Thursday, May 17, 2018

Talk--Tuesday May 22nd 6:30 PM

Author Madis Senner discusses "Sacred Sites in CNY"

 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

5440 Bennett St. Brewerton, NY 

Event Details
Author Madis Senner will discuss his book Sacred Sites in North Star Country and our regions' unique history that shaped the world. Upstate NY was the birthplace of the Women's Movement and American Democracy, home to America's Second Great Awakening, and was called the Burned-Over District for its spiritual wildfires, and America's Psychic Highway. There is something unique to the land that fosters transformation. Learn about this and where to tap into it. 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sacred Site Update---Gossamer Wood

Gossamer Wood in Canandaigua, NY continues to be closed and is only open for special events. We are in the process of raising money to purchase it and turn it into a sacred preserve for all to enjoy. You can donate to our effort at 

That said, we put in a new trail to connect the three trailheads on the property to make it easier for people to walk the trails in the future. On the following trail map the new trail cuts across close to the top. 

With the exception of one spot the new trail is about 30 feet from the border line of the property. We wanted to show respect to the new homeowners and believe that once leaves are up you will not be able to see the house. Several posted signs were put up to help ensure we don't violate their space.

Here are some pictures.

A posted sign has been placed at the entryway on Cty Rte 28. We put several signs at the edge of the property. Several near the boundary line to tell people not to walk on the new homeowners property.

After crossing the bridge, which Bill Dewey built last fall (Well Done Bill), the trail scoots to the left.

Jaeda Bear is on the trail. It hugs the Spirit Keepers Circle which is on its left.  The Spirit Keepers circle is the largest stone circle at Gossamer and has a very positive to extremely positive vibe and contains a vortex. It sits on a stacked 12 Field of Consciousness. Very Nice!

The trillium was out in force around the property.

The emanator. You are looking back to the entry point(north). On the left a stone pile marks the emanator. Check it out when you visit and tell us what you think.

The old southern most trail facing(west) the house.

When I walked around I found these old stones (from 10 years ago?) that were at the side of a tree. I moved them and others onto the trees close to a trail. Stones leaning on the side of a tree are always a good sign you are in a power spot.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sacred Sites update Gossamer Wood, Keeper's Work

Yesterday a few of us gathered at Gossamer Wood for trail and Keeper's work. Here are some pictures

Peter and Mark standing by the drainage ditch Peter and I (Madis) dug. The overflow flooded  a big section of the northside of the property. As soon as we redirected the flow parts of the trail began drying. We hope this remedy works and keeps from soaking a section of the trail.
Looking upstream onto the farmer's field in the area of the cattails where the overflow begins from. Peter thinks there might be a spring there.
 The ditch we dug drains into the creek.

Mark spent the afternoon building a wooden walkway of logs he cut over a wet area near the Welcome Circle.

Brooke started marking a stone circle in the entryway area, but had to leave early because of her baby daughter.

Mark and I (Madis) finished the day working to heal the Tall Oaks area. Mark meditated in the vortex in the Spirit Keeper's stone circle.