Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Directions for the Peacemaker's Sanctuary Onondaga Lake

I-90 Thruway--Exit 39, Take 690 East

I-81--Take 690 West

From 690- Take exit 5 (Van Vleck-State Fair Blvd.) Turn left onto State Fair Blvd going towards Lakeland (turn right if you are coming from 690 East.) About a 1/2 mile down take a left onto Beach Str. (an Empower bank is on the right.) Continue till end, turn left and park car on Iona street.

Corner of Beach and Iona Streets in Lakeland Cross the RR tracks and walk over the foot bridge (over Route 690) and take a left. From the foot bridge it is about 150-200 yards to the Sanctuary. The cinder path will connect with a paved path, bear left. About 120-200 feet on your right you will see a clearing with a bench and an overflow duct that gives the appearance of a stream. Total time 6-8  minutes from parking. Or take the long way, a 20-30 minute walk from parking lot for the John Haley Memorial trial- across from Long Branch Park.

Look for a bench that says "Peacemaker's Sanctuary."

Summer Solstice Celebration 10 AM Wednesday June 21st Peacemaker's Sanctuary

What:    Summer Solstice Celebration

When:   Wednesday June 21st 2017 at 10 AM

Where:  Peacemaker's Sanctuary Onondaga Lake

We will be gathering at the Peacemaker's Sanctuary to celebrate the Summer Solstice.  PLEASE BRING A CHAIR TO SIT ON!

As I noted in my post last week Peacemakers Update, Cleanup and Solstice Celebration the water levels have subsided. County Parks was not able to be find the old wooden bench; but said they will replace it. They also said that we will be able to buy an additional bench for the area. EXCELLENT!!!!!

Directions for the Peacemaker's Sanctuary Onondaga Lake 

If you plan on coming please email me or post a comment below.

Also we will be gathering next week to cleanup the Peacemaker's Sanctuary. If you are interested in helping out email me or post on this blog post a comment below. 

Join us in giving our Mother a BIG HUG.


Ledges Mound #7-A, Actually 0 Manitou Stone

A video of Ledges Area Survey, Stone Mound #0, has been posted on YouTube. We are in the process of cataloguing the stone structures at the Ledges Area of High Tor. 

Because the Ledges Area contains numerous Earth Chakras, and the bulk of stone mounds are located over Earth Chakras you might wish to first see a short video I put together a few years back on Earth Chakras.

Earth Chakras--Vortexes of Energy Circulation

This video looks at stone mound #0 that is in fair condition. It is mound # 0 because on our initial overview, which we did 2 times, we missed this stone mound close to the Welcome Circle Area. I mention this because the Ledges Area is so busy and this video underscores the challenges of surveying a very busy sacred place that has lots of features of Mother Earth. There is 

It is an incredible demonstration of the workmanship ancient cultures; even though leaves block your view, much can be gleaned. This is the second in a series of video's of our survey of Ledges. Thanks to Peter Shell and Janice Carr for their help. REMEMBER IT'S ALL ABOUT THE VIBE!

Ledges Mound # 7 A, Actually #0, Manitou Stone

Ledges Mound #7, Maintou Stone and Marked Energy Line Traced Out

A video of Ledges Area Survey, Stone Mound #7, has been posted on YouTube. We are in the process of cataloguing the stone structures at the Ledges Area of High Tor. 

Because the Ledges Area contains numerous Earth Chakras, and the bulk of stone mounds are located over Earth Chakras you might wish to first see a short video I put together a few years back on Earth Chakras.

Earth Chakras--Vortexes of Energy Circulation

This video looks at stone mound #7 that is in fair condition. It marks two main Energy Lines one of which passes through a Manitou Stone, or upright stone buried in the earth. One Main Energy Lines contains 2 Earth Chakras and the 2 acompanying  offshoot Energy Lines perpendicular to it in the earth below. The other has 3 Earth Chakras and 3 offshoot energy Lines. In this video I trace out one of the marked main Energy Lines.

It is an incredible demonstration of the workmanship ancient cultures; even though leaves block your view, much can be gleaned. This is the second in a series of video's of our survey of Ledges. Thanks to Peter Shell and Janice Carr for their help. REMEMBER IT'S ALL ABOUT THE VIBE!

Ledges Mound #7, Marked Energy Line, Manitou Stone

Monday, May 29, 2017

Ledges Mound #6, Energy Vortex, Manitou Stone, Earth Chakras

A video of Ledges Area Survey, Stone Mound #6, has Been Posted on YouTube. We are in the process of cataloguing the stone structures at the Ledges Area of High Tor. 

Because the Ledges Area contains numerous Earth Chakra, and the bulk of stone mounds are located over Earth Chakras you might wish to first see a short video I put together a few years back on Earth Chakras.

Earth Chakras--Vortexes of Energy Circulation

This video looks at stone mound #6 which is basically a pile of rubble; but as you trace out the two energy lines underneath the Earth Chakra's vortex much is revealed. Both energy lines are connected to Manitou stones. There are also two Natural Vortices, or Energy Vortices, which indicate that the Ledges Area is a very holy area. It is an incredible demonstration of the workmanship ancient cultures; even though leaves block your view, much can be gleaned. This is the second in a series of video's of our survey of Ledges. Thanks to Peter Shell and Janice Carr for their help. REMEMBER IT'S ALL ABOUT THE VIBE!

Sacred Sites--Ledges Mound #6, Energy Vortex, Manitou Stone, Earth Chakras

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Video of Ledges Area Survey, Stone Mound #5, Has Been Posted on YouTube

A video of Ledges Area Survey, Stone Mound #5, has Been Posted on YouTube. We are in the process of cataloguing the stone structures at the Ledges Area of High Tor. 

Because the Ledges Area contains numerous Earth Chakra, and the bulk of stone mounds are located over Earth Chakras you might wish to first see a short video I put together a few years back on Earth Chakras.
Earth Chakras--Vortexes of Energy Circulation

This video looks at stone mound #5 and shows the various, Earth Chakras, Energy Lines, etc that are associated with that stone mound. It is an incredible demonstration of the workmanship ancient cultures; even though leaves block your view, much can be gleaned. This is the first in a series of video's of our survey of Ledges. Thanks to Peter Shell and Janice Carr for their help. REMEMBER IT'S ALL ABOUT THE VIBE!

Ledges Area Survey, Stone Mound #5

Peacemakers Update, Cleanup and Solstice Celebration

I went to the Peacemaker's Sanctuary at Onondaga Lake today and was relieved to see that the water has substantially subsided since my post April 20th that the planned Earth Day Gathering was cancelled because of high water.  The water is still high, but substantially down since then.

The bad news is that the old wooden bench that was secured to a tree to prevent it from floating away is still not in place. I have not spoken to Debbie Dennis of Onondaga Parks Dept about this since she told me a do gooder had cut the ropes down that secured the bench and placed in a safe location. She told me they would find it, or replace it. We also hope to buy another bench to add to the location.

The good news is that the water has substantially subsided and that the bench we purchased last year is back in place. The vibe is still very positive, to extremely positive. The vortex and vortex ring near the bench are still there. SWEET!

Here are some points of note:

  • We will be gathering this week or next week to clean up the area. Email me or post a comment below if you are interested in helping out.
  • Solstice Celebration--We will be gathering either June 20 or 21st to celebrate the solstice. The high point is June 21st at 4:54 AM.
Please visit this delightful sanctuary and add to its love.

The pictures below tell the story of the sanctuary's current condition.

The water along the Lakeland Trail, what we call the Stairway to Heaven because of all of the Ley Lines that intersect it, was high.

 This spillover on the trail is very common in the spring; but it was larger than normal.

 I don't remember the trail be blocked like this before.

 The Peacemaker's bench is back in place.

 Looking towards Syracuse you can see that there is still quite a bit of water there.

 The red X marks where the old wooden bench used to be.

The area of water around the overflow pipe was still high. 

 A rat of mallard ducks where spending time in the body of water in front of where the wooden bench used to be.

There was a misty drizzle and fog over the lake. Very few others were there, in what should have been a busy Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. It was very peaceful. I had a very nice meditation. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

My Letter to the US Fish and Wildlife Service

Yesterday I posted a request from NOON to send letters to the US Fish and Wildlife asking for more time for submitting proposals for future use of Onondaga Lake.NOON--Onondaga Lake Restoration Comment Period TOO short!

Here is the letter I sent off last night.

Dear Ms. Secord - 

I am very concerned about the cleanliness of Onondaga Lake and strongly feel that the Honeywell cleanup is inadequate.

I ask that the Trustees for Onondaga Lake please extend the public comment period for the Natural Resource Damage Assessment Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment. It is also important that people have the ability to give verbal comment, not just written comments.  Meetings should be held that are convenient for people to attend—nights and weekends—and they need to be announced well in advance. 

Further, please provide public information on the projects accepted or rejected.  Information should include why the project was dismissed, or accepted. Glenn Close’s article in the Post Standard, “How to restore Onondaga Lake? Fishing spots, wetlands, trails proposed” mentioned several proposals. Any proposals need to be at arms length from the Trustees.

I have several proposals  that would help the lake and our economy. My main concern is that we need to recognize in some way the influence that the Haudenosaunee culture and their Great Law of Peace had on our community and country. Congress recognized this in 1988 with Resolution 331. The Skanonh center is a beginning.
  • A Tree of Peace should be planted in a designated area that is accessible on Onondaga Lake. It should have informational kiosks around it that tell the story of the Peacemaker, the Great Law of Peace and the influence upon our Founders. This would give credit to the Haudenosaunee, give civic pride to our local residents and provide a tourist destination that could one day significantly economically benefit our community. Many people around the world know about the Tree of Peace and would like to have a place to go experience it.
  • We need to shout out and advertise that the Great Law of Peace (and Tree of Peace) served as a model for American Democracy and was given to the Haudenosaunee on the shores of Onondaga Lake. In many ways democracy was born here. I think that a large billboard of sorts in Willow Bay that can be seen from the Thruway would be a good start.
  • There needs to be designated sacred areas in the spirit of the Haudenosaunee; places were you cannot— bike, rollerblade, fish, cookout, etc. Places that are meant to be reflective and respectful of the Lake, places where we treat the lake as the  Haudenosaunee do. Many of us gather in certain places around the lake; for prayer, ceremony and meditation.
  Please do not dismiss this idea. I look at Glenn Close’s proposals and wonder what early local residents thoughts of carnivals, Solvay Process, etc.. In hindsight many of those great ideas were not so    great; what will the current proposals look like in 50 or a 100 years?
  Respecting Onondaga Lake as being sacred is eternal and will not harm her. Imagine what the lake and our community would look like if we had adopted this in the 19th century?

Thank you for your time and consideration.


madis senner

Thursday, May 25, 2017

NOON--Onondaga Lake Restoration Comment Period TOO short!

The period of time to reply to Onondaga Lake's Restoration Plan was too short. It was put out there quickly with no advance.

NOON (Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation) asks your help. Here is an email I received.

Dear NOON Supporters:

As you know, Onondaga Lake holds a special place as the site where the Haudenosaunee Confederacy was formed.  As you'll be reminded below, it was defiled for many decades by greedy corporations and indifferent government.

A restoration plan has been proposed with very little time for public input.  Please take a few minutes to send an email demanding a longer time frame and more inclusive process.

A suggested template is below, but it's always better to use as much of your own language as possible. Please share with others!


Lindsay Speer 
for NOON

Dear friends - 

We need your help to push for a longer public comment period for the proposed Onondaga Lake restoration projects, and an actual public hearing to be held!

Onondaga Lake is sacred to the Haudenosaunee. It is where the Haudenosaunee Confederacy was formed over 1000 years ago.  Over the past 150 years, pollution by industries turned Onondaga Lake into a Superfund site, and the "completed" remediation is leaving waste in and around the lake for future generations to have to deal with.  The Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration projects are meant to compensate for loss of use; the current projects are inadequate.

The proposed restoration projects were released on April 24th. The only evening opportunity to ask questions about the plan was just three days later on April 27th. Three more public presentations about the plan were scheduled, lamely piggybacking on other groups' meetings during daytime hours and offering only the opportunity to submit written comments. Comments are currently due on June 2. 

The plan and further information can be found on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website. Further suggested comments will be shared, but we and others need time to better evaluate the proposals. 

Please write a letter or copy the letter below into an email, modify as you want, and send to anne_secord@fws.gov.  Please bcc: lindsayspeer@gmail.com so we know how many are sent! 

Dear Ms. Secord - 

I am writing to ask that the Trustees for Onondaga Lake extend the public comment period for the Natural Resource Damage Assessment Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment for another 90 days. I also ask that the Trustees provide an opportunity for people to give verbal comment, not just written comments, and host meetings in the evenings in order to be accessible to working people, with adequate public notice, in order to reach more diverse populations. The public is very interested in the restoration of Onondaga Lake and should be granted the right to make verbal comments on the record, not simply ask questions after a public presentation. 

Further, please provide more information on the projects accepted or rejected.  The proposed projects overwhelmingly favor projects proposed by the trustees themselves, rather than publicly submitted projects. The form for submitting proposed projects had limited space and many groups expected the Trustees to contact them for more details. Dismissing those projects as not having enough information is ridiculous and those groups should be given time to submit detailed plans, and for the public to review those plans. 


[Your Name Here]

Thank you for your help!

Warm regards, 
Betty Lyons 
President/Executive Director
American Indian Law Alliance  

AILA on Twitter
AILA on Facebook

The American Indian Law Alliance (AILA) is an Indigenous NGO in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, (ECOSOC). 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Technology Kills--Digital Addiction

Technology has a pernicious hold on us and is destructive of Mother Earth doing great damage to Her. We live in a sea of consciousness and technology is just another thought form, in this case a collective thought form, that looks to take control of us. That was one of the central themes of The Way Home, Making Heaven on Earth.

All thought forms look to have us think about them, or act them out--technology is no different. Unfortunately, technology is based upon control, manipulation, destruction and more bad intentions. It is a negative thought form. The water wizard Viktor Schauberger said the our technology is based on explosion, it is destructive and will bring about our downfall.

Technology's sway is very damaging--it dumbs us down, can make us less compassionate, alters our brain and our very being, and more.

The premise that technology looks to control and manipulate us is on display in the ABC 20 20 show on digital addiction. It poignantly shows how hooked and out of control people are that have digital addiction.

20/20 ABC || Digital Addiction 5/19/17 - May 19, 2017

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Spring: Revitalization, Robins abound.

One of the vortices in my backyard, the back edge area, was gone and had been diminished down to a vortex ring. So today  I went out and meditated in the  back part of my yard where the vortex had once been. It is kitty corner to the backyard of another neighbor who had some bad things happen on his property.

I had a total of 12 Natural Vortices, or energy vortices my property (front, back and inside) last year. Evidently I lost this one over the winter. Things happen and space is dynamic and reflects all that goes on within it, and around it. You must be vigilante in cleaning and maintaining a space so that it retains its vibe. Hopefully you keep on building upon it. It is an ongoing process.

A pair of Robins have decided to built a nest above my patio light in the back yard. There are four baby Robins in it,  as the picture below shows. Several years ago I had a nest there. I wonder if it was one of the siblings from that year that decided to return?

Clarks Gully Post

I just posted a review on my Clarks Gully Blog of my visit to the Ledges Area of South Hill Last Week:
The Ledges, Marked Energy Lines, Fare ye well--May 11, 2017 Visit

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Living Water, or Primary Water

I have been drinking Living Water, from a mountain spring,  for over a month and feel that it has improved my health. Dr Mercola notes that there are numerous health benefits to be gained from drinking mountain spring water that you bottle yourself.  

Living Water is essentially unprocessed water that comes from  the earth and has not been contaminated with pollutants, or adulterated in anyway. Of a higher order, and related to Living Water,  is what dowsers call Primary Water. Primary Water is considered newly created water from deep in the earth. It rises through faults and fissures in the earth. In doing so it does the spiral dance Viktor Schuaberger talks about  below.  It is available all over the world.

To understand Living Water we need to realize that water, like everything else, retains memories of its encounters and what has been done to it. The work of Masaru Emoto shows this. He photographed frozen water crystals and found that pristine water exhibited beautiful snowflake like images whereas regular tap water, lake/river water and polluted water did not. So tap water from your faucet which has been processed does not look like a beautiful water crystal. And a water purifier, distiller or any other contraption cannot bring it to life. They may remove the pollutants, but it is still Dead Water.

Living Water, or Primary Water has been energized by Mother Earth. As I noted in Vortices and Spirals in speaking about the water wizard Viktor Schauberger and the spiral dance that water does (page 120):
Viktor Schauberger believed that water, like everything else in the universe, was alive and needed to be constantly reinvigorated and brought back to life. He felt water did this by doing its own spiral dance: 
When rain falls, like distilled water, it is without life. It trickles down in spiraling motions around rocks beneath the ground, where it gradually meets a rising temperature, and begins at some point to percolate upwards again in a spiraling motion, gathering material ions and life force until it meets light.” (Viktor SchaubergerLiving Water, Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy, by Olof Alexandersson, 145.)
Water bubbling to the surface of Earth is called primary water by water dowsers and is thought to be alive. Primary water is energized, and in coming from the Earth it is purified, distilled and of higher quality. (Correspondence with Steve Herbert, former Peace Corps volunteer, founder of Water for Humanity, currently with the Earth Water Alliance.)  
Implicit in Schauberger’s quote is that the spiraling movement contributes to giving life to and purifying water. He also postulated that the vortex acted as a synthesizer of various energies to create material form. Energies would be pulled into a vortex’s funnel and travel down until they become too coarse to be pulled any further, at which point materialization would take place. 

Here are some of the benefits of living water:
  • It is alive and full of energy.
  • It contains minerals.
  • It is not full of chemicals or pollutants like chlorine. Critical because chlorinated water can wreak have on your gut bacteria, or micro biome.
  • It does not carry the scars of water purification; imprints that will merge with your consciousness when you consume it.
  • It has not been oxidized. Water treatment can oxidize water which increases the oxygen content of water which makes it inflammatory to the body. Inflammation is the root cause of just about every disease and illness.
  • It is energized. In its movement it picks up energy, the Life Force.
  • It may contain beneficial bacteria.
  • It is imbued with Mother Earth.
  • It is natural and organic.

Viktor Schuaberger on Living Water
Primary Water.org
Primary Water Institute.org

Friday, May 12, 2017

Upcoming Talks

Syracuse folks I will be doing a book Signing tonight at Barnes and Noble on Erie Blvd tonight. Next Tuesday I will be a Naturtyme talking about Local Pilgrimages at 12 noon and 5:30 PM-- I will talk about why visit a sacred site and focus on places to visit over the summer.

May 12, 2017 
6:00 PM SYRACUSE, NY Barnes and Noble Dewitt Book Signing 

May 16, 2017 
12:00 PM Syracuse, NY Naturtyme Local Pilgrimages With summer coming learn about places close by that can spirituality revive you... 

May 16, 2017 
5:30 PM Syracuse, NY Naturtyme Local Pilgrimages With summer coming learn about places close by that can spirituality revive you... 

Jun 6, 2017
12:00 PM Rome , NY Rotary of Rome NY Spiritual (Pilgrimage) Tourism Can Revive the Upstate Economy 

Jun 10, 2017 
10:00 AM Peterboro/Smithfiled, New York Peterboro Civil War Weekend

Jun 11, 2017 
10:00 AM Peterboro/Smithfiled, New York Peterboro Civil War Weekend Book signing 

Jun 18, 2017 
10:45 AM Saratoga Springs, New York American Society of Dowsers Annual Conference Space the Final Frontier The Starship Enterprise took us to the farthest corners of the universe.... 

Jul 17, 2017 
10:30 AM Manlius, NY Manlius Library Author Talk 

Jul 17, 2017 
6:30 PM Syracuse, New York Petit Branch Library Author Talk, Places in greater NYS that changed the world. Learn about the rich history of upstate i... 

Aug 4, 2017 
6:00 PM Binghamton, NY , NY Imagicka Store--Binghamton's First Friday Event Book signing, meet and greet 

Aug 19, 2017 
10:00 AM Watertown, New York Faery and Earth Festival at Thompson Park Faery and Earth Festival, in Watertown's historic Thompson park. I will give a talk on Vortices and ... 

Sep 19, 2017 
7:00 PM Herkimer, NY Herkimer Dowsers--Basloe Library Author Talk 

Oct 4, 2017
7:00 PM Fairport, New York Fairport Public Library Sacred Sites in Upstate New York That Changed The World Author Madis Senner, Sacred Sites in Nort... 

Jan 20, 2018 
7:00 PM Syracuse, New York Syracuse Transpersonal Assoc., Network Healing Art... Sacred Sites in UPSTATE for TRANSFORMATION http://www.drsteveradio.com/about.htm 

Monday, May 8, 2017


For those interested Australian geomancer Alanna Moore, now residing in Ireland, has a wonderful website for those interesting in geomancy, permaculture, Mother Earth, Nature Spirits, energy farming.... She has featured numerous articles on electro pollution in her magazine Geomantica.

Geomantica just celebrated its thirtieth year. The current issue contains an article on electro pollution and a review of her latest book Plant Spirit Gardener. From a review by Nexus;
“First, she educates us on what plants give so that we may live, why many trees have sacred traditions, and why forest therapy can improve our health. Next, she opens us up to the world of plant spirits, fairy doctors and therapeutic gardening. In her discussion of plant energies, Moore highlights the electrical nature of plants, spiral forces and the effects of electro-smog." 

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Charged Ley Lines Article


I wrote this  a few months back for the American Society of Dowsers's Digest and it should be out any day in the Spring Issue. 

by madis senner

Imagine my surprise when I ran across a charged ley line last December.  I have been scouring the Northeast for ley lines, or what I call "Spirit Lines," for over 15 years.  Then, KABOOM!

I felt – profoundly felt -- a ley line as I walked over it at Hipp Brook Preserve in Penfield, NY.  I was so moved that I decided to incorporate Hipp Brook and its charged ley line in my book, Sacred Sites in North Star Country, after I had already finished the book and was doing final edits.  Interestingly, in the previous few months, I consistently ran into ley lines that had a nice vibe, but nothing near to the feeling of this line.  

In the photo below, my measuring staff shows the direction of the ley line.  In the upper center you can see a series of large rocks marking the ley line.  My dog, Pepper, is on the trail that the ley line crosses.  The bench is next to the ley line.

A "charged" ley line is a ley line that carries a powerful dose of Christ Consciousness.  If you are at all sentient of Mother Earth, earth energies, or life force (Earth prana) that you attract during energy healing, then there is a good chance you will be able to sense and feel the effects of a charged ley line if you come across one.

Most of us have never experienced a charged ley line because we have never encountered one.  That’s because they have lost their charge.  I imagine that parts of a great many ley lines were once charged…so where have all the charged ley lines gone?

To understand why ley lines have lost their charge we must look at what ley lines are, and understand "consciousness."  I adhere to the Eastern philosophy that we exist in a sea of consciousness.

What is consciousness?  It is everything.  The air, the land, our bodies, our actions, our thoughts are all consciousness. Essentially, all that exists is consciousness and what we call "reality" is the interplay of consciousness with itself.

Consciousness has an associated morality.  Just as there are positive and negative energy vortices, so there is positive and negative consciousness.  Positive consciousness at its most extreme is the law of love, do unto others, altruism, compassion.   Negative consciousness at its farthest extreme is the law of self-interest, selfishness, cruelty, violence, etc.  All consciousness lies along this continuum from very positive to very negative.

As I noted in Vortices and Spirals, consciousness interacts with the consciousness it comes in contact with and looks to balance out and find equilibrium.  For example, imagine a hot air duct in a house emitting hot air from the dryer into the cold air outside.  The hot and cold air will seek balance.  Thus, the temperature around the duct will be a warmer than the air outside, but it will be colder that the warm air that is being released.  The air will grow colder the farther it moves from the duct.  So it is with consciousness:  when positive consciousness meets with negative consciousness it will seek balance and equilibrium, the same as temperature does.

While there are many opinions about what ley lines are, I believe them to be carriers of consciousness in the unseen world.  They are a permeable conduit, and as such they can become a mode of transport for beings in the unseen world.  Viewed as such, the theories that ley lines are used as faery paths and spirit paths, and are habited by UFOs and aliens, make sense.  Similarly, many see ley lines linking like-minded institutions or places of worship, or what John Michell calls “Ley Consciousness” as an ancestral memory of alignments.

Charged ley lines are rare because they have been sullied, contaminated, tainted, polluted, desecrated, and worse.  Ley lines originate from Mother Earth’s Soul, from an area I call North Star Country (the Northeast of the USA, with central New York being the center.)  They start out carrying Christ Consciousness, which is quickly contaminated.  Sometimes they are contaminated at the get-go because most of the world is caked over with violence, selfishness, technology, etc.  The longer an area has been inhabited, the greater the chances that consciousness of the land will be negative.

Consciousness interacts with the consciousness it comes in contact with.  So the Christ Consciousness that a ley line carries quickly encounters negative consciousness (space) and loses it charge.  Very positive consciousness progressively diminishes and becomes more negative the farther it gets from its point of origination in North Star Country.  It can even become very negative.

The charged ley line at Hipp Brook was special because I experienced its point of origination (a Field of Consciousness).  Hipp Brook was once a sacred place and has a very positive vibe.  And because it is a wetland preserve, people have not spent much time there, polluting it with their actions and intentions.

I believe I have encountered many charged ley lines in powerful Fields of Consciousness where ley lines originate.  Yet the one at Hipp Brook was the line that I noticed.  Perhaps that is because I needed to tell the world about charged ley lines and the potential they hold to transform and advance our collective consciousness.  So I'm doing that through this article and will do so through my presentation at the ASD Convention. 

Madis Senner is a former global money manager turned Seeker.  He is a Keeper, watching over and spiritually cleansing/ enhancing several sacred sites.  Sacred Sites in North Star Country is his fourth book and is available for purchase through the ASD bookstore.  You can read his musings at http://motherearthprayers.blogspot.com.

To see Madis’s January 2017 presentation on charged ley lines to his Finger Lakes Dowsers Chapter, click on Charged Ley Lines, or go to his  YouTube channel, MotherEarthPrayers.  

(Editor's Note:  Madis will present "Space:  The Final Frontier" at the ASD Convention on June 18, 2017.  He also will lead meditations ON a ley line.  This powerful experience will charge both the line AND the attendees.)  

Friday, May 5, 2017

NY Governor Cuomo Declares Onondaga Lake Cleanup Complete

Last week NY Governor Cuomo declared that the cleanup of Onondaga Lake was complete

This is sad. In no way does this mean that Onondaga Lake is now clearn.

A clean Onondaga Lake is important. Covering pollution with caps is a deficient as that consciousness of pollution, toxicity and disregard for Mother Earth is picked up by the thousands of Ley Lines emanating from the Fields of Consciousness found there. That consciousness is then carried to the farthest corners of the world--imbuing and polluting the hearts and others with that intention. Awful.

Here is what NOON (Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation) had to say:

  Onondaga Nation's Sacred Lake

The Onondaga Nation, supported by NOON and others, has long maintained that the cleanup of Onondaga Lake is far from adequate. But these voices have had little impact on the forward movement to put this Superfund site behind us.

Governor Cuomo has announced that the lake revitalization has been completed ahead of schedule.

With little public notice an Open House was held at the Honeywell Visitors Center last month to present information on plans for restoration around the lake. Notice was published in a DEC Bulletin just three days before this event. Joe Heath, Onondaga Nation's lawyer, has stated the plan “is close to 100 pages and it's somewhat technical. They've been negotiating this for 10 years, and then to give the public one-one-hundredth of the time it took to generate the thing doesn't respect public input." It “makes little mention of the Onondaga Nation or its cultural losses.” “How do you put a dollar sign on the loss of a sacred lake?" Heath asked. "The leadership of the nation was not willing to put a dollar amount on a sacred loss."

A Syracuse's Post Standard Editorial on April 25 addressed the issue of the short notice.
“It took a century to turn Onondaga Lake into the nation's most polluted water body. It took decades to hold the industrial polluters to account and to engineer plans for cleaning up the toxic mess. It took 10 years for the federal and state governments to come up with a plan to "compensate" the residents of Syracuse, Onondaga County and the Onondaga Nation for their inability to enjoy the lake or use it for fishing, recreation or spiritual activities.

So, after all this time, why is the public getting the bum's rush?

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and New York state Department of Environmental Conservation dropped their 73-page damage assessment/restoration proposal  around 3 p.m. Monday. Theone and only public meeting on the matter - an "open house" -- is scheduled for 4 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, April 27, 2017, at the Honeywell Visitors Center on the west side of the lake.”

Although the Governor has directed the DEC to schedule three additional public information sessions between now and the June 2 deadline for comment, it is not certain when they will happen of how much notice the public will receive.
Proposal for projects restoring wildlife habitat and recreation on Onondaga Lake

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) are considering a series of projects to restore and protect wildlife habitat and water quality and increase recreational opportunities at Onondaga Lake, as outlined in a draft restoration plan and environmental assessment released today for public comment through June 2, 2017. The draft plan may be found at http://nyfo.fws.gov/ec/files/onondaga/Onondaga_RPEA_Press_Release.pdf.

For decades, mercury and other hazardous substances were released into Onondaga Lake and its tributaries and uplands. Due to this industrial pollution, Onondaga Lake was designated a Superfund site in 1994, launching a comprehensive remediation of the Lake and additional sites in the area, and through various court proceedings, the responsible parties must now also pay for the damages to natural resources this contamination has caused.

As part of the Onondaga Lake natural resource damage assessment and restoration process, the Service and NYSDEC assessed contaminant-related injuries to natural resources such as waterfowl and turtles, and quantified the lost use of natural resources to the public, such as fishing. The agencies then solicited restoration project ideas from stakeholders to identify the types and scale of restoration needed to compensate for those injuries. The ultimate goal of this process is to replace, restore, rehabilitate, or acquire the equivalent of injured natural resources and resource services lost due to the release of hazardous substances—at no cost to the taxpayer.

The agencies analyze 20 restoration projects in the draft restoration plan and environmental assessment. These projects, in total, include the following benefits:

-Extension of the Erie Canalway Trail from Camillus to the Loop the Lake Trail (3.2 miles) and from the Honeywell Visitor Center to Harbor Brook (1.2 miles);
-Preservation, habitat restoration and public access to over 1,400 acres along Ninemile and Onondaga Creeks in the Onondaga Lake watershed, including public fishing rights and parking areas;
-Installation of structures within over 275 acres of Onondaga Lake to provide habitat for fish, amphibians and invertebrates;
-Fifteen years of funding for the identification and removal of invasive species within about 1,700 acres of wetlands, lake/river littoral zone and riparian habitat;
-Restoration of wetland and fish habitat at Onondaga County parklands;
100 acres of warm season grassland restoration;
-Deepwater fishing pier on Onondaga Lake;
-Enhancement of jetties at the Onondaga Lake outlet to improve access for all;
-Boat launch to be developed along the Seneca River;
-Transfer of the Honeywell Visitor Center to a public agency;
-Future Restoration Projects Fund.

The agencies are soliciting comments on this draft plan through June 2, 2017. Comments may be submitted by mail to Anne Secord, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 3817 Luker Road, Cortland, New York 13045 and by email to anne_secord@fws.gov. Written comments were accepted at a Public Open House, to be held at the Honeywell Visitor Center (280 Restoration Way, Syracuse, New York) on April 27, 2017 from 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM.

Representatives from the Service and DEC will be on hand at the Public Open House to explain the natural resource damage assessment and restoration process, and the draft plan and environmental assessment. After the comment period closes, feedback will be closely reviewed and any necessary changes made to a final document identifying the chosen restoration.

Under federal law, federal and state agencies and Native American tribes are authorized to act as trustees on behalf of the public for natural resources they own, manage or control. In this role, trustees assess and recover damages or implement restoration projects to compensate for injuries to natural resources due to hazardous substance releases (e.g. mercury).The natural resource damage assessment regulations encourage the participation of potentially responsible parties (PRPs) in the assessment process, and Honeywell agreed to cooperatively assess natural resource damages and identify restoration projects at Onondaga Lake with the trustees. Read more information on this process at https://www.fws.gov/northeast/ecologicalservices/nrdar.html.

Fish biologist, Dr. Neil Ringler is making the case for the restoration of Onondaga Lake's native species through scientific experiments.
Onondaga Lake Fish signs do no imply that the clean up is sufficient.

PLEASE NOTE: The agencies are soliciting comments on this draft plan through June 2, 2017. They can be submitted by mail to Anne Secord, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 3817 Luker Road, Cortland, New York 13045 and by email to anne_secord@fws.gov. Written comments will presumably be accepted at any additional Public Open House as they were at the one held on April 27th.

Monday, May 1, 2017

In a Sacred Manner--It's all about the VIBE!!!

In my talks and in my books, especially Sacred Sites in North Star Country I speak about the Vibe and how critical it is for a sacred space. A good vibe enhances space, a bad vibe diminishes it.  Mother Earth needs us to achieve Her Fullest Potential and we need Her to achieve ours. A good vibe can significantly improve a space, and in the process increase the amount of consciousness, energy, or essences emitted by Mother Earth there. In other words if we are going to make a better world we need to enhance Mother Earth so that she may better nourish us and raise our consciousness.

To maintain and improve the vibe when visiting a sacred space I tell people to Act in a Sacred Manner. Below is an article I wrote for Awareness magazine on the west coast in 2009 to better help understand how to Act in a Sacred Manner.

“The native prophecies from all lands … speak of major changes… They speak of people who will survive, human beings who will want to take a sacred path in harmony with the earth… Wise people will know what to do and will move in a sacred manner to make the changes necessary for their own survival and for the survival of others.”1

Major earth changes that Sun Bear and Wabun Wind talked about almost twenty years ago are playing out. The polar ice cap is melting, bees are dying and some ecologists say that we are close to a tipping point where we cannot reverse the effects of global warming. The world is most certainly close to the brink.

Sun Bear and Wabun Wind say there will be survivors who will help themselves and others because they will know how to move in a sacred manner. So how do we begin moving in a sacred manner to save ourselves and Mother Earth? While there are many interpretations of what it means to move in a sacred manner, I think it begins by being aware of your spiritual footprints (thoughts and actions), both good and bad, and making an effort to focus on the positive. Each thought we have and action we take leaves an impression on us and upon Mother Earth.

When we think and do bad things we bring more of the same into our lives and into the world. Conversely when we think and do things out of love and compassion, we not only bring that into our lives, we bring it to others and to Mother Earth as well, facilitating healing. Controlling your thoughts and focusing on the positive in a sacred manner will help reduce the mental pollution you create with negative thoughts.

The Native Americans talk about doing things in a “sacred manner,” particularly ceremonies and efforts to connect with the divine. This means your intention is focused in a way that gives honor, respect and love. Black Elk in Black Elk Speaks and The Sacred Pipe talks about doing things in a sacred manner. In preparing a purification lodge as part of lamenting for a vision, Black Elk says, “In a sacred manner you must also gather the rocks and sage.”2

Black Elk tells us that sacred manner includes blessing and honoring that which one takes to create the purification lodge: “First you should build an Inipi lodge in which we shall purify ourselves, and for this you must select twelve or sixteen small willows.

But before you cut the willows remember to take to them a tobacco offering: and as you stand before them you should say: ‘There are many kinds of trees, but it is you whom I have chosen to help me. I shall take you, but in your place there will be others.’ ”3

The act of honoring the willow tree that has been cut down helps reduce the consequences of destruction by counterbalancing it with a positive thought and action. It is a far cry from our modern-day world where it is all thoughtless take, cut, burn, excavate and various other forms of destruction. We should always try to avoid the negative, but if something happens we should counter it with a positive thought, or prayer.

A further glimpse of sacred manner comes from Black Elk when talking about how we should always keep in mind and honor Great Spirit and Mother Earth: “It is the Earth, your Grandmother and Mother, and it is where you will live and increase. This Earth which He has given to you is red, and the two-leggeds who live upon the Earth are red; and the Great Spirit has also given to you a red day and a red road. 4 All of this is sacred and so do not forget! Every dawn as it comes is a holy event.”5

For example, when the Tree of Peace (white pine tree) we had planted on the shores of Onondaga Lake (Syracuse, NY) died and needed to be replaced, my Mohawk friend, John Sardella, said the process should be done in a sacred manner. I removed the dead tree and then brought it to his home.

A sacred sweat lodge was held honoring the tree and using it to fuel the fire that heated the rocks. Then there was a period of grieving before the new tree was planted. Finally John led the ceremony for planting the new Tree of Peace.

Doing things in a sacred manner means applying thought to what we do and how we think. It is about honoring God and Mother Earth, and all of creation. When we do things in a sacred manner we give greater strength to our thoughts and actions. We help foster healing, love and the unity that tugs at our soul.

The above article was adapted from The Way Home — Making Heaven on Earth (pages 194-195) by Madis Senner, due out with O-books in December. Visit: http://www.o-books.com/product_info.php?products_id=639

1. Sun Bear and Wabun Wind, Black Dawn Bright Day, A Fireside Book, New York, 1992; 29. 
2. Joseph Epes Brown, The Sacred Pipe, Black Elk’s Account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux, University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, OK, 1953; 48. 2.Ibid. page 48. 
3. John Epes Brown notes that “the red road” is that which runs north and south and is the good or straight way, for to the Sioux the north is purity and the south is the source of life. This “red road” is thus similar to the Christian “straight and narrow.” page 7 
4.Ibid., 7.

Madis Senner maintains www.MotherEarthPrayers.org, an educational website about Mother Earth, her subtle body and soul.


Beware of ticks

I have been out in the woods many times this spring doing surveys, Keeper's work and hiking. On several occasions I found ticks on me, or on my dogs. I have also had to pull ticks off my body the next day. In all my years I have never seen it so bad. The mild winter and other factors have contributed to this.

Make sure to apply repellent when you go out.

I suggest wearing long light colored, or khaki colored, pants. That way you will be better able to see tick on you. Miquitos are also less attracted to light colored clothing.

If you are not going tuck your pants under your socks (this means ticks have to crawl up leg to get inside your clothing) I suggest you wear a pair of low rise gaiters. Gaiters will also reduce the mud on your pants and give you some protection if you walk through water while crossing a stream.