Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sacred Sites update Gossamer Wood, Keeper's Work

Yesterday a few of us gathered at Gossamer Wood for trail and Keeper's work. Here are some pictures

Peter and Mark standing by the drainage ditch Peter and I (Madis) dug. The overflow flooded  a big section of the northside of the property. As soon as we redirected the flow parts of the trail began drying. We hope this remedy works and keeps from soaking a section of the trail.
Looking upstream onto the farmer's field in the area of the cattails where the overflow begins from. Peter thinks there might be a spring there.
 The ditch we dug drains into the creek.

Mark spent the afternoon building a wooden walkway of logs he cut over a wet area near the Welcome Circle.

Brooke started marking a stone circle in the entryway area, but had to leave early because of her baby daughter.

Mark and I (Madis) finished the day working to heal the Tall Oaks area. Mark meditated in the vortex in the Spirit Keeper's stone circle.

Fo more information go to, www.gossamerwood.org 

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