Sunday, May 27, 2018

Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 2---Londonberry, Vermont's Field of Consciousness --Sacred Sites Update

On the way to my talk the first stop on my trip was to investigate a Field of Consciousness (FOC) in Londonberry, Vermont that I had map dowsed in advance. It was supposedly located near Reilly Rd close to the intersection of Rte 11. Google maps showed it to be a forest area.  When I got there I found the FOC and some houses; but also found what appears to be an old access utility road. So I am not sure if it is public land or not, I would appreciate if someone in the area could tell me whether it is, or is not.

There was a FOC there, a stacked 3 (S3.) While close to Rte 11 it is located on a service road that is very accessible. The vibe is slightly positive to positive.

 Looking west on Rte. 11 Reilly Rd goes to the right
My car is parked over the FOC.

My dogs are sitting in the middle of the FOC about 25' in diameter. Notice how the road goes back and there are faint signs of utility poles in the background.

Worth a visit if you want to experience FOC and live in VT/NH. It has the potential to be much more.

Again, I am not sure if this is public space. If anyone finds out please contact me.



Vermont New Hampshire Trip, Part 3-- Londonberry, Vermont's Standing Stones.

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