Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Swami Vivekananda's cottage in the Thousand Islands IS OPEN

Swami Vivekananda's cottage in the Thousand Islands IS OPEN. It is a must visit for anyone interested in Hinduism and its vedanta, yoga and meditation. It is only opened briefly in the summer. It provides for a lovely day visit. The Thousands Islands is spectacularly beautiful.

Swami Vivekananda's Cottage in the Thousand Islands Park on Wellesley Island in the Thousand Islands will  be open until July 27th this year. The cottage itself will be open those days from 10AM to 12 Noon and from 4PM to 6PM. You can certainly walk the grounds when the cottage is not open.  The worrisome thing is that it seems that the visit time is being reduced each year. Years ago they used to have a lovely satsang--chanting and singing followed by a group meditation.

The room upstairs where the Swami stayed while he was there for 8 weeks in 1895 (he lectured and taught on Vedanta) has a powerful vortex; one that put me instantly in the balcony a few years ago. Very, very strong. You definitely need to meditate in the room--the vortex is located in the center of the room.

The house and the immediate area rests on Fields of Consciousness. There is another vortex in the rocks behind the house. Meditating on the rocks in front of, or behind the house would be a good thing to do.

Make sure to visit the rock/tree in the back (it is a short 5 minute walk) where Swami Vivekananda achieved the highest state of Samadhi. It said that on his last day August 7, 1895 at the Thousand Islands the Swami went into the back woods to meditate and froze solid in meditation and remained oblivious to torrential rain and is said to have achieved nirvikalpa Samadhi. (Page 104)

“He had a unique experience of inner freedom at the Thousand Islands Park which he expressed eloquently in his poem “The Song of Sannyasin”. He wrote from there to a friend:

“I am free, my bonds are cut, what do I care whether this body goes or does not go? I have a truth to teach—I am a child of God. And He that gave me truth will send me fellow workers from the earth’s bravest and best.” Page 105-106
Source Vivekananda a Biography (1953)
The tree has since died, but a new one has been planted and a memorial erected. It is a short walk to the back.

The Swami from the NYC Ramakrishna Vivekananda Center will teaching a program in spirituality beginning Wednesday July 27 in the evening and ending Saturday at noon.

Make sure to call before visiting to check to verify it is open, (315) 482-2189
P.O. BOX 1084
Telephone: (315) 482-3031

My book Sacred Sites in North Star Country: Places in Greater New York State (PA,OH,NJ,CT,MA,VT,ONT) That Changed the World has wonderful writeup with other suggested places to visit on Pages 241-257, the cottage is on pages 242-249.

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Vivekananda's speech to the Worlds Religion that catapulted him to fame. I never noticed it before that he begins Sisters and Brothers and not Brothers and Sisters. BRAVO!

The preceding is an old post that I put out each year.

Erik Gelden In Jessica Jones Season 3 Exhibits the Superpower in us all

If you have had a chance to watch the 3rd season of Marvel Comic's  Jessica Jones (Netflix) you will have seen Jessica's recent flame, Erik Gelden. He has an unusual superpower; he can sense evil. When he gets close to an evil person he gets a bad migraine beginning from behind his eyes. The closer the person to him and the darker their evil the greater the pain.

There is something to this.

According to Hindu Vedanta the seat of your consciousness is located in the area of your forehead. It is your mind screen and its called your Chidakasha


When I began to meditate in powerful Fields of Consciousness(FOC) I was taking on massive amounts of Spiritual Nutrition that was nourishing my soul and helping facilitate its transformation. I like Erik Gelden began to become highly sensitive to the consciousness, or morality, of the places and people I came in contact with. Sadly most are not good so I would get headaches like Erik; only when it was really bad it felt as though a large set of vicegrips/pliers where gripped around my temple area and squeezing hard.

Over time my sensitivity to the consciousness that I came in contact with began to diminish. I began to sense it less, unless it was just after meditating in a powerful FOC. I still feel consciousness, particularly if I focus on it, or run into someone very negative/dark.


While you may not sense negative consciousness like Erik does, or I did, it still matters a lot. Because you are merging with that negative consciousness even if you cannot feel it. This matters an awful lot, as I discuss in my upcoming book Everything Has Karma: Learning to Embrace Our Interconnectedness.

While some may consider Eric Gelden a superhero he is only a person that can sense what is going on 24/7 with us.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Study Says an Aggressive Planting of Trees Globally Could Cut Air Pollution by 25%

A recent Study in Science Magazine said that an aggressive program to plant trees globally would reduce carbon pollution by 25%.

The potential for global forest cover
The restoration of forested land at a global scale could help capture atmospheric carbon and mitigate climate change. .. This would represent a greater than 25% increase in forested area, including more than 500 billion trees and more than 200 gigatonnes of additional carbon at maturity. Such a change has the potential to cut the atmospheric carbon pool by about 25%.

The restoration of trees remains among the most effective strategies for climate change mitigation. We mapped the global potential tree coverage to show that 4.4 billion hectares of canopy cover could exist under the current climate. Excluding existing trees and agricultural and urban areas, we found that there is room for an extra 0.9 billion hectares of canopy cover, which could store 205 gigatonnes of carbon in areas that would naturally support woodlands and forests. This highlights global tree restoration as our most effective climate change solution to date. However, climate change will alter this potential tree coverage. We estimate that if we cannot deviate from the current trajectory, the global potential canopy cover may shrink by ~223 million hectares by 2050, with the vast majority of losses occurring in the tropics. Our results highlight the opportunity of climate change mitigation through global tree restoration but also the urgent need for action.

Monday, July 1, 2019

A Second 'ROUND' of Robins

I went to take down the Robin's nest from my backyard patio and found two eggs within it. So I put the nest back. I posted a few weeks back about Robins nesting over my patio light for the last few years. I had seen Robins milling around the nest thinking it a bit strange; perhaps the fledglings not wanting to fully leave their nest?

Below ia a picture of the nest I took a couple of days ago.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Climate Change News

This past week saw some alarming events regarding the state of our Mother's health.

World faces ‘climate apartheid’ risk, 120 more million in poverty: UN expert

Climate change “threatens to undo the last 50 years” of development, global health and poverty reduction, a United Nations expert said on Tuesday, citing the risk of a new era of “climate apartheid” where the rich buy their way out of rising heat and hunger.

“Even if current targets are met, tens of millions will be impoverished, leading to widespread displacement and hunger,” said the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Philip Alston.

Underscoring that climate change will have the greatest impact on the most vulnerable, he added that “it could push more than 120 million more people into poverty by 2030 and will have the most severe impact in poor countries, regions, and the places poor people live and work.”

Europe Experiencing Record Heat

Europe has had five 500-year summers in 15 years. And now this

Another deadly heat wave has Europe in its sweaty grip this week. Record temperatures topped 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 degrees Celsius) in parts of France, Germany, Poland and Spain, with hotter days to come. The same thing happened last year—record-breaking heat was responsible for 700 deaths in Sweden and more than 250 in Denmark, countries that have never needed air conditioning before this new era of climate-change-driven extreme events.

Europe’s five hottest summers in the past 500 years have all occurred in the last 15 years, not including this summer. All have been deadly. The 2003 heat wave was the worst, having led to the deaths of over 70,000 people; in 2010, 56,000 died in Russia alone.

These extreme heat events are all connected to a slower jet stream that locks weather systems into place, says Michael Mann of Penn State University. Mann co-authored a study last year that linked the slowdown in the jet stream—the band of high-altitude winds that sweep around the globe from west to east—to last summer’s unprecedented droughts, heat waves, wildfires, and flooding events across the entire Northern Hemisphere. And it is likely behind India’s weak monsoon rains and the widespread flooding in the U.S. Midwest this year.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Sacred Sites Update--Stone Wall Inn NYC Celebrates 50 years

Today the birth of the Gay Pride Movement turns 50 years old and it all started at the Stonewall Inn in NYC.

What is of note is that part of the Stonewall Inn rests on a Field of Consciousness (FOC.) In the picture below I have circled the part that rests on the FOC.

It is my believe that space matters and that it can influence us. In particular I believe that the Northeast of America is where Mother Earth's soul resides, specifically because of the FOC. I call it Northstar Country and it is the birthplace of much of what we hold dear--the birthplace of Women's Rights, American Democracy, the Spiritualist Movement, Mormonism, the New Age and much more. To that we can add Gay Pride.

While the Stonewall Inn was not included in my book Sacred Sites in North Star Country: Places in Greater New York State (PA,OH,NJ,CT,MA,VT,ONT) That Changed the World it will if I do a revision. I have since found many others.

While it is a single FOC of consciousness, not a stacked FOC where several FOC are placed upon each other and you will not feel much if you visit, it still had a powerful affect.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

5G and the Bias of Science

5G (digital cell networks) will soon be ravaging your body and our Mother as more and more cities allow for its service in their communities. In my home town the Syracuse Common Council voted to allow small 5g towers to be placed on just about every city block. My counselor Joe Driscoll did not return my phone calls and ended up voting for the bill even though he had concerns.

I am hoping to find time to organize around 5g and educate people about the serious dangers 5g posses to your health and to Mother Earth. I have been engrossed in finishing my fifth book Everything Has Karma and sending out review copies. Basically by allowing 5G we are adding fuel to the microwaving of ourselves and our Mother. 

How We are Duped by Industry and Science
We need to understand that industry and science have their thumb on the scale when it comes to the public's interest. Remember how for year's we heard how safe Monsanto's Roundup was until it wasn't? Sheryl Atkinson's Full Measure had a wonderful segment today showing how Industry is able to manipulate, payoff and use science to its advantage to  mislead the public,  Slanted Science

Do You Think that Verizon and other Cell Provider's are any different?

Dr. Robert O. Becker
Dr. Robert O. Becker (1923-2008) was a pioneer in the research of bioelectricity based out Syracuse's Upstate Medical. He would come to learn how important electricity/EMF's are to life.He was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Becker also came to understand the dangers of what he called "electropollution." Saying in  his book  Cross Currents "the exposure of living organisms to abnormal electromagnetic fields results in significant abnormalities in physiology and function." (page 187.)

It was at Environmental Protection Agency hearings in 1975 over a New York State Power Authority plan to run a 765,000-volt line from Utica to Massena, N.Y., on the Canadian border, that Becker announced his opposition on health grounds. Becker and one of his students, Andrew Marino, said that they had found various irregularities in rats exposed to high-voltage electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Their findings meant that no one should be within 100 yards of high-power lines, they testified.
Becker later appeared on "60 Minutes" to raise more concerns, but his visibility on the issue ended his other scientific studies because he questioned the objectivity of the National Academy of Sciences, according to Mr. Marino. Becker's grants were canceled. "Regeneration studies were effectively killed," said Mr. Marino, now a professor in the department of cellular biology and anatomy at Louisiana State University in Shreveport.
Becker actively protested against power lines in New York State until his death in 2008.

Professor Andrew Marino (Becker's student) would go on to address the bias in science with his book Going Somewhere: Truth about a Life in Science

5G is worse
5G is electropollution on steroids. It is an environmental issue as well as a health issue. To me it is particularly sad to see my community vote for 5G when such an icon on the effect of EMF's on our health hailed from Syracuse. SAD.

As I have said many times before Technology Kills.

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