Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Equinox Gathering,
Tree of Peace in Willow Bay, 5:30PM, 3/20.

This week we unwrapped the burlap that we had used to cover the tree in order to help it over winter. This was a first and although the tree did not look great, it appears to be okay. Last summer it was attacked and covered by pine aphids. Fortunately, several lady bugs and other bugs that eat aphids found home on the tree—so it is nursing back to health.

We will gather for a few short prayers.

Review of the Tree of Peace

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mother Earth Is the Key to Our Spiritual Evolution

From the March/April issue of Awareness magazine (Southern Ca., Az., Hi)

Mother Earth Is the Key to

Our Spiritual Evolution

By Madis Senner

If we have any hope of trans­forming our collective conscious­ness and avoiding environmental catastrophe, we need to reestab­lish our link with Mother Earth and gain an understanding of how we can work with her. She is integral to our spiritual evolu­tion and is our SOUL MATE!

Mother Earth -Responds

We have a symbiotic and dy­namic relationship with Mother Earth that goes far beyond the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. Thanks to Mother Earth we live in a sea of energy and essences that nur­ture our subtle body, or energy body.

Our subtle body is respon­sible for maintaining our physi­cal body and if it is deprived of sufficient energy our well being suffers. Conversely if we absorb more than a sufficient amount of energy, we perk up and healing may be facilitated.

What we take in from Mother Earth’s field is not static, but dy­namic and is influenced by what we are thinking and doing. We have the ability to increase or decrease the nutrients we take in. For example, during hands-on healing the healer taps into Mother Earth and increases the intake of energies that nurture our physical body. This increased flow of energy invigorates the subtle body which ultimately helps heal the physical body.

Mother Earth is also integral to raising our consciousness. Neuroscientist Andrew New­berg and Mark Waldman (How God Changes Your Brain) found that meditating makes you more compassionate and provides a host of other benefits we associ­ate with higher consciousness.

When we examine the process of meditation we see that just as with healing, we are tapping into Source, Mother Earth, for an in­creased dose of essences, ones that raise our consciousness. The increased flow of consciousness-raising energies (Cosmic Prana) into our subtle body eventually filters into our physical body and brain altering its makeup.

Building a Bond

Our symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth goes far be­yond obtaining energies to maintain our health and raise our consciousness. Over time when we do good things, pray or meditate at a particular place Mother Earth’s field begins to change in a variety of ways, all of which help with our spiritual evolution.

For example, the veil to the other side of the physical plane will often become thinner at sa­cred sites from continual prayer and questing for the divine. A thinning of the veil, what I call Chimayo-Fatima, brings perspec­tive, the possibility for revelation and connection to the divine for spiritual aspirants.

Another way Mother Earth responds to our spiritual over­tures is by creating energy vor­tices. A positive-energy vortex has a clockwise spin (counter-clockwise in the southern hemi­sphere) and draws energy into it. For example, when we meditate in the same place over a long period of time, that in­creased flow of Cosmic Prana (consciousness-raising energy) flowing from our intention of meditation begins to form a vor­tex. This dramatically increases our intake of Cosmic Prana dur­ing meditation. Once created, a vortex remains for a long time, bathing everyone who comes in contact with it, whether they are, or are not meditating. To learn more about vortices:

Trouble in the Field

Unfortunately, humankind has done much damage to Mother Earth and disturbed her field. By disrupting her field we have reduced her ability to feed us with nutrients and conscious­ness-raising essences. Many of the diseases and illnesses we see in the world today are somehow related to people’s inability to receive enough nu­trients from Mother Earth.

The advent of the digital age and prolif­eration of technologies that produce electro­magnetic waves has increased our assault of Mother Earth. Cell phones, kindles, radio waves, microwaves, computer screens and much more are in direct conflict with Mother Earth’s field and are do­ing great damage to her field, disrupting the flow of beneficial energies and essences that hu­mankind needs.

Our Soul Mate

To raise our collective con­sciousness we need to begin working with Mother Earth. We start by reducing technology in our lives by as much as possi­ble. Get rid of your cell phone and as many other electronic devices that create damaging electromagnetic waves. Go ret­ro with the technology in your life, because, as a general rule of thumb, older technologies are less hurtful to Mother Earth.

Be more aware of Mother Earth. Give strength to her by paying attention to her. See the trees and the sky and not the accoutrements of our modern world such as roads, telephone poles and billboards.And give thanks to Mother Earth on a reg­ular basis.

Become an earth healer by learning how our Mother Earth works. Such knowledge, like knowledge of the human subtle body and its chakras, can be in­credibly powerful and transfor­mative. Meditating in the right spot or focusing on healing Mother Earth can have exponen­tial results.

Most of all, understand that Mother Earth is integral to our collective spiritual evolution. Look within to seek how you can help her and raise our col­lective consciousness.

Madis Senner is sentient of Mother Earth. He is author of “The Way Home — Making Heaven on Earth” (o-books) that details the mystical world and our dynamic relationship with each other and Mother Earth. Visit: and http://www.makingheavenonearth/.

Madis Senner meditating with his dog Pepper at Deer Creek Wildlife Area on the shores of Lake Ontario, NY. Photo by Lorraine Mavins.