Saturday, May 20, 2017

Technology Kills--Digital Addiction

Technology has a pernicious hold on us and is destructive of Mother Earth doing great damage to Her. We live in a sea of consciousness and technology is just another thought form, in this case a collective thought form, that looks to take control of us. That was one of the central themes of The Way Home, Making Heaven on Earth.

All thought forms look to have us think about them, or act them out--technology is no different. Unfortunately, technology is based upon control, manipulation, destruction and more bad intentions. It is a negative thought form. The water wizard Viktor Schauberger said the our technology is based on explosion, it is destructive and will bring about our downfall.

Technology's sway is very damaging--it dumbs us down, can make us less compassionate, alters our brain and our very being, and more.

The premise that technology looks to control and manipulate us is on display in the ABC 20 20 show on digital addiction. It poignantly shows how hooked and out of control people are that have digital addiction.

20/20 ABC || Digital Addiction 5/19/17 - May 19, 2017

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