Thursday, May 18, 2017

Spring: Revitalization, Robins abound.

One of the vortices in my backyard, the back edge area, was gone and had been diminished down to a vortex ring. So today  I went out and meditated in the  back part of my yard where the vortex had once been. It is kitty corner to the backyard of another neighbor who had some bad things happen on his property.

I had a total of 12 Natural Vortices, or energy vortices my property (front, back and inside) last year. Evidently I lost this one over the winter. Things happen and space is dynamic and reflects all that goes on within it, and around it. You must be vigilante in cleaning and maintaining a space so that it retains its vibe. Hopefully you keep on building upon it. It is an ongoing process.

A pair of Robins have decided to built a nest above my patio light in the back yard. There are four baby Robins in it,  as the picture below shows. Several years ago I had a nest there. I wonder if it was one of the siblings from that year that decided to return?

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