Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mass, Vermont Survey Road Trip

Yesterday morning I left early in the AM to survive for Fields of Consciousness (FOC) in Massachusetts and Vermont ahead of my talk in Saratoga Springs. If you had asked me a few years back I would have told you  that FOCS"s are confined to New York State. But it is clear that Fields extend well beyond the Utica-Rochester corridor; what folklorist Carl Carmer called "America's Psychic Highway."

The FOC's diminish in potency the farther you get from the Utica-Rochester corridor. You will not be able to feel them; they need lots of love to be rejuvenated. But they are still there. It goes to show how large an area FOC's cover.

I was keen to add more sacred sites outside of New York State for upcoming book Sacred Sites in North Star Country, Places in Greater NYS that Changed the World. 

Below are pictures of some of the places we found that had FOC's. I was very pleased that my map dowsing was correct and that there is a FOC at Walden Pond.

Housatonic Unitarian Universalist Mass, one of many UUS churches listed in Sacred Sites in North Star Country.

Walden Pond, Mass. I still have to pinch myself to think that  Thoreau, Emerson and other Transcendentalists lived in close proximity to Fields of Consciousness and were shaped by them. Not surprising that Thoreau would influence the environmental movement.

Natural Trail in Brattleboro Vermont. This place had a slightly positive vibe--VERY NICE!!!

Lake Paran North Bennington, Vermont. Pepper and Jaeda Bear are soaking it up in a sweet spot next to the lake.

It was a great day; Thank you God.

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