Thursday, February 15, 2018

Vigil of Healing, Saturday February 17, 3 PM Willow Bay, Onondaga Lake Park

What: Vigil of Healing
When: Saturday February 17, 3 PM
Where: Willow Bay, Onondaga Lake Park

Given the tragic killings in Florida we thought we should gather as a community to heal. It seems as though we met only yesterday at the Peacemaker's Sanctuary to pray for those stricken and console ourselves after another senseless shooting in Las Vegas.

Dave Pasinski former chaplain at Hospice will be leading the service. 

We wanted to hold the event at the Peacemaker's Sanctuary but felt that colder weather could turn the walkway to get there icy. So instead we will be having the vigil at Willow Bay. Hopefully in the same general area where NOON holds its Thanksgiving Circle of Thanks. We think space is important and Onondaga Lake has a powerful healing and transformative spirit about it.

Below is a picture of the general area of where we will meet. But conditions may warrant we meet someplace else within Willow Bay; perhaps a sheltered pavilion. We will be meeting in Willow Bay.

We will form a circle near the bench towards the water.

Dress Warmly and Wear Boots. The wind can pick up at the end of the lake. The snow was only a few inches deep there this afternoon.

Please join as we gather to heal and send love to those stricken by the recent tragedy.

madis senner

Directions: From Rt. 690 take the John Glenn Blvd exit. Take your first right at the light onto Long Branch Road. Follow over a one lane bridge. Take your first right and park your car in the parking area.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Recycle Valentine Flowers for Offerings

Many of you will be receiving, or giving flowers for Valentine Days. Once those flowers are spent I encourage you to recycle them to use as offerings for a later date. Not all flowers will work. Carnations, statice, even roses can be used.

As I noted in Sacred Sites in North Star Country you should always try and bring an offering with you when you visit a sacred site. It is not so much what you bring, but that you bring something. Dried flowers are an excellent choice.

You can also go to a florist and ask for spent flowers; particularly around Valentine's day because it is one of the busiest days of their year. 

Today I went to Markowitz Florist in Syracuse, NY to pick up some spent flowers. This is thanks to Jini Cerio, owner operator. Jini books speakers for the Finger Lakes Dowsers and has spoken at the American Society of Dowsers. Today was one of the first time's I remember seeing Jini without a pendulum in her hand. Clearly she was jammed.

Thanks for the flowers, Jini. We will put them to good use.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Going Forward, Our Mission Statement and Plans


Years ago I created a not for profit (501c3), Jubilee Initiative. Some of you may remember it from our effort to buy Spirit House in Georgetown, NY which ended when one of our members purchased it for themselves. The board met a few weeks ago to discuss our plans going forward. We clearly see ourselves as dedicated to educating about Mother Earth and helping preserve Her sacred places. See below.

We hope that you join our effort and become an Earth Healer, and/or donate to our effort to buy Gossamer Wood in Canandaigua, NY.

madis senner

Jubilee Initiative—Mother Earth Prayers

Mission Statement—We look to educate about Mother Earth and teach others to become Earth Healers and stewards of the land. To protect and preserve Her Sacred parts.


Earth Healers
  • Teach about Mother Earth and Her Subtle Body—how to dowse Ley Lines.
  • Educate how Ley Lines can be used to clean space.
  • Go into the field and clean space, with an emphasis on our Mother’s sacred parts.
  • Keepers—Teach people how to become Keepers and encourage Earth Healers to commit to preserving an area.
  • Educate about spiritual practices such as meditation and other means to raisepeople's people's consciousness; understanding that an Earth Healer is only as good as their spiritual acumen.
  • Encourage people to become Earth Healers in their own local areas.

·       Gossamer Wood—Raise Money to buy and turn it into a sacred preserve. Establish a core group of Earth Healers to become Keepers (watch over and spiritually cleanse) for Gossamer.·    
         We have set-up a web page, Once Bill Dewey returns from Florida we will have several Earth Healer's gatherings there and other events. 
L        Longer term we anticipate that we will create a legal framework for the oversight of Gossamer and possibly other sacred sites.

P        Preserving High Tor—The NY DEC just announced that a public comment period has opened up regarding the future use of High Tor for the next ten years. There are hundreds of stone mounds and single sacred stones there. We would like to get them listed on the National Register of Historic Places; in addition to other protections.
         We are looking for partners for this initiative. We were only recently informed about the  public comment period. Given our interest and long term history with High Tor we felt compelled to protect the stone mounds there, which  we have been talking about and visiting for so long. We have purchased a domain name and hope to have a website up and running in the next few weeks,

·      Workshops—There is much more than Ley Lines to Mother Earth’s Subtle Body. We plan on having workshops longer term to educate about Mother Earth’s Subtle Body. There will be a charge for this and it will be part of fund raising for Mother Earth Prayers/Jubilee Initiative.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Killer Flu Devastating a Disconnected World

The media keeps reporting how devastating this flu season has been and that lots of young children are dying Flu's worsening shadow blanketing US2 pediatric flu deaths reported at Wichita hospital This flu season is on track to be one of the worst in 15 years – The ...

I believe that much of this has to do with our disconnect  from Mother Earth. Kids are not spending enough time out doors playing and eating dirt. Many are glued to technology too much; as are many adults as well.

Research shows that kids that spend more outdoors are less susceptible to communicable diseases like the flu.
Farm kids are healthy kids, according to study on allergies and asthma

Various studies: While farm kids grow up around more germs, they’re healthier than non-farm youth

Want Your Child To Grow Up Strong And Healthy? Move To A Farm

There are a lot more studies showing the health benefits of Nature.

Now go out there and Hug your Mother and a Tree.