in Syracuse NY, where the Haudenosaunee prophet the Peacemaker planted the tree of peace and gave us the Great Law of Peace. This began his quest in learning about and connecting with Mother Earth. A few years later he began cataloguing sacred sites in upstate NY at Mother Earth Prayers when he realized that it was where Mother Earth’s soul resides. His book The Way Home—making Heaven on Earth talks about our dynamic relationship with Mother Earth and each other. He is currently working on a book detailing Mother Earth’s subtle body. Much of his time is spent meditating at sacred sites and helping replenish those sites in need of healing. He welcomes you to visit Mother Earth’s soul to help heal the world and raise your consciousness.

Notes: Pranic Plane
The distribution and circulation of prana takes place in Mother Earth's pranic plane.
The subtle body consists of several invisible bodies, or sheaths, what Vedanta calls
koshas. Similarly Mother Earth has a subtle body made up of many sheaths or what are called planes of existence.
Each plane is different and based upon a hierarchy. The physical plane, the material world where our collective conscious is currently housed, is the lowest on the totem pole. The others are progressively closer to spirit and God. Each plane coincides with a particular subtle body. There are an equal number of planes of existence and khoshas. The planes of existence inter-penetrate each other and we simultaneously interact with them all.
Our pranayama khosha regulates the flow of prana to maintain our physical body. The equivalent of Mother’s subtle body is the pranic plane.
Sri Aurobindo called it the vital plane. I call it the pranic plane because its purpose is to maintain the physical plane and much of that has to do with the distribution of prana. I would include in it what Theosophists call the astral plane, or the plane of delusion and maya that deceives into believing in that the physical world is real.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Michigan Street Baptist Church, Buffalo NY

Michigan Street Baptist Church,
Underground Railroad Stop, Buffalo, NY

One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.

For the seeker looking for a divine connection and a chance to tap into the consciousness that drives the prophetic spirit one would be well served with spending time at the Michigan Street Baptist Church,
511 Michigan Avenue in Buffalo, NY. It has both a rich history of social justice and a precious piece of Mother Earth’s soul.
Prophetic Spirit
Michigan Avenue ran through the heart of Buffalo’s African American community in the pre Civil War period. The congregation that would become the Michigan Baptist church began forming between 1832 to 1837. Construction of the church started in 1845 and was completed in 1846. As the sole Black institution at a time of slavery, the church served as a gathering place, a place to advocate reform, a sanctuary and a place of hope and God; for many, particularly the numerous ex slaves in the congregation, religion and the church were the strongest sustaining force in their lives.
The church has a rich history of social justice. In 1842 it adopted a statement declaring slavery immoral, provided a speaking forum for abolitionists such as Fredrick Douglas and was an Underground Railroad station. Its parishioners were similarly strong and vocal advocates of the prophetic spirit.
Dr. J. Edward Nash who became pastor of the church in the 1890s and remained there for 61 years helped found the Buffalo Urban League and the local branch of the NAACP.
Mary Talbert, lived at 521 Michigan Avenue, two doors from the church (now demolished), right next to a piece of Mother Earth’s soul. In 1905 W.E.B. Dubois and other prominent African American leaders met secretly at Mrs. Talbert's home and founded the Niagara Movement, the forerunner of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).
She served as president of the National Association of Colored Women's Clubs from 1916 to 1920, as a vice president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and was a delegate to the International Council of Women held in Norway. In 1922, Mary Talbert was the first woman to the NAACP Springarn Award for outstanding achievement. For a listing of the many women to come out of Michigan Baptist and leave their mark on the community read
Black Women Organizations.

Experiencing the Church
There are several places to experience Mother Earth’s soul on the church grounds. There a two stacked fields (2) of consciousness on the grounds. A stacked field occurs where more than one (1) field is located in the same place. Stacked fields give a stronger sense of consciousness. As I note in Mother Earth Prayers great people and great events are associated with Mother Earth’s soul.
One stacked field of consciousness is located in the grassy lot on the north side of the church beginning about 3 feet from the walkway. This would be a great place to meditate or have a contemplative walk. There is a natural vortex of prana that has formed on the northeast part of the lot. It is located directly across from the back exit and about 10 feet south of the driveway (which is located north of the lot.) Such a vortex is an indication that good thoughts and actions have transpired in the area. This would be a good place for healing or replenishing yourself.
The other stacked field of consciousness is located in the back of the church in the garden and encompasses the area around the bench and the circle. This would be another place to meditate or ask for inspiration and guidance.
The areas mentioned all have a good vibe and the
geographic samskaras are all positive. I was not able to enter the church the day of my visit.

If you go
Check church
hours and church website.
Bring a cushion or something to sit on for outside.
For a listing of the many women to come out of Michigan Baptist and leave their mark on the community
Black Women Organizations.
To read more on the history of the church go to:
Monroe Fordham Regional History Center.
Pictures of the church
Buffalo architecture.
Peace,Madis SennerIn emailing me make sure to change (at) to @ in the address header:
madis senner
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