Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gossamer May 16 10AM-Noon & follow-up


Thanks to everyone that joined us a week ago Saturday at Gossamer Retreat for a group meditation and connection with Mother Earth. We will be gathering there again Saturday May 16 from 10AM to 12noon/1PM for another group meditation ($15). This is a chance to help you better connect with Mother Earth for better health and to raise your consciousness.

We were able to discover some new spiritual aspects of Gossamer; Several healing areas and one place that had us all zone out so much that it took quite some time to get us moving again, which we aptly named “Peace and Serenity”. Another one is one of my favorites Chimayo Fatima. The following is from my revised review of Gossamer in the Tall Oaks area:

You will also see a very tiny small circle on a slight embankment as you enter. This is what I call a Chimayo Fatima area, or circle, or just Chimayo Fatima. It is a place where the veil to higher planes of existence (above the
Mental Plane) is thinner and not so strong, consequently the connection or possibility for interaction with divine beings increases. They are often found at very sacred sites that contain divine aspects of Mother Earth where much prayer and ritual have occurred. I call it Chimayo Fatima because I believe that it is this sort of feature that makes Chimayo a place of great healing called the Lourdes of America and Fatima a place where devout young children met the Mother Mary. Meditate in and around the circle. Go their in total innocence with no expectations and show your love to God and spirit. Again go in innocence with no expectations and fill your heart with great love and dedication to the divine!

I also finally made a trail map for Gossamer

Madis Senner

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