Friday, March 4, 2016

Talk, Balston Spa, March 20, 1PM-Energy Vortices—Co-creating with Mother Earth

When: Sunday, March 20th 1PM
Where: 50 West High Street, Ballston Spa

Individual members 15.00.  ASD members 10.00. Couple discount 25.00.
3.00 donation is suggested for non-members attending meetings. To Benefit Mohawk Hudson Dowsers.

Energy Vortices—Co-creating with Mother Earth

Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, said, “Illnesses ….are developed from small deadly sins against nature..” Conversely when we are in harmony with Mother Earth, loving and giving we can co-create a new birth with Her, an energy vortex—a powerfully transformative force that can heal us, raise our consciousness and heal Mother Earth.
Learn how you can bring this beautiful union about. How our thoughts cling to the land (imprints), the difference between positive and negative energy vortices.
Bring your L-rods to learn how to find energy vortices.  Meditating in one is an uplifting experience because you merge with the consciousness of those that created it—if it is an old one in a remote area, created by a medicine man then you will fuse with that great soul, a transformational experience.
Working with vortices and imprints is an ancient occult and hermetic practice.

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