Monday, August 21, 2017

Exploring for Sacred Sites--The Manitou Stone near the Irish Hollow Section of the Onondaga Trail

Yesterday I explored the Irish Hollow Trail portion of the Onondaga Trail in Central NY looking for sacred stone mounds, Manitou stones, or whatever else I could find. Fortunately I found a Manitou stone, or upright stone, pictured below.

It takes a bit to get to the location; but is well worth it, as there  is a lovely stream walk once you are there. Going the other way you can climb to the top of Midhum Hill, which has some spectacular views in the fall. In the link above the directions begin at the top of Midum Hill. I began at the end of Pardee or Campbell Hill Road; you could also begin in Cuyler, NY.

The Manitou is not too far after the Scenic Spur for Irish hollow descends to the stream.

This is the marker you will see where the trail branches off if you begin in Cuyler, or Pardee Road. It is a quick and steep descent to the stream.

I wish I would have had my hiking poles for the steep descent down to the stream. After you cross the stream and begin rising, stop once you stop climbing and the trail flattens out. The Manitou stone is up the hill and to your left. Take out your dowsing rods and ask to be directed to the Manitou; or if you prefer the Ley lines.

A Manitou Stone is an upright stone in the ground. Many will tell you it looks like a gravestone. Some are sunk way down because of all the debris (earth, leaves...) that have accumulated over the centuries.

In the pictures below the dog leashes outline the two Ley Lines that intersect at the Manitou Stone. Notice how one Ley Line traverses across the wide part of the Manitou stone, while the other intersects it perpendicularly. If the Manitou were a person one Ley Lines would enter at one shoulder and exit at  the other; while another would enter perpendicular to your body. This is the classic pattern found in Manitou Stones in the northeast and in other parts of the world.

If you find the Manitou Stone say a prayer, give thanks, or do a ceremony. If you have time, meditate. This stone was originally placed there thousands of years ago to honor the sacredness of the Ley Lines and Mother Earth. Your positive thoughts and intentions will help recharge it.

While many ancient Native American sacred sites have been destroyed by development, farming and looting. The woods in the northeast of America are still filled with tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, or more of Manitou stones, upright stones, stone mounds, stone chambers, platforms, earthen mounds and ... highlighting aspects of  Mother Earth's subtle body. These are smaller, less ostentatious, or less noticeable, so they have not succumbed and remain hidden, or in places not yet "civilized(?)". Often it is because of their nondescript appearance that they have been saved. (See my THE DONALD TRUMP (OSTENTATIOUS) THEORY OF SACRED SITES.)

Working with stone and Mother Earth was a  common practice when Native Americans were focused on Earth Energies (and consciousness) long ago. Sadly this art is only practiced by a few people today.

If you are not a dowser I encourage you to learn dowsing and geomancy skills and begin taking in the wonder in the woods near you. You don't have to travel far.  All sorts of precious sacred stones and more as in the picture above are there waiting for you. To be discovered, to be honored and to be prayed over. ENJOY!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The eclipse’s effects on animals will be wild

The eclipse’s effects on animals will be wild

Solar eclipses confuse hippos, and piss pigeons off

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Faery Festival Pictures

All had a good time at the Faery and Earth Festival at Thompson Park in Watertown, NY yesterday. The vibe of the group was very positive as people came to celebrate and honor our Mother. Many got dressed up. Some created elaborate structures. Some took joy in making others happy.

Here are some pictures.

Fortunately my booth was located close to the crossroads of activity. Before the opening ceremony kids where drawing on the sidewalk.

 Here are I am hugging the dragon created by the two ladies on the left. It was a labor of love that they have been adding to for 7 years. Janice Carr on the right was taking it all in. Photograph by Tim Hart.
 Some made it feel as though you were at a Renaissance Festival.
 These two friends were having a ball dressed as stags. They kept telling me winter is coming. They gladly posed.

Jim Wilson one of the organizers is prepping for some sort of ceremony.

The Bubble Lady was such a wonder and joy to watch. She parked herself out on a bench on the crossroads not too far from our booth. She had a large bucket of dish-liquid, or some other bubble making material and two sticks with rope attached which she would raise and let the bubbles fly.

Some of the bubbles would drift hundreds of feet through the booths.

Others would be popped before they could get too far by children running into them.

If you ever get down, depressed or discouraged look at the joy of these children running into bubbles. I regret I did not make a video.

Attend a Faery and Earth Festival near you and experience the love, wonder and happiness of those celebrating our Mother and all of creation.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Reminder--Faery and Earth Festival This Saturday (8/19) at Thompson Park (Watertown, NY) 10-6PM

Here is a YouTube Video I just posted a YouTube Video on the Faery and Earth Festival This Saturday.

Official website, Faery and Earth Festival Saturday August 19th, from 10 AM to 6PM, at historic Thompson Park in Watertown NY.

Great Workshops. John and Cherie Sardella will be giving a workshop on Medicine Wheels, Dea on the Craft of Wicca.

I will be:
  1. Giving a talk on Vortices, or Vortexes.  11Am to 11:45AM
  2. Leading Sacred Walks to explore the mysteries and delights of Mother Earth found at Thompson Park. 1:45 AM to 2:30 AM
  3. Book Signing, both Vortices and Spirals and Sacred Sites in North Star Country will be available for purchase. As will vortex prayer stones. 
It should be a fun day, There will be Entertainment (music, performers, dancers, a puppeteer)    Workshops and Vendors selling a variety of Earth, Faery and Pagan items and food vendors as well.


Thompson Park is included in Sacred Sites in North Star Country and has Fields of Consciousness. It is said that it has a mysterious vortex that acts like a time portal

A few years back the city put up a sign and designated Thompson Park an AREA 51 location. Evidently when the CIA took over Area 51 in Nevada they nicknamed it Watertown; because THE then head of the CIA Allan Dulles was from Watertown.

Over a decade ago at a talk I gave at Naturtyme in Syracuse several people told me that there where ghosts and much more at the park, particularly near the zoo. 

As you know my feelings on these matters(ghosts/aliens) is that they are generally indicative of special aspects of Mother Earth located at a particular place. 

If you are making the drive and wanting to make a day of it, you should consider visiting Swami Vivekananda's Cottage in the Thousand Islands Park. It is about 40 minutes away. Visiting the place where this great mystic achieved Nirvikalpa Samadhi, the highest state of Samadhi, is annual pilgrimage. I strongly encourage you to visit.  Hours of operation--when the cottage is open-- 10-12 and 4-6. Last day to visit will be August 24th. 

Here is my video of Swami Vivekananda Cottage in the Thousand Islands

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Metaphysical Progressive--We are Fighting the Last War

I have set up a blog on which I will occasionally write about politics/protest/activism, the Metaphysical Progressive. I just posted about the dangers of Technology, below is a link. Technology Kills is an issue I have been writing about on this blog for some time. I will post links on this blog when I post.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

We are Fighting the Last War, Technology is the Villain

Generals have long been noted for fighting the last war with catastrophic results.  There are countless examples, from France’s Magimot Line of concrete barriers that failed to stop Hitler’s tanks, to post 9-11 when many questioned whether our military was still too focused on the Cold War and unprepared for the new war on terror. It’s time we, progressives, asked ourselves “are we still fighting the last war?”

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sacred Sites Update--High Tor's The Ledges, A Thin Veil, A Powerful Spot Found

Wow. Last week in our continuing effort to catalogue the stone structures at the Ledges (pages 304-308 of Sacred Sites in North Star Country) we came upon a particularly powerful place on the far end of the upper Ledge. A place where people must have prayed, done cermony and vision quested with great intensity for centuries. A place that has fortunately maintained its spiritual integrity over the millennia.

It is an open doorway to altered states of consciousness, other realities, a place to get great insights, have visions, have mystical and hallucinogenic experiences....Some would say it has a thin veil, others might call it a portal, others might just feel it has a great vibe. I still don't know what to make of it.

The Area of the Thin Veil.  There are 5 staffs marking the 5 stone mounds in the area. Janice Carr is in the front holding one staff. Behind her to the right is a staff by itself and I am in the distance holding another. Behind her to the right next to the trees is a staff by itself, marking another stone mound. Photographer, Peter Shell, is holding a staff marking another stone mound. There are three energy vortices marked by the black dog(Jaeda Bear), white dog(Pepper) and the white paper/orange cushion. There are several other  mounds close by going the other way.

The three energy vortices are a testament to the power of the place and that spiritual activities took place there. Sensations for the three of us ranged  from feeling very charged to being in another place/dimension while there. One assumes that this place was intentionally created to have pilgrims experience altered states of consciousness. It certainly is conducive to pilgrims having visions or hallucinogenic experiences. I cannot imagine what it was like in its peak.

What is notable is that, while being in the space certainly enlightens/charges you up, those sensation do not linger as profoundly as with other aspects of Mother Earth. It seems that when you enter the space after some time you go into an altered state of consciousness, but once you step out things are significantly reduced.

What you experience can vary. You may feel little, or nothing at at all. You may just feel an energy burst. Or you have a profound mystical experience....What you feel depends upon your connection to Mother Earth, your spiritual acumen.....

It can take some time before you experience, or feel, the affects of the space. So give it some time before it works its magic.

What is It? 
There appears to be something more of Mother Earth there besides Earth Chakras. Some other aspect of Her subtle body. I did find something. But....I think that the real power of the place rests in the imprints left there by visiting pilgrims from their spiritual practices over thousands of years. The three natural vortices (energy vortices) tell you that serious spiritual activities took place there and certainly add to the feeling of the place.

A thin veil? Certainly the veil to higher realities, certainly exists there. Traditionally I have found them to be very small pockets--nothing of this size.

I wonder if we have discovered some other new co-creation beyond natural vortices (energy vortices) with Mother Earth? Something on the next rung of the ladder in our co-creating with Mother Earth. As I  noted in my dedication of Vortices and Spirals and in other writings when you, "Love, give, heal, do unto others, practice ahimsa, pray, meditate and Mother Earth may bless you with a vortex." So a natural vortex is one of the first rungs on the ladder of co-creation with Mother Earth, have we just discovered the next rung up?

I have no idea. This is only one of the questions I have been asking myself since. I certainly feel blessed to have this spot revealed to us.

Powerful Imprints
As I noted in my intro to High Tor in Sacred Sites in North Star Country,
“Imagine if you could go back in time 2,000, or even 3,000 years, or more, to when the mound builders inhabited much of the Eastern United States. Imagine if you could visit one of their sacred sites and feel the charged atmosphere of their spiritual practices as you sat next to one of their mounds. Can you feel the chills running up and down your spine as you cry for a vision and tap into the collective consciousness of the thousands that have been here centuries before you? Feel their thoughts, as they help elevate your consciousness, bring you closer to the Great Spirit, open up lines of communication to other worlds, and give you visions while healing you.”  Page (292-293)
This is probably one of the best places to have such an experience.

If You Visit
A map of High Tor is located on page 298 of Sacred Sites in North Star Country. Directions to the Ledges is on page 305.

Make sure to spend some time in the Welcome Circle as noted on Page 306 of Sacred Sites in North Star Country. This is critical, otherwise you may diminish the vibe; and it is the vibe, and not the all the stone structures that are what makes the Ledges so precious.

Smudge yourself, say a prayer, meditate for a while in the Welcome Circle.

Bring a small offering, a flower...Spread some tobacco. It's not so much what you bring, as it is that you show reverence and respect.

Act in a Sacred Manner while there--Keep your thoughts positive, focus on the divine.....Do not bring your cell phone or other electronic devices harmful to our Mother. Limit your picture taking, or balance them with a prayer.

If you have to go to the bathroom do so far from the holy area.

Make sure you can drive after you leave. Bring some food, preferably root vegetables to ground you if necessary. Generally people maintain mental acuity. Just make sure if is safe for you to drive.

This is an incredible find. I share this with you because I want you to be able to experience it as well. It is a gift to us from the pilgrims that have visited before. A gift for you to experience. A gift that you can share with others that will follow by acting in a sacred manner when visiting and praying and meditating while you are there.

Remember it's all about the Vibe


PS I encourage you to visit soon. I have written about this for several articles and I imagine over time people will begin to frequent the Ledges. Enjoy before the chances for solitude are reduced.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Whangtown Stone Chambers--Part I (of VII) Overview and the Main Chamber

I had a chance to visit the Whangtown and Mead corners stone chambers this week thanks to Polly Midgley NY coordinator for NEARA who connected fellow NEARA member and Earth Healer Janice Carr and I up with Bill Pollard. Bill is an expert on the stone chambers in Putnam County and tells me that there are over 200 stone chambers in the county.

Here are some resources on the stone chambers in Wangtown and Putnam County.

Whangtown Stone Chambers- Putnam Jones - YouTube

Putnam's Mysterious Chambers of Stone - The New York Times

Stone Chambers Silent on Their Makers -

Rock Piles: Putnam County, New York

Stone Chambers in Putnam Valley. - The Hudson River Valley Institute

Mystery Shrouds Putnam's Stone Chambers - Highlands Current

Mixing Mystery, History: Putnam's Stone Chambers - Southeast, NY ...


Unfortunately, curiosity seekers, sensationalists and promoters have dampened the vibe at the stone chambers and have put forth grandiose theories about them: Celtic in origin, UFO sites, ghosts.......

While I only visited a few places I can firmly say several are spiritual in nature.


PS. My compass did not reverse direction or spin widely at any of the chambers as many claim.

The Main Whangtown Stone Chamber

 Bill Pollard inside the larger stone chamber.

The ceiling. Bill tells me that there is a uniformity of design to many of the stone chambers. For example, several have ceilings consisting of 7 slabs of stone.