Friday, March 4, 2016

Talk, Syracuse 3/17, 6:30PM -Facilitating Coming Earth Changes

When: Thursday, March 17, 6:30 PM (6PM Dowsing instruction)
             700 SOUTH BAY ROAD             
             NORTH SYRACUSE 13212
$5 Donation to benefit Finger Lakes Dowsers

Facilitating Coming Earth Changes
Change is in the air, you can see it everywhere. Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party; The rise of Trump and Sanders. The Arab spring ignited the Middle East. Progressive Chris Hedges’ latest book Wages of Rebellion talks of revolution. Astrologers tell of us Pluto is in Capricorn, a 240 cycle that last brought us the American Revolution, before that the Reformation. Others talk of the birth of an even larger cycle, the Age of Aquarius.

We in upstate NY can help insure that these changes are positive and consciousness raising by understanding the role Mother Earth will play in the process and working with Her.

Ever since we began recording the history of North America Upstate NY has played a critical role in transforming the world. The Haudenosaunee prophet the Peacemaker gave us The Great Law of Peace (Onondaga Lake) that influenced our Founders. The Woman’s movement was born here, it is the home to America’s Second Great Awakening. Upstate NY has been called the Burned-over District for the spiritual wildfires that burned here, North Star Country for the many freedom seekers that came here escaping slavery. Religions were born here—Spiritualism, Shakers, Seven Day Adventism, and Theosophy. It is the birthplace of the New Age Movement that is eclipsing the world’s religions.

All of these things happened in upstate because it contains a special aspect of Mother Earth—Her Soul. All of the great leaders and prophets that came from upstate lived in close proximity to a part of Her soul, Fields of Consciousness.

Learn about the sacred sites in upstate where Fields are located and how they can play a role in transforming our collective consciousness and how you can fortify them and in the process nourish your soul.

Learn about some of the more interesting Ley Lines in our area.

Learn a simple Earth Healing technique that you can use to heal your neighborhood and be part of the positive change.

Please bring your L-rods.

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