Friday, May 25, 2018

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 7--Calendar II Stone Chamber

I also had a chance visit Calendar II Stone Chamber in Vermont again. What's interesting about Calendar II is that there is a hole in the ceiling in the  back of the chamber.

There is a lot going on there, particularly at the periphery.

The inside of the chamber. Notice the hole in the ceiling in the back.
There were also mysterious holes in the stone blocks that I have posted about before. A clear sign of an ancient culture employing some sort technology we have no knowledge of.
All of the chamber sits on a water dome that, in my opinion, formed in response to prayer/ceremony/meditation. A water dome forms when a vertical vein of water attempts to rise to the surface of the earth and form a spring but it is blocked; consequently  large dome, or pool of water forms. Water veins break off from the sides of the dome. My staffs mark one of the water veins that ends up in a cistern.

A closer look at the cistern.

The picture above is of a nearby large platform stone that marks the intersection of numerous Energy Lines. My staffs mark only a few of the Energy Lines. Subsequently someone built a fireplace over the large platform stone.

A Great Trip
Before heading home I stopped in Fair Haven, Vermont (close to the NYS border) to investigate and photograph another FOC. Although located in a busy area, it was in a place you could mediate at.  It had a positive vibe and had a pleasant feel to it.

All said it was a great trip. I was able to locate and investigate 4 FOC in VT/NH. I was surprised to find standing stones--unplanned. I got to see Calendar II again and to see and meditate first hand in an amazing group of standing stones.
Thanks, God.

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 1--Overview

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