Thursday, March 10, 2016

Earth Healing--The Gerrit Smith Estate, Muller Hill

This past Tuesday Jan and I did some work on the Gerrit Smith Estate and Muller Hill. You can learn more about them by clicking on  Gerrit Smith Estate and Muller Hill; although I must admit that those reviews were written long ago and my knowledge of Mother Earth, Fields of Consciousness and the sites themselves has improved dramatically. These are two locations I have been working for this past year and plan to continue. So in a way I am currently a Keeper for these places; that is I watch over and take care of them along with another small cadre of Earth Healers.

The Gerrit Smith estate has very potent Fields of Consciousness, but the vibe is neutral, like most of the world. We meditated at several locations and worked to clean the space. A few spots within the grounds have seen a slight pickup in vibe.

Below are pics Jan Woodworth took of both places.

Muller Hill is an incredible place with lots of Fields and an extremely positive vibe in places. We worked on the welcome circle, which has grown to a slightly positive to positive vibe--Nice.

This is a great time of year to work in the woods as leaves have not yet sprouted, so you have greater vision.

We spent most of our time on the Holy Ridge which is as loaded as any place in North Star Country.. The vibe in the Fields runs very positive to extremely positive; and has only improved since early last year. The feeling of the place is palpable and our meditation was deep and got our feel good chemicals flowing. SWEET!  

My upcoming book Sacred Sites in North Star Country will detail how to find the Holy Ridge and access the Fields.

We will continue to work on both places, particularly Muller Hill. Cleaning and fortifying sacred spaces is an illuminating process. As you clean and polish the places you work on begin to glow and shine, and in the process wake up other places close by that were in effect dormant (not charged with human intention.) As I have noted earlier Mother Earth needs positive and loving intentions to achieve Her Potential, and we need Her as well. 

It was a beautiful day, thank you Heavenly Father and Divine Mother Earth. Blessings.

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