Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I had an interesting, or perhaps frustrating would be a better word, experience this past weekend at Grafton State Park. My dowsing was off kilter, or maybe it wasn't.
Whenever I make a long trip I like to use it as opportunity to look for sacred sites away from home, Fields of Consciousness in particular. When I booked a talk in Saratoga Springs to the Mohawk Hudson Dowsers I began doing some searching for places to explore.
I went to and scoured the Rock Piles Blog for stone formations and found the following listing in Grafton State Park, Cairns with standing Manitou Stones in Grafton, NY - from Norman Muller. What piqued my interest was the first pile of stones. A map dowsing, or should I say a picture dowsing indicated that a Field of Consciousness (S6- six Fields upon each other) was close by. By picture dowsing, I mean I look at the picture and visualize standing in front of it and ask my L-rods to point to where the Fields were.
What gave me further hope that Grafton state park had Fields was that it is close to the Peace Pagoda which I know has Fields. I had surveyed it years earlier and went back last year to take a fresh look and write a review to include in my upcoming book Sacred Sites in North Star Country—Places in Greater NYS that Changed the World.
It was cold this past Sunday and even colder at Grafton State Park when I got there about 9:30 in the morning. I parked at the Gartlers Trail and headed down the trail with my dogs Pepper and Jaeda Bear.
As I walked the trail my rods kept pointing straight ahead to indicate where the Fields were. When the trail turned right my rods continued pointing in the straight ahead, so instead of taking a right and following the trail I went off trail.  I walked between several hedgerows and came to an old stone wall with thick woods behind it. I looked for a place to cross and enter the woods.
As I continued I found myself zigging and zagging through thick woods and getting farther off trail  Although I had a compass, the sun and the noise of cars to guide me I was concerned that I might get lost, not so much totally lost, but lost for a few hours and being late for my talk. I also became concerned that maybe my readings were not correct, or that I was being misdirected. I say misdirected because as my rods kept directing me in one direction, but when I seemed to get there nothing was there.
Given time constraints of having to be in Saratoga at 12:30 PM and fearing I could get lost I decided to head back.
When I got back to where I first went off trail I still had a half and hour or more before I had to high tail it to my talk. So I decided to start anew and followed the trail.
The trail eventually took a left and was going in the same direction it was originally headed. I took out my rods and they pointed a little left of center—in the original direction they had pointed. As I continued the rods would increasingly point to the left—meaning that I was getting closer. When my rods pointed 90° to the left I knew that I needed to turn left and get off the trail. I was not more than a 100 yards from where I had been before.
But as I continued walking it became increasingly clear that my rods were not accurate. That there was nothing there, or that my rods had misdirected me, or was I being misdirected?
It is times like this that one has to do some soul searching. Intuitive skills can vary at times. While I feel confident finding Fields and other aspects of Mother Earth when I am at a particular site, map dowsing is another thing. Although I have been getting better over the years finding Fields in Canada, in Pennsylvania and other places simply by looking at a map. In the beginning of Vortices and Spirals I begin with a story of a Energy Vortex I found in a Vermont State Park several miles from where I began. But there are other times when my abilities are not so good.
There was also the possibility that I was being misdirected by a nature spirit; that some being in another realm did not want me to be there, or draw attention to a place; or perhaps at an even higher level it was felt that people should not be traipsing to a place, or that it was not ready. I often find at times like this my rods act funny moving this way and that and being highly inaccurate.
Was my dowsing off, or was I misdirected? You tell me.

Below are some of the pictures I took at Grafton. There were numerous stone walls 10-12 feet thick at times and with hollowed out centers(the dogs are sitting in one such place with a sunken center. )The surroundings and size of rocks is very similar to the pics in the Rock Piles Posting.

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