Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gossamer May 16 10AM-Noon & follow-up


Thanks to everyone that joined us a week ago Saturday at Gossamer Retreat for a group meditation and connection with Mother Earth. We will be gathering there again Saturday May 16 from 10AM to 12noon/1PM for another group meditation ($15). This is a chance to help you better connect with Mother Earth for better health and to raise your consciousness.

We were able to discover some new spiritual aspects of Gossamer; Several healing areas and one place that had us all zone out so much that it took quite some time to get us moving again, which we aptly named “Peace and Serenity”. Another one is one of my favorites Chimayo Fatima. The following is from my revised review of Gossamer in the Tall Oaks area:

You will also see a very tiny small circle on a slight embankment as you enter. This is what I call a Chimayo Fatima area, or circle, or just Chimayo Fatima. It is a place where the veil to higher planes of existence (above the
Mental Plane) is thinner and not so strong, consequently the connection or possibility for interaction with divine beings increases. They are often found at very sacred sites that contain divine aspects of Mother Earth where much prayer and ritual have occurred. I call it Chimayo Fatima because I believe that it is this sort of feature that makes Chimayo a place of great healing called the Lourdes of America and Fatima a place where devout young children met the Mother Mary. Meditate in and around the circle. Go their in total innocence with no expectations and show your love to God and spirit. Again go in innocence with no expectations and fill your heart with great love and dedication to the divine!

I also finally made a trail map for Gossamer

Madis Senner

Monday, April 6, 2009

Group Meditation at Sacred Site, Saturday April 18th

Connect with Mother Earth For Health and Expand Consciousness

Saturday April 18th, 10 AM to Noon

Gossamer Wood Retreat and Healing Center, Canandaigua NY

I will be leading a group meditation and experiential tour to help people connect with Mother Earth at Gossamer Wood, 2235 County Road 28, Canandaigua, NY, about 10 miles southeast of Rochester, on Saturday April 18th. The pilgrimage will begin around 10AM and is expected to last about 2 hours. This will be the first of a series of monthly pilgrimages that I will be leading at Gossamer this summer. The cost is $15.

Healing and Bridging the Disconnect
Our inability to connect with Mother Earth and absorb all of her beneficial essences such as prana/chi,qi or the life force, contributes to illness. Basically we are disconnected from source and absorbing only a fraction of what we need to be healthy and happy. Healing techniques such as Reiki and the laying on of hands help heal us by tapping into source. When a healer lays their hands upon us there is a surge in the amount of prana that is drawn to us as the following article notes:

One of the goals of the pilgrimage is to help people improve their connection to Mother Earth so that they can raise the amount of prana and other essences they draw 24/7. This begins by gaining sentience of Mother Earth. Being part of group effort at a place with divine attributes will help with this, as will follow-up visits.

Expanding Consciousness
Meditating in a field of consciousness can significantly raise your consciousness. is dedicated to educating people about praying at fields of consciousness and Mother Earth’s soul. History shows that people that lived at and frequented fields of consciousness went on to greatness by starting religious movements and striving for social justice:

Spiritual High
Not only are we meant to be happy, but we are meant to feel good. When you learn to connect with Mother Earth you will begin feeling good and may even enter a state of bliss, or spiritual high. As you develop your sentience and begin meditating in fields, or at other divine aspects of Mother Earth you may find that you may experience a profound spiritual high that may include visions. This will take time if it happens.

Gossamer Wood
Gossamer Wood has many divine aspects of Mother Earth. To learn more go to: Gossamer Wood is located at 2235 County Road 28, in Canandaigua. Directions to Gossamer Wood.

If you come
If you come please bring:
ü Wear a pair of boots.
ü A backpack to put things in.
ü Plenty of water to drink.
ü Some snacks and possibly a lunch.
ü Dress in layers. We will be walking and stopping to pray and meditate so you want to able to add or take off clothes as appropriate.
ü A sportsman cushion or something to sit on outside.
We will have use of the house the day of pilgrimage so you will be able to go the bathroom inside. Just make sure you are signed in and ask permission to do so before you go in. Also make sure to take your shoes off when in the house.

Gather by the welcome circle.

Madis Senner

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gossamer Wood Healing and Retreat Canandaigua

Gossamer Wood—Nurturing Nature by Raising Consciousness, Canandaigua, NY
One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.

Gossamer Wood Healing and Retreat Center in Canandaigua, NY 2235 County Road 28, 10 miles southeast of Rochester encompasses 12 wooded acres that contain a precious piece of Mother Earth’s soul. It has numerous stacked fields of consciousness, Native American sacred sites and other divine aspects of Mother Earth. It is great place to go if you are looking to expand your consciousness or learn to sense the subtle differences between consciousness and energy. It is a place where ancient sacred sites have been resurrected and stone structures/alignments have been constructed to maximize Mother Earth’s benefits.

Body Talk
Gossamer Wood was rescued by retired engineer Bill Dewey in 2001 when he purchased this gem of a property. Bill is a healer who employs the body talk method of healing. Call to make an appointment (585) 394-9114.
Bill feels that it is his responsibility to shepherd Gossamer. Ever since he purchased the land he felt that it had special special qualities. He has invested time, money and sweat into something he could share with others. He has created trails in the woods, had a sweat lodge constructed, erected the Bliss Recreation/Learning Center and more...

The Preserve
The preserve consists of 12 wooded acres made up of hardwoods, most fairly young. There is a sweat lodge and several re-constructed Native American Ceremonial circles that are placed upon energy vortexes. It appears that at least one Native American Trail going east-west, possibly paralleling the Central Trail, comes near the sweat lodge area.
There is a seasonal brook in the back that dissects the property. There are numerous stacked fields of consciousness in the woods this side of the brook. “The Other Side” of the brook, as it is called, has a bounty of stacked fields of consciousness, attributes associated with higher planes of existence and a lot more.

Experiencing Gossamer WoodI suggest you wear a pair of boots particularly if you are going in the spring or after a rain. Bring along a sportsman cushion to sit on when meditating or praying in the woods. Wear long pants in case you may come in contact with poison ivy. There are no facilities on the grounds, so bring plenty of water to drink while there. THERE IS NO SMOKING ON THE PROPERTY.
Looking east from the parking lot is a house that contains the healing center. Unless you have made an appointment for a healing please do not enter the house. On the south side at the end of the parking area is a welcome circle about 20-30 feet in front of a canvassed structure that is the Bliss Learning Center. Begin in the welcome circle. The welcome circle is constructed of stones making an oblong shaped circle about 10 feet of length, with several larger stones in the center. It sits on a stacked fields of consciousness (2-fields upon each other) and has a powerful vibe.
Spend some time in the welcome circle to prepare yourself. Say a prayer, and give thanks, or just meditate. There should be several feathers there for you to use to clean your subtle body. Do this by waving the feather around your subtle body one to 3 feet away from your physical body, as if you were smudging yourself. When leaving you should go to the welcome circle to give thanks and finish with a prayer.
The welcome circle performs several functions, so it is important to spend some time there. The focus and pause will help prepare you and improve your experience. The efforts of those that have come there before you, both meditating and smudging, will help cleanse you and help your focus for the journey ahead. Each thought that we have creates a thought form, or what Hindu Vedanta calls a samskara. Each thought that we have is like a seed that looks to bear fruit by having us think the same thing. Thoughts also linger at a place creating what I call geographic samskara that encourages us to think or do the same thing at a particular place. In the welcome circle the samskaras are focused on purification and the divine and help us cleanse our subtle body and beckon us to connect with spirit. The feeling/vibe in the welcome circle is palpable, particularly when several people are within it at the same time. When we(several healers and myself) constructed it one wintry day in November of 2008, we were all shocked how powerful it was.

The Trail
Looking north from the welcome circle you will see a sweat lodge and a few stone circles up ahead. Go there. This is a high energy area that contains lots of chi, qi, prana. If you are interested in sensing the difference between consciousness and energy this would be a good place to sense energy; Because the energy here, is pure energy. In other words it is of a lower form of prana and contains very little if any consciousness. According to Hindu Vedanta the world was created by having consciousness devolve into combinations of energy and consciousness with progressively increasing percentages of consciousness to create the physical world. The material world is pure energy. Later you can compare it to the sensation of consciousness that you will experience in the back of the preserve.
Several stone circles near the sweat lodge are reconstructed Native American sacred sites and sit on energy vortices(earth chakras). I suggest standing near but not in the circles. You may feel energy burst or get an edge as if you drank too much coffee, so be careful.

The EmanatorContinue walking a little bit and a trail will break on your right (east). Begin walking the trail. About 20 feet in you will see a pile of stacked stones placed on what I call an emanator. An emanator emanates beneficial essences from Mother Earth that make you feel good. They are great places to go when you have the blues, the winter doldrums or need an emotional pick-up. While they are found all over the world, they often attract the spiritual and religious institutions. For example, both the Lily Dale spiritualist (Cassadaga) and the Roycroft Reformist (East Aurora) communities' in western NY appeared to have formed around emanators.
Get close to the emanator, but don’t sit on the stones—it can be overkill. See if you can sense its essence and compare it to the energy in the sweat lodge area. Spend a few minutes by the emanator, but not too long. Bring your depressed friends here to heal.
Continue on the trail. About 100 -200 feet ahead on your right hand side you will see several lines of orange tape. The tape marks several stacked fields of consciousness from (3 to 5). This area is a great place to meditate and to sense consciousness. Find a place that you like. Or look for flat stones on the ground.
When I meditate I try and do so on a stone. The stone acts as a talisman and helps retain the consciousness of my meditation. In other words it retains the samskara(s)/thought forms of my meditation. Meditating on a stone helps your meditation as your meditation will be facilitated by the meditations of those that have done so on it before you. It also serves as a marker for others.
The Other SideSpend some time in the woods meditating. Be careful of to avoid poison ivy, as there is some there. The marked area ends near a bench a ways in the distance. You can cross the stream near the bench.
The trail on the Other side is not so well marked. Don’t worry, the whole area is covered with numerous stack fields of consciousness. Again look for the markers. A wide swath of area 30-40 feet in radius around any of the markers would be good places to meditate.
Look for a trail beginning near a fallen tree. Follow it going north/northeast. You will walk several hundred feet and come upon two very tall oak trees. If you get lost look for the tall oak trees, they really stand out and are situated upon a little bit of a rise.
The Line
Flora often responds to sacred space and the tall oak trees are indicative of something special in the area. I suggest you spend a good amount of time in this area. Again look for the flat stones—they are places where I have meditated. There are numerous stacked fields that number as high as 6—This gives the area a very nice vibration.
You will notice that there is a line of stones going east west that is marked with colored tape. I have created what I call a line. A line links several fields of consciousness the same way you link up sets of Christmas lights, only here each field is strengthened from the other fields so the whole area becomes much, much more powerful.
A line contains a lot more energy than a field or stacked field by itself. In fact the energy powering the fields can overwhelm the consciousness. I have experienced fields created by the Spirit Keepers that I estimate to be over a mile long. If you are sensitive to earth phenomena such a line can feel like an electric wire to fence in cows—giving you a minor shock when you cross it.
Try meditating on the line and compare it to meditating on one of the stones not in the line. You should note that there are several stones placed on attributes associate with higher planes of existence so you might not sense anything. Don’t worry your subtle body will and this is great way to strengthen it.
Go back the way you came and cross the stream. Continue following the trail as it heads back to the parking area. You will come across some other fields on your way back, enjoy.

Make sure to go back to welcome circle before leaving. Smudge yourself with a feather. Give blessings and thanks so that you will help prepare others that will follow.
Please give generously to the donation box located near the welcome circle. Your donations help pay the taxes and other expenses.

If you go
Gossamer Wood is located at 2235 County Road 28, in Canandaigua. Directions to Gossamer Wood. To make an appointment for a healing call (585) 394-9114.
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