Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Place Matters--Violence Begets Violence

Back in December I wrote a post Place Matters—Murder returns to the same place in my hood (Eastwood) detailing how a recent murder occurred at the same location a few years earlier; the only two in a very long time in the Eastwood section of Syracuse.

A few days ago I read that a section of Rich street was home to three murders in three years and at least five shooting. 

We leave imprints of our thoughts and actions wherever we go. If we act of love and think loving thoughts someplace we leave an imprint of such and will attract love. Conversely if we act violently we will create an imprint of violence and attract such. Violence begets violence at the same place.

Fortunately Mothers Against Violence did hold a prayer vigil at Rich Street last week. Actions such vigils are important to counter the negativity of a space.

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