Sunday, March 13, 2016

More Earth Healing Work at Mulller Hill

This past Saturday (3/12/16) I returned to Muller Hill with Janice Carr to do some more Earth Healing. We began by meditating in the Welcome Circle to raise its vibe; we also smudged, gave thanks and asked for permission to enter. I am a big believer that sacred sites should have Welcome Circles.

A Welcome Circle acts like an entryway, or foyer of a home. It is an intermediary step between the profane (outside world) and the sacred (the sacred site itself.) It is a place where you take off your boots, or shoes and hang up your coat; only with a Welcome Circle you smudge yourself and remove any spiritual debris you may have picked up recently--it is a cleansing. It is here where you greet your host, or in the case of a Welcome Circle you ask permission to enter and announce yourself. A prayer helps set the tone for your upcoming visit.

Over time by performing the acts of a Welcome Circle in the same place over again and again you build a powerful imprint. An imprint which will increase the vibe of the Welcome Circle and increase the power of smudging and prayers.

In the picture below Janice is meditating at the edge of the Welcome Circle.

We then headed towards the Holy Ridge where we meditated at several sacred sites. Locations with powerful Fields of Consciousness, Fields that had 12 Fields stacked upon each other--as high as it goes. See the picture below. It shows Janice and my dogs Jaeda and Pepper. Places are strengthened through spiritual practices, particularly meditation.

Mother Earth needs us to reach Her fullest potential, and we (humankind and all of creation) need Her to achieve our fullest potential. This feeling of unity, cooperation, symbiosis and even necessity became very apparent to both of us Saturday. I have known this for sometime, but for some reason it was a profound feeling, as if it were an epiphany--almost startling. Why?

Perhaps it was the realization that the vibe, or imprints on the Holy Ridge continue to improve from our efforts. The vibe is becoming more palpable, sweeter.

Perhaps it was the realization that more is being revealed to us. Over time as you pray and meditate at a place it begins to reveal more of itself. The veil begins to thin and and you see, or feel things previously unknown. For the Holy Ridge this meant we began to sense the other aspects of Mother Earth's Soul besides Fields of Consciousness. There is much more to Mother Earth's Soul besides Fields of Consciousness. I mention this in my review of Swami Vivekananda's Cottage in the Thousand Islands. It was not such a high aspect found at the Swami's cottage, but other things.

We were also blessed to be shown, or revealed, another large area of Mother Earth's Soul not far from the Holy Ridge. Last summer I had known that there was something else close by, but could not find it. I remember walking through thickets of briars, scrub and thick growth and not finding it. My dog Jaeda got quilled by a porcupine. I gave up and turned back.

But on Saturday we found it. Or found tiny bits of what I think will be another large area of Mother Earth's Soul. We meditated in one of the stacked Fields I found and gave a prayer of thanks.

What to call this place?  The Promised Land, the Oasis, Shangri-La. 0r............

It was a glorious and beautiful day. We finished with a prayer and thanks at the Welcome Circle. Perhaps the reason we had such a profound feeling of unity and symbiosis with Mother Earth was because it was Mother Earth's nectar that had had raised our consciousness and blissed us out, or perhaps it was Her, or one of Her Deva's, or the land itself that had guided us and showed us so much. Thank you!

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