Monday, June 28, 2010

Heaven On Earth Meditation--Creation of Collective Thought Form/Archetype


One of the main themes of my book The Way Home—Making Heaven on Earth was that our thoughts, particularly our collective thoughts, create our reality and look to control us. My solution was to create loving alternatives, one of which was Heaven on Earth. To that effect I have been working on creating a collective thought form (archetype) of Heaven on Earth since last fall.

Many of you have already helped and participated in the process and have meditated on this collective thought form with me. I finally got around to creating an audio file that allows people to add to the love and raise their consciousness at the same time by participating in the meditation via the Internet.

I am hoping that the recording will pull people deep into trance and provide them mystical experiences as the group meditations have consistently done; But I don’t know. The tape last about 35-37 minutes of which 10 minutes is intro and closing explanation.

Here is the link and details.

Title: Heaven on Earth Meditation--Archetype-Collective Thought Form

Description: A group meditation/visualization that draws upon archetypes to create a collective thought form to help transform the world to where the lion lies down with the lamb.

Madis Senner

PS When I began writing The Way Home—Making Heaven on Earth three years ago I would have never imagined how much people would be up in arms against corporations given BP and Wall Street. As I note in my book corporations are malevolent collective thought forms, or what the Hebrew prophets call False Gods. The times they are a changing!

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