Thursday, May 22, 2008

Omega Institute Rhinebeck NY

My interest in the Omega Institute was piqued last year when I read about a large mysterious stone pile on the Rock Piles Blog ( Large stone piles can be harbingers of something else at work in an area. The fact that Omega was a major spiritual and retreat center added to my interest. Omega was drawn to the location for a reason.

I was able to get down to Omega ( on May 9th. I was happy that I did because it was much nicer than I thought it would be.

As for the stone pile reported on the Rock Piles Blog it was nothing significant. In fact the general area of the pile did not have a good vibe. However, there were numerous Native American ceremonial and prayer circles closeby—as well as other positive features of Mother Earth. Very Nice.

The two pictures are of the stone pile upon which several other smaller cairns have been constructed. It may have had some other function at one time, but clearly it was not spiritual in nature.

To learn more read my review of the Omega Institute (

Thanks to the folks at Rock Piles Blog for their post.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rochester--Sacred Sites Presentation

Sacred Sites of Upstate New York
Wednesday, May 14th 2 to 4pm and 6-8 pm
Lori’s, 900 Jefferson Rd, Rochester

Visiting sacred sites as a pilgrim has a long history in all faith traditions. Unknown to most, Upstate New York is home to an abundance of sacred sites—sites that can help you heal, spiritually evolve, or facilitate a connection with the Creator.

Various cultures have numerous names for Upstate New York: America’s “psychic highway” for its contribution to the social and religious reform movements, the “Burnt-over District” because of the spiritual fires that burned here, and “North Star country” because of the freedom seekers that followed the North Star to freedom, which led them here. Upstate NY has also been referred to as the birthplace of democracy. Those spiritual embers that inspired many still glow here today.

Join Madis Senner to learn more about the bounty of sacred space that sits at your doorstep and how to use its gifts in your life and for the world today. Learn how you can help heal Mother Earth. Donation requested.

Madis is an ex-Wall Street money manager-turned-faith-based activist. In 2002, he felt called to get people to pray around Onondaga Lake; a quest that led him to explore the environs of Upstate NY and rediscover its sacred spaces. His catalogue, New York’s Sacred Sites, can be viewed at:

For more information contact Lori’s—585-424-2323;