Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Foundation of Light Talk--March 22, 2008

Connecting with Mother Earth’s Soul at the Foundation of Light

March 22, 2008 10 AM

391 Turkey Hill Road. Ithaca

Join madis senner (
www.MotherEarthPrayers.org) for a talk about sacred sites in upstate NY and a survey of the Foundation of Light (FOL-- http://www.foundation-of-light.org/).

Part 1; will be a pictorial presentation of various sacred sites in the area, with emphasis on the Ithaca area, and a discussion of the attributes that make them special.
Foundation of Light— http://www.jubileeinitiative.org/SacredFOL.html
Ithaca’s Spiritual Embers-- http://www.jubileeinitiative.org/SacredIthaca.html
Danby’s Forest of Prayers-- http://www.jubileeinitiative.org/sacreddanby.html

Part 2; will be tour of the special places (indoors and outdoors) at the FOL. Effort will be made through spiritual exercises to help people sense and feel the consciousness of the space.

The FOL is a spiritual, healing and learning community center in Ithaca, NY. It is sits on some very special parts of Mother Earth and contains numerous ancient prayer sites. It offers a myriad of alternatives to connect with and experience Mother Earth first hand--a meditation room, a labyrinth, a stone circle, a medicine wheel and much more. You will explore these and the numerous ancient sacred sites on the grounds. Whether you are looking to connect with and experience sacred space for the first time, or build upon your awareness you will be helped by the group consciousness of spiritual exercises done at the FOL.

The event is expected to last 2-3 hours. Make sure to bring along a pair of boots (or overshoes) and warm clothing for the outdoor experience.
Madis Senner is an ex-Wall street money manager turned faith based activist living in Syracuse, NY. He writes and lectures about sacred space. In 2002 he felt called to get people to pray around Onondaga Lake. That began his genesis of learning about sacred sites in Upstate NY. He believes that Mother Earth is a living being with a soul and that her soul resides in the area (www.GaiasSoul.org.html). He has been cataloguing sacred places for to go pray at for the past two years at
www.MotherEarthPrayers.org. One of those places is the Foundation of Light-- http://www.jubileeinitiative.org/SacredFOL.html