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Can Meditation Cure Disease?


The following article about a Tibetan lama that was able to cure his leg of gangrene through meditation is a testament to the power of the mind over the body. It is also a story about Mother Earth’s curative powers; meditation, mindfulness, loving acts and the like tap into Mother Earth and she responds by sending us what I call Cosmic Prana. Researchers in neuroplasiticity have found that meditation alters our brain and makes us more compassionate. I would argue that certain acts attract Cosmic Prana and it is this nutrient that feeds our brain(subtle body and consciousness) the same way that physical food gives us energy. I talk about this in my book The Way Home—Making Heaven on Earth .

To me this article confirms that Healers should be active Meditators as well, because meditation will help you attract higher essences, energies and consciousness beyond Earth Prana, the primary prana that feeds the physical body. What is better yet is meditating with Mother Earth and gaining sentience of her, because when you do you get the full spectrum of what she has to offer and you increase your draw of all of her nutrients, essences and consciousness.

Heal Thyself, MEDITATE!!!!

Madis Senner

From the Daily Beast

Can Meditation Cure Disease?
by Maureen Seaberg
December 25, 2010 7:15pm
A Tibetan lama believes he cured his gangrene-stricken leg by meditating for a year. Now scientists are studying his brain, hoping to discover a medical miracle.
Can the power of the mind help humans self-heal? That’s what a group of scientists are hoping to help determine by studying a Tibetan lama who believes he cured himself of gangrene through meditation.
When Tibetan Lama Phakyab Rinpoche immigrated to the United States in 2003, he was a 37-year-old refugee with diabetes and Pott’s Disease. His afflictions had gotten so bad that his right foot and leg had developed gangrene. He was hospitalized and examined by three different doctors in New York City who all gave the same treatment recommendation: amputate.
Few people would go against such medical advice, but Rinpoche (pronounced Rin-Poh-Chey) is no average person. Born in 1966 in Kham, Tibet, he was ordained at the age of 13 and named the Eighth Incarnation of the Phakyab Rinpoche by the Dalai Lama himself when he was working toward the highest level of Tibetan Buddhist study, the Geshe degree, in 1993. A deeply spiritual man who has devoted his life to the teachings of Buddhism, it was only natural that he should reach out to his mentor, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, when deciding whether to allow his leg to be cut off.
The Dalai Lama’s response was shocking: Do not amputate. Instead, Lama Rinpoche says, the Tibetan spiritual leader advised his protégé to utilize his virtuoso skills at Tsa Lung meditation—heal himself, and then teach others the value of the ancient tradition. He sent a letter prescribing additional mantras, such as the Hayagriva, which, at the outset of new endeavors, is said to clear obstacles and provide protection in their tradition.
It was a decision that would require an incomprehensible leap of faith. But Rinpoche says there was no doubt within him. Though doctors had made it clear he could die, he was not afraid. “As a Buddhist, what is the worst thing that could happen if I die?” he told The Daily Beast through a translator. “I would be reborn again. But to lose a leg in one lifetime because I didn’t try to save it didn’t make sense.”
And so he began to meditate. Rinpoche says he took no medicine and his diet was an ordinary one. He would break for meals—when the lama he was living with came home from work, they would have dinner and enjoy conversation—but then he would return to meditating before getting a good night’s sleep at the end of the day. In the morning, he would awake and return to his routine.
Can meditation cure disease? (Getty Images)
In the early days of this ritual, Lama Rinpoche remembers, the putrid ooze from his leg ran black; a few months later it turned cloudy, he said, and bruising started to appear. The swelling increased and it was more painful. The odor was sickening, he recalls. But still he felt no doubt.
The progression of the degradation wasn’t simply halted—his leg was back from the dead.
Then, after nine months, he says something began to happen that many Americans would consider a miracle. The liquid leaking from his disabled leg began to run clear. The swelling went down. Soon he could put some weight on it. At ten months, he could walk again, first with crutches. A short time later he was down to one crutch, and then, before even a year had passed, he was walking on his own.
The progression of the degradation wasn’t simply halted—his leg was back from the dead. His diabetes and complicating Tuberculosis are gone today as well.
Now, a group of doctors at New York University have begun studying Rinpoche—specifically, his brain. Practitioners of Tsa Lung meditation like Rinpoche visualize a wind (or “lung,” or “prana”) that is one with the mind, moving down the center channel of their bodies, clearing blockages and impurities before moving on to ever-smaller channels.
"This is a cognitive-behavioral practice that present East-West science suggests may be more effective that any existing strictly Western medical intervention,” says Dr. William C. Bushell, an MIT-affiliated researcher in medical anthropology and director of East-West Research for Tibet House in New York. Gangrene is not curable by current medical intervention once past a certain point in its progression, except by amputation.
This month, Dr. Bushell and NYU neuroscientist Zoran Josipovic, Ph.D. won Lama Rinpoche’s cooperation in undergoing a functional MRI scan of his brain while he meditated inside the scanner at NYU’s Center for Brain Imaging. In this first scan the Rinpoche participated in an ongoing study of the effects of different types of meditations on anti-correlated networks in the brain that Dr. Josipovic has been conducting at NYU.
Bushell wrote a scientific analysis of the processes occurring in the same form of meditation used by Rinpoche in a letter to Joshua Lederberg, Nobel Prize winner in medicine, some 10 years ago. Dr. Lederberg was one of the giants of modern science, father of molecular biology, infectious disease medicine, and modern genetics. His foundation published the letter, which is actually an adaptation of a scientific paper, posthumously on his website. It speaks of the mild to moderate hyperthermia resulting from the practice, which kills bacteria and aids the body in healing.
“It is not entirely clear from a Western science perspective what the winds are, but the scientific evidence suggests to me and others that the meditative process involving winds includes increased local blood flow, metabolic activity, and oxygenation,’’ Bushell explains. “The original scientific model I developed (which is largely in a theoretical state) was based on, among other things, the pioneering work of Thomas K Hunt, MD, on the antibiotic properties of oxygenation in the blood and surrounding tissues, and was sponsored by the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, Calif. Research shows that mental imagery directed to sites of the body, both superficial as well as deeper tissues, can with practice eventually lead to increased local blood flow, metabolic activity, and oxygenation. Such increases could in principle combat even powerful bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, which not only can be the cause of gangrene, but is now often times resistant to antibiotics.”
Dr. Bushell’s colleague Dr. Josipovic was also very curious about Rinpoche’s abilities and, in particular, about the way they may have affected the functional and structural organization of his brain. The early results of the test are significant at first glance, he says. They show changes in a wide network of brain areas mediating attention and awareness. The team will publish their findings next year.
“Over the past 10 years research into the effects of meditation on the brain has been gaining unprecedented public and scientific attention,” Dr. Josipovic explains. “What these studies have shown is that it is possible to optimize one's life experience through cultivation of subtle cognitive states generated through meditation, and that these are accompanied by changes in the anatomical structure of the brain, or neuroplasticity. But what soon became evident was that a great variety of meditation techniques and states of consciousness they engender, pose a considerable challenge for understanding them in terms of the established constructs of Western science.”
Dr. Josipovic says that a major new discovery in the field of neuroscience, that of spontaneously fluctuating resting-state networks in the brain, has the potential to shed some light on this issue. “On a global level, the brain appears to be organized into two large-scale networks: extrinsic, or the task-positive network, composed of the brain areas that are active when we are focused on some task or external environment, and the intrinsic, or ‘default’ network, composed of the areas that are active when we reflect on ourselves and own experience.”
These networks are usually anti-correlated in their activity—that is, when one is “up” the other is “down,” he says. “While this antagonism serves some healthy functions, for example, of allowing us to focus on a task and refrain from being distracted by daydreaming or irrelevant concerns, we suspect it may also underlie some unhealthy aspects of our everyday experience, such as excessive fragmentation between self/other and internal/external—in other words the ‘dualistic mind’ that many contemplative traditions see as the root of our suffering.’’
Those who wish to begin a Tsa Lung practice, which is an advanced but achievable discipline, are encouraged to seek a teacher. Rinpoche himself teaches often across the country, and is adding a website and Skype to his teaching sessions to reach more people around the world. This year he will lead a special New Year gathering in Tubac, Arizona sponsored by Pocket Sanctuary and the Helen Graham Park Foundation.
MaryAnn Zitka, a medical researcher and senior student of Phakyab Rinpoche explains that the word Rinpoche is a Tibetan Buddhist honorific title that literally means the precious one. “This is a very appropriate title to me,” she says. “It’s not often that you meet someone so committed to helping others. Rinpoche freely teaches his wisdom traditions to all who wish to learn, and his only request is to practice.”

Maureen Seaberg is a NYC-based journalist whose work has appeared in the New York Times, the Daily News, Irish America, ESPN the magazine and on PBS and MSNBC. She won a scholarship to the inaugural Norman Mailer Writers Colony in 2009. She is also a synesthete and synesthesia researcher who is on the organizing committee of the Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference for the Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona, Tucson. Her first book, about synesthesia, titled Tasting the Universe, will be out in March 2011 from New Page Books.

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Church Square—Dansville, NY

Church Square--A spiritual Gathering Place,
Dansville, NY

One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.

Imagine a small quaint town where many of its places of worship were located around a town park. Imagine if that town square was nestled upon a precious piece of Mother Earth’s soul and radiated love and consciousness. Church square ( Clara Barton, Church, Liberty & School Streets) in Dansville NY is such a place. Its serene and pastoral feel recalls a bygone era that invites you to slow down and spend some enjoying the moment there.

Clara Barton’s Epiphany
We were drawn to Dansville a few years back to survey Clara Barton’s home in Dansville. It is there that she had her epiphany to start the American Red Cross. I did not write the home up because there were no areas where people could pray.

Clara Barton was not the first one to have an epiphany in the heart of Mother Earth’s soul. Charles Grandison Finney after a walk in the woods in North Adams decided to leave being a lawyer for the clergy and is credited with forming and shaping the Evangelical movement and America’s second great awakening. Trappist Monk Thomas Merton found is calling at Olean NY. There are many more. Clara Barton’s transformation also speaks to the empowerment that women found in the area from the leaders of the women’s movement to those like Harriet Tubman.

Since first surveying the Barton home I have learned that fields of consciousness appear in series. So in the fall of 2010 when we were in area we decided to look for other fields close to the Barton home. My rods immediately led to Church Square when we got there.

Churches in Area
The following Places of worship are located in Church Square. Each has several stacked fields of consciousness within them. A stacked field means that there are several fields of consciousness upon each other. The number can range from 2 to 12 fields upon each other and the more that there are the more powerful will be the consciousness emanating from them.

Dansville Presbyterian Church has a stacked field (8) of consciousness closer to School Street in what appears to be the sanctuary. In other words 8 fields are stacked upon each other. Very nice!
St. Peters Episcopal Church has a stacked field (6) of consciousness towards School Street within the sanctuary.

St Pauls Lutheran is where Clara Barton set up the first local society of the American Red Cross. There is a stacked field (3) the side closer to School Street.

New Bread Ministries has several stacked (2) fields of consciousness within it, closer to School Street.

Church Square Park
Church Square Park is great. Fields of consciousness are located throughout. So any place you go is going to be good. There is a stacked (6) field of consciousness located on the park side of the Presbyterian Church. There is a stacked (5) field of consciousness about 10-15 from the Oak Tree going towards School Street.

The Gazebo is wonderful, it appears to have marked the intersection of 2 Native America trails and been a meeting place. There is a stacked field (3) of consciousness going towards the intersection of School and Liberty Streets. The gazebo also contains the spiritual embers of what I believe may have been a natural vortex. Such vortices form from prayer, ceremony or ritual. This makes sense as Native Americans would often stop, particularly at the intersection of trails to do ceremony. All said the Gazebo is a must visit, meditate at place.

Dansville is located about 40-50 miles south of Rochester, NY along Rte 390. You can also access off of Rte 86 in the southern tier.

Thanks to Lorraine Mavins for her photography.
Peace,In emailing me make sure to change (at) to @ in the address header: madis senner
Madis Senner
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Distracted to Death


Today’s Sunday NY Times has an excellent article today (see link below) about the dangers of modern technology and what it is doing to the brains of young people today; it is creating distractions that are literally dumbing them down.

Anyone who has read my book The Way Home—Making Heaven on Earth knows that I feel that the distractions caused by technology are much more damaging. Digital technology is disconnecting our young users from Source, Mother Earth. By disconnection I mean that avid texters/youtubers/cell phone users are depriving their subtle bodies of all the essences, energies and consciousness that they need to maintain and flourish. Thereby they are making themselves vulnerable to disease and not elevating their consciousness as much as they should. When the H1N1 scare struck a few years back and hit young people hard, I believe it was not so much that they lacked immunity, but rather that they were disconnected from source. They are very vulnerable.

If you want to survive all the tumult forecast by many from increasing devastation of the environment, to war, to …… Develop your immunity—begin connecting with Mother Earth. Think about all the studies that show the benefits of practicing mindfulness!

Madis Senner

Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

South Hill The Ledges Area Posted


I have posted my review of the Ledges Area of South Hill. It can be accessed at:


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spirit House--Georgetown NY


After my talk on sacred sites and healing this Sunday afternoon at the Psychic Fair at Beardslee Castle in Little Falls I decided to take Rte 20 back to Syracuse and at stop at Spirit House in Georgetown and nearby Mueller Hill forest.

Spirit House was one the first places that I wrote up for Mother Earth Prayers about 5 or more years ago. It is also one of my favorites and a very divine place and special place. This is where I was taught about fields of consciousness and many, many other things. As the blurb that I added as an update notes, it is one the most powerful places that I have found. Spirit House was put up for sale last year and has still not sold, although I did see some interested buyers when I visited.

If you have never been to Spirit House, I strongly suggest a visit. If you are looking to feel consciousness—this place oozes it.

Below is the blurb that I added. The full review has more information.

Madis Senner

Wow (added 2010)
Spirit House is one of the most powerful places that I have found in Mother Earth’s soul. There are numerous stacked fields of consciousness throughout the property. There is a stacked(12) field of consciousness, where 12 fields are placed upon each other; I have found only a few places that have such a high number.
The imprint of prayer and positive intention can be felt on the grounds. There are a least 4 natural vortices of cosmic prana in the back woods. A vortex forms from repeated prayer or healing and is a very positive sign and feature of a space. There is also several what I call, Chimayo Fatima, places where the veil to the other side has thinned. This opens up the possibility for connection to divine beings such as angels. I call it Chimayo Fatima, after Chimayo in New Mexico a place of miraculous healings and Fatima, Portugal saw apparitions of Mother Mary.
Don’t bother with the area around the house. Spend time in the woods behind the house.—it is a spiritual delight. Enter from the churches parking lot. The section about 20-30 feet south and 10 feet east is where the stacked field of 12 can be found and there are vortices on either side. Very, very nice. Meditating or spending time in a natural vortex is very healing and consciousness raising. You are getting an extra dose from the increased energy being pulled in by the vortex and you are also connecting with the field and higher consciousness of those that helped create the vortex.
The unfortunate thing is that this woods area is not maintained and contains weeds, thorned bushes, prickers and more. So you have to be dressed accordingly. A few years ago when we first discovered Spirit House the woods area was better maintained.
At a minimum I would recommend a contemplative walk in the woods; there is an overgrown, but manageable path. If you meditate, look to enhance your draw of essences by focusing on any sensation that comes to your body. This focus will give strength to what you are drawing in and being given by Mother Earth, thereby increasing your gift.
I strongly advice not to go there wanting to, or asking to, see angels or divine beings. Go with an honest and open heart, let your thoughts be pure and genuine, not seeking some reward or demand. If you are hurting, let it show. Just be honest. This will greatly increase your chances of being taken under someone’s wing.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

South Hill The Sacred Mountain

Ancient Native Site with Numerous Mounds and Stone Structures


I have just posted my review of South Hill at the southern end of Canandaigua Lake at:

South Hill contains numerous stone mounds and other stone structures that were most likely created by the mound builders, Hopewell and Adena. Just about all of the earth chakras on it are covered with stone structures which influence the flow of prana (energy) and charge the atmosphere—the feeling is palpable. The thoughts of the many that have vision quested, done ceremony, performed ritual and prayed there still lingers in the ether. The many energy vortices found by the stone mounds are a testament to this. All of this can enhance your spiritual experience.

I ask that you please contact the NY DEC, information contained within the review, and ask that they please help preserve the many stone structures on South Hill. It would be a pity to see these stone structures pilfered or damaged the way that stone structures on Bare Hill were decades ago. Bare Hill also on Canandaigua Lake is where the Seneca people held their council fires.

The Seneca people believe that they were born at South Hill.

Please visit South Hill and keep it in your prayers.

Madis Senner

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Check out the picture of the Orb in a picture we took on top of South HIll.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Scotts Bluff, Wolcott, NY
One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.

Scotts Bluff located on the shores of Lake Ontario in Northern Wolcott NY (halfway between Rochester and Syracuse) offers the pilgrim great views, beach access and a sweet piece of Mother Earth’s soul. If you are looking for a serene location on a beach to meditate at and not be bothered try Scotts Bluff.

The Bluffs
Scotts Bluff is located less than 10 miles east of Chimney Bluffs State Park and is part of the NY DEC land management. It is known as The Red Creek part of the Black Creek Wildlife management area.

The area between Rochester and Oswego is noted for its drumlins, or rolling hills. There are also numerous spectacular bluffs near and on the shore. Fortunately the DEC owns several strips of land just east of Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario.

Experiencing Scotts Bluff
The entrance area and parking lot is situated on a plateau overlooking Lake Ontario. To the right you will get a nice view of Scotts Bluff. You may wish to spend some time above, be aware that the grassy area on the bluff may not be mowed. This is DEC land and it is not well maintained. There are no facilities here.

To get to the beach look for a herd path to your left in the woods. The trail to the beach is about 50 to 100 yards in length.

The beach is about a mile in length and depending upon when you visit may have a few people or none at all on it. To your right (east) is Scotts bluff. To your left (west) are the fields of consciousness, located a couple of hundred yards down.

As you walk west you will begin to see an inland marsh to your left. The fields are located about 40-50 feet east of the narrowest part of the barrier, a narrow sliver of land, which divides the Red Creek marsh from Lake Ontario. There are several stacked fields(4) of consciousness located in front of an American Willow and a large downed tree. Very Nice.

I am told that a heavy ran can overrun the barrier separating Red Creek Marsh from Lake Ontario. When this happens a little waterway forms between the marsh and Lake Ontario at the center of the marsh, where the barrier is the thinnest. Again this thin part of the barrier serves as a point of reference to indicate that the fields of consciousness are located 40-50 feet to the east. People canoe and explore the marsh area.

The beach is covered with Lake Ontario stones and provides for a beautiful walk. You will also find lots of brownstone, or sandstone, throughout.
Getting There
If you have never been to nearby Chimney Bluffs State Park it is certainly worth a visit for its spectacular views and bluffs.

From Wolcott take East Port road to Brown, take the second right onto Cemetery/Kyle (Cemetery turns into Church and then into Kyle) road. Take a left onto Broadway. Follow Broadway past Kakat all the way to the end.

Reference: The Edge Walker’s Guide to Lake Ontario Beachcombing, by Susan Peterson Gateley, 2003.

Thanks to Lorraine Mavins for her photography and assistance.

Peace,In emailing me make sure to change (at) to @ in the address header: madis senner

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Vivekananda’s Thousand Islands Cottage Open

Vivekananda’s Thousand Islands Cottage Open
Introduced Yoga and Vedanta/Hinduism to the West

For those interested in yoga, meditation and Eastern spirituality Swami Vivekananda’s cottage in the Thousand Islands Park provides a unique opportunity to visit a sacred place and participate in a group meditation. The Cottage is opened up each summer for the months of July and August by members of the NY Ramakrishna Vivekananda Center of NY ( There is a daily meditation and satsang (singing and chanting), called an RT, that takes place at 4:30 and lasts about an hour. All are welcome but it is suggested to call in advance: 315 482-3031

Swami Vivekananda is credited with introducing yoga and Eastern spiritual practices to the West in 1893 when he spoke at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago.

In 1895 he spent 7 weeks at the cottage of Miss Elizabeth Dutcher on Wellesley Island teaching and sharing his knowledge. It is here that he achieved the highest state of Samadhi (nirvikalpa), a meditative state where one’s consciousness soars. Vivekananda would later say that his stay at Wellesley Island was a “momentous period” of his life. His biographer, Swami Nikhilananda founder of the Ramakrishna Vivekananda Center, says that his insights and spiritual powers blossomed while there.

Directions from 81 north 1) Pay toll and cross Bridge onto Wellesley Island and take first exit (Exit 51)
2) After exiting proceed to stop sign, turn right and go to second stop sign.
3) At second stop sign turn right, and proceed about 4 miles to the village of Thousand Island Park.
4) At Thousand Island Park proceed to stop sign (near Grocery, Ice Cream Parlor, Tennis Courts).
5) At stop sign turn right onto St. Lawrence Avenue and proceed about 2 blocks until the street ends at Tabernacle building.
6) At Tabernacle turn left, go about one block and turn right up the small road marked with the arrow pointed to “Vivekananda Cottage.” (See map below).

For a review of Vivekananda’s cottage and more information go to:

Vivekananda’s cottage is one of many sacred sites in upstate NY. For a detailed listing of other sites, go to Mother Earth Prayers and click on sacred sites:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

More pictures and 2 videos of the stone mounds at the top of South Hill have been added to the Clarks Gully Blog:

Three Tiered Elongated Mound

On July 4, 2010 we went to South Hill (where the Seneca people believe that they were born) for prayer and to survey the area some more. On the Upper Part of the Hill, in the Ledges area on the western side of the gorge we found an elongated Stone mound on one of the lower ledges. Again we believe that the many mounds on South Hill were created by the Adena, meaning that they are probably 2500 to 3500 years old. Read my earlier posts and you will find that my rationale is based upon the work of Dave Robinson and his analysis of NY State Historians Ritchie and Parker.

To read the rest, see pictures and videos:

Monday, June 28, 2010

Heaven On Earth Meditation--Creation of Collective Thought Form/Archetype


One of the main themes of my book The Way Home—Making Heaven on Earth was that our thoughts, particularly our collective thoughts, create our reality and look to control us. My solution was to create loving alternatives, one of which was Heaven on Earth. To that effect I have been working on creating a collective thought form (archetype) of Heaven on Earth since last fall.

Many of you have already helped and participated in the process and have meditated on this collective thought form with me. I finally got around to creating an audio file that allows people to add to the love and raise their consciousness at the same time by participating in the meditation via the Internet.

I am hoping that the recording will pull people deep into trance and provide them mystical experiences as the group meditations have consistently done; But I don’t know. The tape last about 35-37 minutes of which 10 minutes is intro and closing explanation.

Here is the link and details.

Title: Heaven on Earth Meditation--Archetype-Collective Thought Form

Description: A group meditation/visualization that draws upon archetypes to create a collective thought form to help transform the world to where the lion lies down with the lamb.

Madis Senner

PS When I began writing The Way Home—Making Heaven on Earth three years ago I would have never imagined how much people would be up in arms against corporations given BP and Wall Street. As I note in my book corporations are malevolent collective thought forms, or what the Hebrew prophets call False Gods. The times they are a changing!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tree of Peace--Group Meditations Planned over summer to help struggling tree


We have planted several Trees of Peace at Onondaga Lake since 2003 . The third one we planted had a bad infestation of aphids last summer. Fortunately some lady bugs came to the rescue—but the damage was severe. I covered the tree with burlap over the winter and put an oil spray on it to prevent the aphid eggs from hatching. The tree looks gangly and weak, but 15-20 branches have sprouted new shoots at the tips indicating that there is life and hope; that said, the tree needs love.

To help reinvigorate the tree I will be holding several group meditations, prayer ceremonies around the tree over the summer. They will be announced on short notice because I want to make sure that the weather will be nice for the gathering. So I will be emailing out notices with only a few days lead.

I hope that you will be able to attend one of the group meditations at the tree. Onondaga Lake is a very sacred place that humankind has despoiled, and the Willow Bay area where the tree is planted is one of the few places that have a decent vibe.

I encourage others to similarly hold events around the tree.

Please keep the tree in your prayers.

Madis Senner

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs--Auriesville, NY

Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs Auriesville, NY

One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.

Those with a Catholic or a traditional religious background might enjoy visiting the Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs in Auriesville, NY located approximately half way between Albany and Utica along the Mohawk River. You will find several pieces of Mother Earth’s soul (fields of consciousness ) there as well as plenty to see and do.

About the Shrine
“The site of the Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs was once a 17th century Mohawk village called Ossernenon where three Jesuit missionaries were martyred during the 1640s. Father Isaac Jogues, René Goupil, a Jesuit brother, and John Lalande, a lay missioner, are the only canonized American martyrs. Together with five Jesuit priests killed in the native missions of Canada, they are known as the North American Martyrs. The beatified "Lily of the Mohawks," Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, was born here in 1656.

Today the Shrine is comprised of 400+ acres of flowered landscapes and tree-studded slopes and lawns. Five chapels, two museums, a candle shrine, Jesuit cemetery, outdoor Stations of the Cross and Visitor Center and Gift Shop provide places for Mass and prayer, private devotions and reflections, and education and enjoyment.” (Per the Shrine Website.)

There are several stacked (6) fields of consciousness located on the grounds. The more fields that are stacked upon each other (can range from 2-12 fields) the more potent the field is. Six is a good number. The vibe, what I call geographic samskaras, or the thought forms attached to the grounds was generally neutral(negative and positive thoughts balanced each other out) to slightly positive. Positive geographic samskaras will enhance a space and are a cumulative reflection of all that has gone on at a particular place.

The coliseum, or the large chapel, is a popular place with the many tourists and bus tours that visit the shrine. At a talk I gave on sacred sites at Beardslee Castle in April of 2010 I heard a testimonial from a woman who swore that she had been miraculously cured of macular degeneration, an incurable and eventually blinding eye disease by a laying on of hands by a priest there. I believe that she was telling me the truth as there are many divine aspects of Mother Earth located around the coliseum area. That said, the vibe or geographic samskaras within the coliseum was only neutral to slightly positive.

There is a stacked fields (6) located in back of the chapel. There are no visible row numbers on any of the pews to use as barometers; you can find the fields by going to the St. Joseph the Worker statue on the outside of the chapel. Follow the angle at which the monument faces the chapel. The fields begin outside of the chapel and extend about 5-10feet within the chapel, at that angle in line with the St. Joseph statue.

A better place to tap into a stacked field of 6 is at the outdoor shrine (statue) of Jesus located in front of the coliseum. It has memorial on it to the memory of Father Neil Poulin. It is located about 12-15 feet southeast of the monument if you face the monument and assume that you are facing north. See the backpack in the picture to the right. Nice.

There is also a stacked field of 6 in front of the coliseum by Rte 5S and by the driveway of the Lalande Jesuit residence. Fields generally occur in a series that is often a straight line pattern.

Visiting the Shrine
The Shrine of Martyrs website is very informative, providing a virtual tour, information on camping, lodging, visiting and more. The Shrine is located on 136 Shrine Road. I recommend taking the virtual tour that contains a map with click Fultonville, NY 12072-1907, telephone (518) 853-3033

Make sure to visit the Kateri Shrine chapel on the other side of the Mohawk River. It has a powerful palpable feeling of the divine that can bring you to tears and the several cosmic prana Vorticies that are located there are a testament to that. Vortexes of cosmic prana (the highest prana that is more consciousness than energy) form where people pray, meditate or do ritual a lot.

Determining what a sacred site is can be a very subjective matter. If you have a strong traditionally Catholic background then you will most likely enjoy and benefit from a visit to the Shrine.

Thanks to Lorraine Mavins for her photography and assistance.

Peace,In emailing me make sure to change (at) to @ in the address header: madis senner

Madis Senner

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Group Meditation at Gossamer May 15th

Group Meditation/Walk to Connect with Mother Earth
May 15th 10 AM to Noon
Gossamer Wood Retreat and Healing Center, Canandaigua NY

I will be leading a group meditation and experiential tour to help people connect with Mother Earth at Gossamer Wood, 2235 County Road 28, Canandaigua, NY, about 10 miles southeast of Rochester, on the third Saturday of each month. The pilgrimage will begin around 10AM and is expected to last about 2-2.5 hours. The cost is $15.

Please pre-register with me (madis senner 315-463-5369, While pre-registering is not a necessity it will help us with planning and rain cancellations—we can contact you in the AM with changes.

The goal of the contemplative walk is:
1) Improve your health by helping you connect with Mother Earth. Medicine is increasingly recognizing the therapeutic benefits of Mother Earth from garden scenery at work, to a walk in woods. I will be focusing my efforts to help you become you sentient of her.
2) Raise your consciousness. Gossamer has fields of consciousness and other divine attributes that will raise your consciousness.
3) Improve your meditation. A group meditation, particularly if done outdoors can improve your meditative ability, or help you begin the process of meditation.
4) A spiritual high. We hope that everyone that attends will leave feeling great.

Gossamer Wood has many divine aspects of Mother Earth. To learn more go to: Gossamer Wood is located at 2235 County Road 28, in Canandaigua. Directions to Gossamer Wood.

If you come please bring:
ü Wear a pair of boots.
ü A backpack to put things in.
ü Plenty of water to drink.
ü Some snacks and possibly a lunch.
ü Dress in layers. We will be walking and stopping to pray and meditate so you want to able to add or take off clothes as appropriate.
ü A sportsman cushion or something to sit on outside.
We will have use of the house the day of pilgrimage so you will be able to go the bathroom inside. Just make sure you are signed in and ask permission to do so before you go in. Also make sure to take your shoes off when in the house.

Gather by the welcome circle.

Last year everyone that came had a good time. Our efforts have also helped invigorate Mother Earth as a vortex of cosmic prana formed in the Tall Oaks area last summer. A Chimayo Fatima also popped up, which is a thinning of the veil to the other side (higher spiritual realms.) These are great places to connect with the divine and get answers, or help to problems.

Hope to see you at least once this summer.

Madis Senner

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stone Circles Video


I just posted the following video on stone circles—why make them, some advice and why they are a great spiritual tool.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Mother Earth Heals--Connecting with Her at Gossamer


Most of us are not aware of how Mother Earth can heal us, or make us feel better so I thought I would talk a little about this. We live in a sea of consciousness, energy and essences that nurture our various khoshas (subtle bodies) and upon which our very existence, wellness and spiritual development hinges upon. When we are sick some part of our energy body (pranamaya Khosha) is not getting enough of the life force, prana, chi…. Either we are creating mental blockages or we are not properly tapping into source. Bottom line we are not fully plugged into source, Mother Earth and suffering because of it.

Developing a proper relationship with and becoming sentient of Mother Earth can go a long way in improving your health. Even if you have mental blockages that are impeding the proper flow of prana in your body she can help remove those blockages. For example,
1) Energy surge—Much of hands on healing is about getting an extra dose of energy to replenish the body . There are a variety of ways that Mother Earth can give you an energy burst—sitting in a vortex, sitting on a line energy that has been fortified. For example, in the Tall Oaks area in the back of Gossamer I have created a LINE that connects several energy lines and fields of consciousness that has become very electrifying.
2) Increase your Vibration—Homeopathy (flower essences, etc.) believes that ingesting high vibrating materials raises your vibration and heals you. Where does that substance or flower get its high vibration from, Mother Earth. There are parts of Mother Earth where the vibration is very powerful and being in those spots is very therapeutic. They can become even more therapeutic when you create structures to enhance them and work to create vortices as I have done in my back yard. Sweet!
3) Cleaning blockages—Vibration helps clean mental blockages and negative, or nagging thoughts.
4) Consciousness—We in upstate NY are blessed with fields of consciousness that are the most potent source of consciousness in the world. Consciousness raises your consciousness and provides a host of benefits from raising your vibration, to clearing samskars, to getting your feel good chemicals flowing, etc….
5) Essences—that are a host of essences produced by Mother Earth that can get your endorphins and serotonin flowing. There are essences that work with the emotional component of your energy body. I don’t know or understand them all at this time…..
6) There are many more ways that mother earth can heal you.

The key is to become sentient of her and begin working with her. Right now most of us are 100 watt lights connected to at best a 5 watt outlet.

It looks like the weather may not cooperate this weekend at Gossamer, but please make an effort to sign up some time this summer with Bill Dewey so that you can begin to nurture your relationship with Mother Earth.


Group Meditation/Walk to Connect with Mother Earth
The Third Saturday of every month, 10 AM to Noon
Gossamer Wood Retreat and Healing Center, Canandaigua NY

I will be leading a group meditation and experiential tour to help people connect with Mother Earth this year again at Gossamer Wood, 2235 County Road 28, Canandaigua, NY, about 10 miles southeast of Rochester, on the third Saturday of each month. The pilgrimage will begin around 10AM and is expected to last about 2-2.5 hours. The cost is $15.

Please pre-register with Bill Dewey (585-394-9114 ) or myself (madis senner 315-463-5369, While pre-registering is not a necessity it will help us with planning and rain cancellations—we can contact you in the AM with changes.

The Dates are:
April 17th
May 15th
June 19th
July 17th
August 21st
September 18th

The goal of the contemplative walk is:
1) Improve your health by helping you connect with Mother Earth. Medicine is increasingly recognizing the therapeutic benefits of Mother Earth from garden scenery at work, to a walk in woods. I will be focusing my efforts to help you become you sentient of her.
2) Raise your consciousness. Gossamer has fields of consciousness and other divine attributes that will raise your consciousness.
3) Improve your meditation. A group meditation, particularly if done outdoors can improve your meditative ability, or help you begin the process of meditation.
4) A spiritual high. We hope that everyone that attends will leave feeling great.

Gossamer Wood has many divine aspects of Mother Earth. To learn more go to: Gossamer Wood is located at 2235 County Road 28, in Canandaigua. Directions to Gossamer Wood.

If you come please bring:
ü Wear a pair of boots.
ü A backpack to put things in.
ü Plenty of water to drink.
ü Some snacks and possibly a lunch.
ü Dress in layers. We will be walking and stopping to pray and meditate so you want to able to add or take off clothes as appropriate.
ü A sportsman cushion or something to sit on outside.
We will have use of the house the day of pilgrimage so you will be able to go the bathroom inside. Just make sure you are signed in and ask permission to do so before you go in. Also make sure to take your shoes off when in the house.

Gather by the welcome circle.

Last year everyone that came had a good time. Our efforts have also helped invigorate Mother Earth as a vortex of cosmic prana formed in the Tall Oaks area last summer. A Chimayo Fatima also popped up, which is a thinning of the veil to the other side (higher spiritual realms.) These are great places to connect with the divine and get answers, or help to problems.

Hope to see you at least once this summer.

Madis Senner

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Equinox Gathering,
Tree of Peace in Willow Bay, 5:30PM, 3/20.

This week we unwrapped the burlap that we had used to cover the tree in order to help it over winter. This was a first and although the tree did not look great, it appears to be okay. Last summer it was attacked and covered by pine aphids. Fortunately, several lady bugs and other bugs that eat aphids found home on the tree—so it is nursing back to health.

We will gather for a few short prayers.

Review of the Tree of Peace

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mother Earth Is the Key to Our Spiritual Evolution

From the March/April issue of Awareness magazine (Southern Ca., Az., Hi)

Mother Earth Is the Key to

Our Spiritual Evolution

By Madis Senner

If we have any hope of trans­forming our collective conscious­ness and avoiding environmental catastrophe, we need to reestab­lish our link with Mother Earth and gain an understanding of how we can work with her. She is integral to our spiritual evolu­tion and is our SOUL MATE!

Mother Earth -Responds

We have a symbiotic and dy­namic relationship with Mother Earth that goes far beyond the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. Thanks to Mother Earth we live in a sea of energy and essences that nur­ture our subtle body, or energy body.

Our subtle body is respon­sible for maintaining our physi­cal body and if it is deprived of sufficient energy our well being suffers. Conversely if we absorb more than a sufficient amount of energy, we perk up and healing may be facilitated.

What we take in from Mother Earth’s field is not static, but dy­namic and is influenced by what we are thinking and doing. We have the ability to increase or decrease the nutrients we take in. For example, during hands-on healing the healer taps into Mother Earth and increases the intake of energies that nurture our physical body. This increased flow of energy invigorates the subtle body which ultimately helps heal the physical body.

Mother Earth is also integral to raising our consciousness. Neuroscientist Andrew New­berg and Mark Waldman (How God Changes Your Brain) found that meditating makes you more compassionate and provides a host of other benefits we associ­ate with higher consciousness.

When we examine the process of meditation we see that just as with healing, we are tapping into Source, Mother Earth, for an in­creased dose of essences, ones that raise our consciousness. The increased flow of consciousness-raising energies (Cosmic Prana) into our subtle body eventually filters into our physical body and brain altering its makeup.

Building a Bond

Our symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth goes far be­yond obtaining energies to maintain our health and raise our consciousness. Over time when we do good things, pray or meditate at a particular place Mother Earth’s field begins to change in a variety of ways, all of which help with our spiritual evolution.

For example, the veil to the other side of the physical plane will often become thinner at sa­cred sites from continual prayer and questing for the divine. A thinning of the veil, what I call Chimayo-Fatima, brings perspec­tive, the possibility for revelation and connection to the divine for spiritual aspirants.

Another way Mother Earth responds to our spiritual over­tures is by creating energy vor­tices. A positive-energy vortex has a clockwise spin (counter-clockwise in the southern hemi­sphere) and draws energy into it. For example, when we meditate in the same place over a long period of time, that in­creased flow of Cosmic Prana (consciousness-raising energy) flowing from our intention of meditation begins to form a vor­tex. This dramatically increases our intake of Cosmic Prana dur­ing meditation. Once created, a vortex remains for a long time, bathing everyone who comes in contact with it, whether they are, or are not meditating. To learn more about vortices:

Trouble in the Field

Unfortunately, humankind has done much damage to Mother Earth and disturbed her field. By disrupting her field we have reduced her ability to feed us with nutrients and conscious­ness-raising essences. Many of the diseases and illnesses we see in the world today are somehow related to people’s inability to receive enough nu­trients from Mother Earth.

The advent of the digital age and prolif­eration of technologies that produce electro­magnetic waves has increased our assault of Mother Earth. Cell phones, kindles, radio waves, microwaves, computer screens and much more are in direct conflict with Mother Earth’s field and are do­ing great damage to her field, disrupting the flow of beneficial energies and essences that hu­mankind needs.

Our Soul Mate

To raise our collective con­sciousness we need to begin working with Mother Earth. We start by reducing technology in our lives by as much as possi­ble. Get rid of your cell phone and as many other electronic devices that create damaging electromagnetic waves. Go ret­ro with the technology in your life, because, as a general rule of thumb, older technologies are less hurtful to Mother Earth.

Be more aware of Mother Earth. Give strength to her by paying attention to her. See the trees and the sky and not the accoutrements of our modern world such as roads, telephone poles and billboards.And give thanks to Mother Earth on a reg­ular basis.

Become an earth healer by learning how our Mother Earth works. Such knowledge, like knowledge of the human subtle body and its chakras, can be in­credibly powerful and transfor­mative. Meditating in the right spot or focusing on healing Mother Earth can have exponen­tial results.

Most of all, understand that Mother Earth is integral to our collective spiritual evolution. Look within to seek how you can help her and raise our col­lective consciousness.

Madis Senner is sentient of Mother Earth. He is author of “The Way Home — Making Heaven on Earth” (o-books) that details the mystical world and our dynamic relationship with each other and Mother Earth. Visit: and http://www.makingheavenonearth/.

Madis Senner meditating with his dog Pepper at Deer Creek Wildlife Area on the shores of Lake Ontario, NY. Photo by Lorraine Mavins.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Become an Earth Healer

Saturday March 20 Liverpool Library 3 to 5PM, (may begin 2:30 with crafting dowsing rods)

Rochester—Lori’s Health Food Store, TBA

Buffalo, Utica, Albany contact me.


For those interested in healing Mother Earth and working with her to raise our collective consciousness and make a better world I will be offering instruction on how to become an Earth Healer. Instruction will include:
ü An overview of Mother Earth’s cosmology as to how it pertains to healing her. We will focus on Spirit Lines.
ü Hands on training in being able to find the spiritual aspects of Mother Earth that will facilitate healing and consciousness raising.
ü Practice Healing of Mother Earth.
ü Roundtable discussion of your spiritual practices and things that you can do to improve your meditative and other spiritual practices in order to become a better Earth Healer and improve your overall well being.
ü Group Meditation.

Basic dowsing skills will be taught so please bring a pair of L-Rods. If you do not have L-rods you can purchase them from the ASD or from a store that sells metaphysical tools. You can also make a pair of L-rods from the metal of two metal coat hangers (they need to be metal through out) and from the receptacles of two old disposal ball point pens. You cut and twist the coat hangers to make two L-shaped pieces of metal and place the short L part in the ball point pen receptacle. See I may ask people that need to make L- Rods to come early at 2:30.

The premises/beliefs behind being an Earth Healer are:
ü Mother Earth is our Soul Mate. If we are to bring peace, heal the world and advance our collective consciousness we need to learn how to co-create with Mother Earth because she is our spiritual partner.
ü Knowledge is empowering. By understanding how Mother Earth works and working with that knowledge to heal her you can have exponential results, not only in healing her but in elevating the consciousness of others in your community and the world at large.
ü We are one. All of God’s creation is linked and have a similar spiritual makeup.
ü Spiritual strength, what some call higher consciousness, increases your awareness and healing ability. Because of that Earth Healers need to develop their spiritual acumen through spiritual exercises such as meditation. By becoming a stronger vessel you are better able to channel God’s healing love and Mother Earth’s essences to facilitate healing.
ü It is by giving that we receive. When we focus on helping others or healing Mother Earth we spiritually grow like a weed.

This is the Spring Equinox so I may hold an activity around Onondaga Lake.

I booked the room at the Library today and wanted to get this out quickly to give people notice. I will be sending out a more formal announcement towards the end of next week.

People in Albany, Buffalo, Ithaca, and Utica need to contact me if they want me to come teach in their area.

Madis Senner

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Working with Stone: Stone Talismans

Working with Stone: Stone Talismans
by Madis Senner

I work a lot with stones to create a variety of structures to tap into and enhance Mother Earth. They are a great natural tool that can assist in making sacred space or clearing a contaminated space.

Talismans. amulets and good luck charms are objects that someone has charged with certain abilities or powers by focusing their attention on it, either through ritual or focused concentration. The object retains the focused thought and carries it with them wherever they go. For example, you can create a protective amulet by taking a pendant or some other object and visualizing that whoever wears it is protected. So when you wear it the amulet will be bearing the thought form of protection 24/7 wherever you go.

We are all the time creating talismans.
Ritual and focused concentration are not necessary to create a talisman. Our thoughts attach to each object we come in contact with and we are influenced by them as well. We are constantly creating talismans. It is the intention and effort of ritual and focused concentration that give added strength to the talisman. Our thoughts and intentions also attach to a place.

Stones like other objects retain the thoughts and actions of what has gone on around them. Stones seem to hold the consciousness better and retain it longer than other objects. All talismans loose their potency over time and need to be recharged. What distinguishes stones from other talismans is that they are a natural part of Mother Earth.

Using Stones
I generally meditate on stones when creating sacred space outdoors. They provide me with features that can better enhance the space. The stone reinforces your intentions with its physical presence and adds emphasis. The stone helps to better retain our intentions at a specific location than would meditation or ritual by itself. The spiritual embers of a stone, or stone pile will retain intentions long after prayer is no longer practiced at a place. Stones also better help attract Mother Earth’s beneficial energies.

You can place the stone within a stone circle, in place by itself, or as part of another structure. I often place a large flat stone strategically within a stone circle to add focus. I reinforce this by meditating on the stone or holding hands with other people as we say a prayer together.

When trying to make or keep a large space as sacred I often place stones by themselves in a particular area. I situate the stone and then meditate on it while sitting on a sportsman’s cushion. It is not necessary to hold the stone, but only be in close proximity to it to pick up your meditative intentions. This is like planting a seed thought of love at a particular place, and if you are persistent and do continued meditations there you will see it blossom and bear the most exquisite spiritual fruit. Over time a natural vortex may form on it, which means it is drawing in the highest from of prana (energy) which I call cosmic prana because it is more consciousness than energy. To learn more about vortices go to:

Stand alone stones also serve as markers for prayer sites. They are a wonderful marker for others that may be coming to a sacred site for the first time. In writing up sacred sites for whenever possible I try and leave behind standalone stones for others to know where to go to. I often place stones on some divine aspect of Mother Earth that I want people to connect with.

As more people pray or do ceremony at a stone it begins to increase the potency of the charge, or the consciousness that it bears. Not only will each successive prayer or ritual increase the stone’s potency, but the efforts of what has gone on there before will enhance your experience. This is particularly helpful for people that are neophytes at meditating. Meditating on a stone charged with the meditations of others will improve their meditative experience.

Using Prayer Stones to Clean Space
In creating a stone circle or any other stone structure, you might want to spiritually clean your stones before you use them. Since stones carry the thoughts and actions of previous experiences they may have been injured in a fire, or ripped from the earth, or been where an animal was killed. You clean a stone by holding it and saying a prayer. Your intention is the key. I create prayer stones on a regular basis by placing stones in a small bag and placing it under my meditation cushion whenever I meditate. Over time the stones can have vortices form on them creating a potent force for healing and peace.

You can take your cleaning of a stone a further with increased intention and effort. Such a stone can become a prayer stone, or amulet of sorts. Such stones are a great tool to use in cleaning up negative space. Instead of your subtle body taking the wear and tear at a contaminated space you are cleaning, begin your cleaning efforts by charging a stone and bringing it to the space and leaving it there. The positive intention of the stone will begin to wear down the negative consciousness of a place. Over time the potency of a prayer stone will be diminished by the surrounding negativity, so you will have to recharge it or meditate there yourself.

What is great about prayer stones are that they can be of any size or shape from a large flat stone to a small pebble. Since stones are a natural part of Mother Earth you can choose one to blend in anywhere from the seaside, to the country to a cityscape. So if you want to bring love to some blighted or injured area you can just make a prayer stone and bring it to the area, no one will know. They can help bring in peace, healing and love wherever you want. Whenever I gather with Mothers Against Violence (Syracuse, NY) for a vigil where someone has been murdered I try and leave a prayer stone behind.

Stones are a wonderful tool for making a better world and healing Mother Earth. I hope that you take to the heart the lessons that I have learned and help rekindle this ancient art that we have let dwindle. Stones are a great tool for healing and reviving Mother Earth.