Saturday, May 13, 2017

Living Water, or Primary Water

I have been drinking Living Water, from a mountain spring,  for over a month and feel that it has improved my health. Dr Mercola notes that there are numerous health benefits to be gained from drinking mountain spring water that you bottle yourself.  

Living Water is essentially unprocessed water that comes from  the earth and has not been contaminated with pollutants, or adulterated in anyway. Of a higher order, and related to Living Water,  is what dowsers call Primary Water. Primary Water is considered newly created water from deep in the earth. It rises through faults and fissures in the earth. In doing so it does the spiral dance Viktor Schuaberger talks about  below.  It is available all over the world.

To understand Living Water we need to realize that water, like everything else, retains memories of its encounters and what has been done to it. The work of Masaru Emoto shows this. He photographed frozen water crystals and found that pristine water exhibited beautiful snowflake like images whereas regular tap water, lake/river water and polluted water did not. So tap water from your faucet which has been processed does not look like a beautiful water crystal. And a water purifier, distiller or any other contraption cannot bring it to life. They may remove the pollutants, but it is still Dead Water.

Living Water, or Primary Water has been energized by Mother Earth. As I noted in Vortices and Spirals in speaking about the water wizard Viktor Schauberger and the spiral dance that water does (page 120):
Viktor Schauberger believed that water, like everything else in the universe, was alive and needed to be constantly reinvigorated and brought back to life. He felt water did this by doing its own spiral dance: 
When rain falls, like distilled water, it is without life. It trickles down in spiraling motions around rocks beneath the ground, where it gradually meets a rising temperature, and begins at some point to percolate upwards again in a spiraling motion, gathering material ions and life force until it meets light.” (Viktor SchaubergerLiving Water, Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy, by Olof Alexandersson, 145.)
Water bubbling to the surface of Earth is called primary water by water dowsers and is thought to be alive. Primary water is energized, and in coming from the Earth it is purified, distilled and of higher quality. (Correspondence with Steve Herbert, former Peace Corps volunteer, founder of Water for Humanity, currently with the Earth Water Alliance.)  
Implicit in Schauberger’s quote is that the spiraling movement contributes to giving life to and purifying water. He also postulated that the vortex acted as a synthesizer of various energies to create material form. Energies would be pulled into a vortex’s funnel and travel down until they become too coarse to be pulled any further, at which point materialization would take place. 

Here are some of the benefits of living water:
  • It is alive and full of energy.
  • It contains minerals.
  • It is not full of chemicals or pollutants like chlorine. Critical because chlorinated water can wreak have on your gut bacteria, or micro biome.
  • It does not carry the scars of water purification; imprints that will merge with your consciousness when you consume it.
  • It has not been oxidized. Water treatment can oxidize water which increases the oxygen content of water which makes it inflammatory to the body. Inflammation is the root cause of just about every disease and illness.
  • It is energized. In its movement it picks up energy, the Life Force.
  • It may contain beneficial bacteria.
  • It is imbued with Mother Earth.
  • It is natural and organic.

Viktor Schuaberger on Living Water
Primary Water

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