Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Earth Healings--On Lake 4-22, Muller Hill 4-23, South Hill Weekend of April 30 May 1

Three Upcoming Gatherings for Earth Healers.

Friday April, 22 6PM, Onondaga Lake Peacemaker's Sanctuary 

Join us on Earth Day as we give thanks to our Mother. Directions

Saturday April, 23 10AM, Muller Hill State Forest, Georgetown NY

Meet at the intersection of Muller Hill and Bundy Roads in Georgetown. We will begin by working on the Welcome Circle which is on the link trail just north of Muller Hill Road.

Syracuse people can gather at the Snow Cone in Manlius near the library at 9:15 to car pool.

If you plan on coming from farther away we will not be hard to find and we can exchange phone numbers.

Muller Hill NYS DEC Forest is a powerful place with numerous Fields of Consciousness (FOC) that arguably compares with Onondaga lake. We will be working on fortifying the FOC's through meditation, prayer and ceremony; as well as exploring and surveying new areas such as the Glen and Back Woods. Any Healers joining would be appreciated to work on a specific location that could become a powerful healing place.

Plan on walking 2-3 miles, the bulk which will be flat--you will need boots. Dress in layers. Bring lunch and several bottles of water in your back pack. A sportsman's cushion or something similar to sit on. A set of gloves to keep your hands warm and possibly pick up a log or stone. There are no bathroom facilities, so you will have to relieve yourself in the woods. Please bring extra food to ground yourself afterwards if necessary.Please bring a pair of L-Rods to learn a basic Earth Healing technique.

Sat. (4-30) or Sun (5-1) Hi Tor State Forest, Middlesex/Naples NY (Southern Canandaigua Lake)--Exact Time and Date to be determined

If the weather allows we will be going to Hi Tor to conduct a survey of either South Hill or Bristol Mountain for Fields of Consciousness (FOC) and stone structures. There are numerous stone structures covering earth chakras located in HI Tor. We will also look to fortify FOC's by meditating in them.

Plan on walking 4-5 miles with a good amount of it being up and down hills, so you need to be in pretty good shape. Please read above about Food and gear for Muller Hill.

Since we will be doing a lot of exploring there are no guarantees that we will find anything;but if we do it will be incredibly rewarding. The Clarks Gully blog and my writeup are testament to the wonders that are there.

Please email me or post a comment if you plan on joining us for Muller Hill or Hi Tor.

More Love Given and Found at the Peacemaker's Sanctuary

Much love was felt and left at the  Peacemaker's Sanctuary last Friday April 15th.

Tim Hart led us in a powerful water ceremony that had us giving thanks and better appreciating this gift (water) from Mother Earth. The water we had scooped up into a vessel and blessed was later returned to the lake.

I led a meditation focusing on the attributes, or imprint we look to nurture at the Peacemaker's Sanctuary--a place of healing, a place of sanctuary during troubling times, a place of answers and revelation, a place to connect with Mother Earth.

Each time I hear a story of the power of Onondaga Lake, and the Peacemaker's Sanctuary in particular, to heal I am amazed. This time it was how years early someone  had found the bench at the Peacemaker's Sanctuary at a time of concern and returned now to realize the solution to their problem.


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Keeper’s Work at Muller Hill

For some time a few of us have been  doing Keeper’s work at Muller Hill in Georgetown, NY.. There have been serveral posts about our efforts  More Earth Healing Work at Mulller HillEarth Healing--The Gerrit Smith Estate, Muller Hill.  I was there again at the end of March; below are some pictures.
A Keeper is one who watches over and maintains a sacred site, or specific part of a larger sacred site. A Keeper is an Earth Healer. The concept of a Keeper was revealed to me while I was meditating in a section of South Hill in HI Tor state forest that I now call the Keepers area. I heard a voice and saw the image of a man that told me he took care of the mound I was meditating on; he would make sure it was clean, that the structure of the stone mound was secure and he would guide, or even lead visiting pilgrims in services.
A Keeper is one dedicated to maintaining a sacred site and enhancing through positive human intentions, prayer, meditation and ceremony to raise its vibe. Much of the work is spiritual, more than physical. Mother Earth needs us to achieve Her fullest potential and we need Her to achieve ours; we do that with our intentions and actions. An enhanced space can better nourish our many subtle bodies and even our soul.

I encourage you to become a Keeper.

On my visit I explored a new area, the Glen. When I was there last with Janice while leaving I felt that we were passing close to some powerful Fields of Consciousness (FOC). Interesting as I had never noticed this spot before, but have walked the same path dozens of times over the years--but as I have before noted on several occasions on this blog, when you begin to pray/meditate at a place you enhance it and begin to make it glow. It then begins to activate other areas and make them shine. So all the work we had been doing--praying and meditating--on the Holy Ridge and the Welcome circle was bearing Fruit. There is also a bit of seeing more with each subsequent visit--think of it like being overwhelmed with data or an image, with each progressive visit you see more.So as we visit a place and it becomes more familiar we see more detail, or notice more.
I meditated in several spots in the Glen. There are also some powerful energy formations--which I do not care for. Much of it is in a somewhat soggy area. Still a very Nice Area.

Next I went to the Holy Ridge and meditated and explored a few parts. I found the Healing Area, which I could not find when I was there last there with Janice. 

The major work was to find a path to the area in the back; which still needs to be named, the "Back Woods", "Promised Land." Again another area with great promise. Also other aspects of FOC's or just other aspects of Mother Earth are beginning to pop up, revealed, in area of the Holy Ridge. There is much more to Mother Earth's soul than Fields of Consciousness. 

It will be interesting to see what else is revealed to us as we pray and meditate more in the areas mentioned. Muller Hill is a special place and there is lots to this mystical and enchanted place.

The above picture was taken in the Glen. . My orange seat cushion marks a S12, 12 FOC's stacked upon each other. Notice the large tree root in the back, which Pepper (white dog) and Jaeda Bear are sitting on. It gives a good point of reference.

Farther back is another powerful Field. Although it is not apparent the dogs are sitting on an elevated area.

Above is the healing Area. I certainly don't feel any healing affects yet--but give it time. Interesting this area along the Holy Ridge may have been revealed to me to pigue my interest and have me return and work on the area. I cannot say enough--how welcoming the Holy Ridge is. There is something beyond the vibe that says you are welcomed there and that your presence and efforts to enhance Mother Earth are much appreciated.

The Back Woods--if  that is the name that sticks. You definitely need to bring a compass if you visit. Ditto for the the Glen as all the trees and sidestepping you have to do  can disorient you.

Cannot wait to go back.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Earth Healers Gatherings at the Peacemaker's Sanctuary: Saturday April 16 4 PM, Earth Day Friday April 22 6PM


Please join us at Peacemaker's Sanctuary at the shores of Onondaga Lake for an Earth Healing to raise  the vibe of this divine space. Saturday is suppose to be a gorgeous sunny day in the upper 60's; Friday the 22nd is Earth Day. Please feel free to bring something to sit on-a cushion, or chair. We will be spread out and parts are sloped, but a portable chair should work. Activities should last about an hour. Directions are below.


When: Saturday April 16, 4PM

What: Water Ceremony and Meditation

Where: Peacemaker's Sanctuary

Join us to give thanks to the water and connect with the spirit of the land through meditation.

When: Friday, April 22 6PM

What: Give Thanks and Honor our Mother

Where: Peacemaker's Sanctuary

Join us on Earth Day as we give thanks to our Mother.

Directions: Take the Van Fleck/ State Fair Blvd exit off of Rte 690, west of the Fairgrounds. Turn onto State Fair Blvd heading towards the city of Syracuse. In Lakeland take a left onto Beach Street, Empower Credit is at the corner on the right side. Follow Beach until it ends at Iona. Take a left and park on the grass on the right side.

The Peacemaker’s Sanctuary is on the west shore trail of Onondaga lake, near the Beach Street overpass (rte. 690.) From Beach Street cross the railroad tracks and walk across the overpass. Turn left onto a gravel path; soon you will connect with an asphalt path, keep going straight. Look for a clearing and a bench on your right, lake side (about 100-150 yards.) you will see a water duct inletting into the lake to the right of the bench. If you look directly across you will see a large water tower. There is no placard on the wooden bench. See Map.

Please note that the closest bathroom is where the West Shore Trail connects with the Seneca River.

School in Nature has Kids Performing Significantly Better In Every Aptitude Test

Georgia school ensures kids connect with nature - and go home dirty

At the Chattahoochee Hills Charter School south of Atlanta, learning is a breath of fresh air.

The classrooms here look more like camp or recess.

"We believe with all our hearts that children learn better when they're out in nature," said principal Walter Butler. "Something magical happens when kids connect with nature. I think it allows them to think in a broader sense."

This charter school began two years ago. Three-hundred-fifty kids won a lottery to attend grades K-6. The dozen school buildings welcome natural light, but the real classroom is nature. Students typically spend one third of their school day outdoors, reports CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann.

Click to Read: Georgia school ensures kids connect with nature - and go home dirty

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Getting Kids Outside into Nature away from technology has health benefits

Former NY Times writer Richard Louv who wrote the critically acclaimed Last Child in the Woods; Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder was on the Diane Rhem show yesterday promoting his new book Vitamin N; The Essential Guide to a Nature Rich Life

It was noted that; "Research is showing that going outdoors more often prevents obesity, reduces symptoms of ADHD, and may even stimulate learning." Another  glaring example of how technology KILLS!

You can learn more and listen to the interview by clicking on;
Environmental Outlook: New Reasons To Get Kids Outdoors

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Technology Kills--A generation of Children Are Having Their Brains Permanently Damaged by Technology

The Dr. Oz show had a segment yesterday on the Damaging Affects of Technology on the brains of children. To study how the young brain is affected by  rapid stimulation researchers exposed mice to switching sounds and light; mimicking the behavior of children who constantly switch between various technologies--computers, cell phones, video games.....

The results were chilling. Compared to the peer group (not stimulated) mice whose brains were simulated by switching sounds and lights:
--took 3 times longer to learn a maze.
--they had less nerve cells in the area of the brain that controls memory and learning.
--the damage to the brain was permanent.  

Dr Delaney Ruston who is out promoting her movie Screenagers said that studies show that kids who play with crayons, versus kids who play with technology do better academically; they also do not suffer as much from attention deficit disorders.

Technology also puts a big hurt on Mother Earth.