Saturday, June 6, 2020

Traveler Guide Burt Wolf on the Dangers of Cell Phones

The following is an informative video on the dangers of cell phones by Burt Wolf of Travels and Traditions; an unlikely source, but an informative video, especially since there is so little information out there about the dangers posed by cell phone.

Traveler Guide Burt Wolf on the Dangers of RF Radiation

Saturday, May 30, 2020

What Matters More in Life, Happiness or Purpose?

The following is a revised version of my original post in Life in the Finger Lakes.

We are taught to be happy. We are told that happiness brings contentment and fulfillment. The “pursuit of happiness” is even mentioned in the Declaration of Independence.
But is there some other than happiness that matters more?
While researching the “purpose of life” for my next book I came across another book that said having meaning and purpose in life was tantamount to finding fulfillment. Author Emily Esfahani Smith – The Power of Meaning, Crafting a Life That Matters – makes a compelling case to why having a purpose in your life matters.
For example, she cites an extensive study done in 2014 by the University of Virginia and Gallup that examined 140,000 participants in over 130 countries. It found that people in more affluent countries such as those in Scandinavia were much happier than those living in poorer countries such as the sub-Sahara in Africa. Conversely it found that those living in wealthier countries had less meaning in their lives compared to poor countries such as Togo and Niger.
The study also found that happiness and unhappiness were not predictors of suicide. Many wealthier countries had much higher suicide rates compared to poorer countries. This was not an anomaly created by a specific cohort within the population of the richer country that may have felt disenfranchised.
What was a predictor of suicide?
A lack of meaning in your life; not having meaning in your life increased the chances for suicide. Citizens of countries with the lowest levels of meaning, such as Japan had the highest rates of suicide.  
Another study found that the search for meaning was far more fulfilling for people than the pursuit of personal happiness. Having meaning and purpose also makes us more of a giver, such as buying more presents for others. Having a purpose in life makes us more resilient to various ailments, as well as increases longevity.
Smith also draws upon the work of Victor Frankel (Mans Search For Meaning), a Jewish psychiatrist who was arrested in September of 1942 and thrown into a Nazi concentration camp. Frankel found those prisoners that did not abandon hope and saw some meaning in their lives were better able to cope with the suffering and violence of a concentration camp. In other words, having a sense of purpose and meaning can better help us deal with the biggest challenges.
Although the Finger Lakes Region has begun opening up, many of us are still without work. Smith points out how important work is in our lives, saying it provides us with a source of identity, a sense of worth and gives us something to do. She suggests finding some ways to be of service to others if we are without work. Our region has numerous not-for-profits that can provide you the opportunity to be of service to others.
Hardship can bring reflection, often followed by change. For those of us fortunate enough to get beyond fear and concern for the future, the COVID-19 stay at home regulations have provided us with the opportunity to reflect. Does your life provide you with meaning and purpose? Is there a career path, pursuit or commitment that would bring more passion into your life?
Having purpose and meaning into your life matters.

Author Emily Esfahani Smith has article on meaning that you can read online, “There’s More to Life Than Being Happy."

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Earth's Geomagnetic Field is Weakening

The weakening of the earth's geomagnetic field is not a good thing. It could be prelude for many events from a pole shift, to a life extinction event.

Most likely human activity is the cause. In recent years Electropollution from our cell phones, other digital devices, wind turbines, and more has had the effect of microwaving Mother Earth.

Swarm probes weakening of Earth’s magnetic field

In an area stretching from Africa to South America, Earth’s magnetic field is gradually weakening. This strange behaviour has geophysicists puzzled and is causing technical disturbances in satellites orbiting Earth. Scientists are using data from ESA’s Swarm constellation to improve our understanding of this area known as the ‘South Atlantic Anomaly.’

Friday, May 15, 2020

Hipp Brook Prserve

Below is my most recent post for Life in the Finger Lakes.

The following has been adapted from Sacred Sites in North Star Country: Places in Greater New York State (PA,OH,NJ,CT,MA,VT,ONT) That Changed the World
Story and photos by Madis Senner
Marsh marigolds, wild irises, cardinal flowers and a variety of other water loving plants put on a spectacular show each spring at Hipp Brook preserve in the Rochester suburb of Penfield. Accompanied by wildlife such as song birds, wood ducks and more Hipp Brook provides you the opportunity to experience all the majesty of a marsh in the spring. Because the main trail, the Wild Iris Path is only half a mile long you won’t have to walk too far. The trail is easily accessible. Parking is available on street that borders the preserve.
Hipp Brook is a ninety-four acre mostly wetland preserve. Because it is a Class I wetland, it was able to avoid the fate of being covered with landfill and houses. The Genesee Land Trust began its rescue in 1990, and continued to buy parcels up until 1999. It was one of their first properties.
What adds to fun at Hipp Brook are the numerous boardwalks on the trails. They remind me of younger me and of hikes and canoe trips in the Adirondacks. And while those boardwalks were generally in bogs, there was something mysterious and adventuresome to them; Particularly the boardwalk at Avalanche Pass.
Spring time is the ideal time to visit Hipp Brook. Not only are the flowers putting on their display but the bugs have yet to come out in earnest. Even though our recent cold wave has reduced their numbers still bring your repellent. Fall and winter are the other times to visit.
Please be aware that tree leaves and reeds may impair your view in the summertime. You will also encounter many more bugs when the weather is warm.
There are several benches on the trails that allow you to stop to rest or take in Hipp Brook’s beauty. Give yourself an hour, possibly two for your visit.

Address: 100 Phaeton Dr., Penfield, NY
Email:, for events, membership.
Telephone: 585-256-2130
Donate, Volunteer: Donations of land, money and time welcomed. There are several stewardship opportunities: Trail maintenance, fieldwork and educational/teaching opportunities.
Hours: Dawn to Dusk. No camping, hunting or fires. Dogs must be on a leash.
Directions: From I-490 exit (23) onto Rt. 441 going east. Turn left onto Baird Rd. Right onto Whalen Rd. Left onto Jackson Rd. Ext. Left onto Brougham Dr. Your first left onto Phaeton Dr. Follow to the end and park around the circle.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Sedona Journal of Emergence--Everything has Karma

The Sedona Journal of Emergence published my article below in February. Here are the first few paragraphs.

The Eastern concept of karma says that we reap what we sow. In fact, we often reap what others have sown. This is because everything has karma. We are constantly shaped and influenced by the things we come in contact with, the places we visit, the organizations we belong to, the religions we are members of, the activities we participate in, the beliefs we adhere to, the food we eat and drink, and much more. We also have an impact on everything we come in contact with.
Karma is much more than a simple law of retribution. It binds everyone and everything to each other. If you are serious about your spiritual development, you need to get karma right and understand that everything has karma. Something that appears good might have unintended consequences.
To understand why everything has karma, we first need to know about the nature of ultimate reality. By understanding the nature of ultimate reality, we begin to see how karma works. Karma is a Hindu concept. Vedic tradition holds that the world we live in (material reality) is an illusion called maya. What is the nature of that reality?....

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Survey--Clarks Reservation Survey--The Woods is Full of all sorts of Wonder and Stone Works

Last week  I went to Clarks Reservation in Janesville, NY, an eastern suburb of Syracuse, to take a few pictures of trilliums. I had written a post "The Trilliums Are Out" for LIfe in The Finger Lakes' blog and needed some pics of trilliums.

I was in the back of the state park that borders National Grid property/power lines. While I was walking in the woods I came across several lines of boulders that did not appear to be an old foundation for a house, or a stone wall.

Below is a Manitou Stone. It shows its age by the build-up over the millennia of dirt around it sinking it deeper into the land.

Below is a what I call a "platform stone" marking a nest, or intersection of numerous Energy Lines.

All this shows is that all sorts of wonders can be found in the woods. You don't need a large ornate structures. Those structures as I noted inTHE DONALD TRUMP (OSTENTATIOUS) THEORY OF SACRED SITES attract the wrong element--ghost hunters, ufologists and a variety other people and groups whose actions and intentions diminish the vibe; it's all about the vibe.

My one regret was not having my dowsing rods with me.