Friday, May 25, 2018

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 7--Calendar II Stone Chamber

I also had a chance visit Calendar II Stone Chamber in Vermont again. What's interesting about Calendar II is that there is a hole in the ceiling in the  back of the chamber.

There is a lot going on there, particularly at the periphery.

The inside of the chamber. Notice the hole in the ceiling in the back.

All of the chamber sits on a water dome that, in my opinion, formed in response to prayer/ceremony/meditation. A water dome forms when a vertical vein of water attempts to rise to the surface of the earth and form a spring but it is blocked; consequently  large dome, or pool of water forms. Water veins break off from the sides of the dome. My staffs mark one of the water veins that ends up in a cistern.

A closer look at the cistern.

The picture above is of a nearby large platform stone that marks the intersection of numerous Energy Lines. My staffs mark only a few of the Energy Lines. Subsequently someone built a fireplace over the large platform stone.

A Great Trip
Before heading home I stopped in Fair Haven, Vermont (close to the NYS border) to investigate and photograph another FOC. Although located in a busy area, it was in a place you could mediate at.  It had a positive vibe and had a pleasant feel to it.

All said it was a great trip. I was able to locate and investigate 4 FOC in VT/NH. I was surprised to find standing stones--unplanned. I got to see Calendar II again and to see and meditate first hand in an amazing group of standing stones.
Thanks, God.

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 1--Overview

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