Sunday, March 6, 2016

Talks--Cherry Valley, Waterloo, Little Falls, Saratoga Springs

Upcoming Talks, More information coming- time and topic.

Saturday, April 9th.
Cherry Valley
2 Genesee Street, Cherry Valley NY 13320

Sunday May 15th.
Little Falls
Beardslee Restaurant,123 old State Road Rte 5 in Little Falls NY  13365

May 21, 22.
Holiday Inn,  2468 NYS RTE 414 , Waterloo NY 13166

Saturday June 19th.
Saratoga Springs
American Society of Dowsers Annual Convention
Skidmore College Campus
Nourishing Humanity’s Soul, Nourishing Your Own
Just as your energy body needs nourishment so does your soul, but blockages abound. Learn a simple Earth Healer’s technique to improve the spiritual environment of your home to better nourish your soul and raise your consciousness. Gain knowledge of Mother Earth’s Architecture for Linking Humankind. Knowledge you can apply to nourish our collective soul and help bring about the many Earth changes people are forecasting.
Part of the course will discuss the unique aspect of Mother Earth found only in greater NYS (Saratoga Springs) that has influenced great souls such as Fredrick Douglas, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, Henry David Thoreau.. and how you are connected to it.
Make sure to bring your L-rods so that you may dowse this divine aspect while in Saratoga Springs.

Learn about Fields of Consciousness, Ley Lines, originators, connectors (artificial Leys.)

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