Monday, May 29, 2017

Ledges Mound #6, Energy Vortex, Manitou Stone, Earth Chakras

A video of Ledges Area Survey, Stone Mound #6, has Been Posted on YouTube. We are in the process of cataloguing the stone structures at the Ledges Area of High Tor. 

Because the Ledges Area contains numerous Earth Chakra, and the bulk of stone mounds are located over Earth Chakras you might wish to first see a short video I put together a few years back on Earth Chakras.

Earth Chakras--Vortexes of Energy Circulation

This video looks at stone mound #6 which is basically a pile of rubble; but as you trace out the two energy lines underneath the Earth Chakra's vortex much is revealed. Both energy lines are connected to Manitou stones. There are also two Natural Vortices, or Energy Vortices, which indicate that the Ledges Area is a very holy area. It is an incredible demonstration of the workmanship ancient cultures; even though leaves block your view, much can be gleaned. This is the second in a series of video's of our survey of Ledges. Thanks to Peter Shell and Janice Carr for their help. REMEMBER IT'S ALL ABOUT THE VIBE!

Sacred Sites--Ledges Mound #6, Energy Vortex, Manitou Stone, Earth Chakras

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