Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stone Circles Video


I just posted the following video on stone circles—why make them, some advice and why they are a great spiritual tool.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Mother Earth Heals--Connecting with Her at Gossamer


Most of us are not aware of how Mother Earth can heal us, or make us feel better so I thought I would talk a little about this. We live in a sea of consciousness, energy and essences that nurture our various khoshas (subtle bodies) and upon which our very existence, wellness and spiritual development hinges upon. When we are sick some part of our energy body (pranamaya Khosha) is not getting enough of the life force, prana, chi…. Either we are creating mental blockages or we are not properly tapping into source. Bottom line we are not fully plugged into source, Mother Earth and suffering because of it.

Developing a proper relationship with and becoming sentient of Mother Earth can go a long way in improving your health. Even if you have mental blockages that are impeding the proper flow of prana in your body she can help remove those blockages. For example,
1) Energy surge—Much of hands on healing is about getting an extra dose of energy to replenish the body . There are a variety of ways that Mother Earth can give you an energy burst—sitting in a vortex, sitting on a line energy that has been fortified. For example, in the Tall Oaks area in the back of Gossamer I have created a LINE that connects several energy lines and fields of consciousness that has become very electrifying.
2) Increase your Vibration—Homeopathy (flower essences, etc.) believes that ingesting high vibrating materials raises your vibration and heals you. Where does that substance or flower get its high vibration from, Mother Earth. There are parts of Mother Earth where the vibration is very powerful and being in those spots is very therapeutic. They can become even more therapeutic when you create structures to enhance them and work to create vortices as I have done in my back yard. Sweet!
3) Cleaning blockages—Vibration helps clean mental blockages and negative, or nagging thoughts.
4) Consciousness—We in upstate NY are blessed with fields of consciousness that are the most potent source of consciousness in the world. Consciousness raises your consciousness and provides a host of benefits from raising your vibration, to clearing samskars, to getting your feel good chemicals flowing, etc….
5) Essences—that are a host of essences produced by Mother Earth that can get your endorphins and serotonin flowing. There are essences that work with the emotional component of your energy body. I don’t know or understand them all at this time…..
6) There are many more ways that mother earth can heal you.

The key is to become sentient of her and begin working with her. Right now most of us are 100 watt lights connected to at best a 5 watt outlet.

It looks like the weather may not cooperate this weekend at Gossamer, but please make an effort to sign up some time this summer with Bill Dewey so that you can begin to nurture your relationship with Mother Earth.


Group Meditation/Walk to Connect with Mother Earth
The Third Saturday of every month, 10 AM to Noon
Gossamer Wood Retreat and Healing Center, Canandaigua NY

I will be leading a group meditation and experiential tour to help people connect with Mother Earth this year again at Gossamer Wood, 2235 County Road 28, Canandaigua, NY, about 10 miles southeast of Rochester, on the third Saturday of each month. The pilgrimage will begin around 10AM and is expected to last about 2-2.5 hours. The cost is $15.

Please pre-register with Bill Dewey (585-394-9114 ) or myself (madis senner 315-463-5369, While pre-registering is not a necessity it will help us with planning and rain cancellations—we can contact you in the AM with changes.

The Dates are:
April 17th
May 15th
June 19th
July 17th
August 21st
September 18th

The goal of the contemplative walk is:
1) Improve your health by helping you connect with Mother Earth. Medicine is increasingly recognizing the therapeutic benefits of Mother Earth from garden scenery at work, to a walk in woods. I will be focusing my efforts to help you become you sentient of her.
2) Raise your consciousness. Gossamer has fields of consciousness and other divine attributes that will raise your consciousness.
3) Improve your meditation. A group meditation, particularly if done outdoors can improve your meditative ability, or help you begin the process of meditation.
4) A spiritual high. We hope that everyone that attends will leave feeling great.

Gossamer Wood has many divine aspects of Mother Earth. To learn more go to: Gossamer Wood is located at 2235 County Road 28, in Canandaigua. Directions to Gossamer Wood.

If you come please bring:
ü Wear a pair of boots.
ü A backpack to put things in.
ü Plenty of water to drink.
ü Some snacks and possibly a lunch.
ü Dress in layers. We will be walking and stopping to pray and meditate so you want to able to add or take off clothes as appropriate.
ü A sportsman cushion or something to sit on outside.
We will have use of the house the day of pilgrimage so you will be able to go the bathroom inside. Just make sure you are signed in and ask permission to do so before you go in. Also make sure to take your shoes off when in the house.

Gather by the welcome circle.

Last year everyone that came had a good time. Our efforts have also helped invigorate Mother Earth as a vortex of cosmic prana formed in the Tall Oaks area last summer. A Chimayo Fatima also popped up, which is a thinning of the veil to the other side (higher spiritual realms.) These are great places to connect with the divine and get answers, or help to problems.

Hope to see you at least once this summer.

Madis Senner