Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Earth Healings--On Lake 4-22, Muller Hill 4-23, South Hill Weekend of April 30 May 1

Three Upcoming Gatherings for Earth Healers.

Friday April, 22 6PM, Onondaga Lake Peacemaker's Sanctuary 

Join us on Earth Day as we give thanks to our Mother. Directions

Saturday April, 23 10AM, Muller Hill State Forest, Georgetown NY

Meet at the intersection of Muller Hill and Bundy Roads in Georgetown. We will begin by working on the Welcome Circle which is on the link trail just north of Muller Hill Road.

Syracuse people can gather at the Snow Cone in Manlius near the library at 9:15 to car pool.

If you plan on coming from farther away we will not be hard to find and we can exchange phone numbers.

Muller Hill NYS DEC Forest is a powerful place with numerous Fields of Consciousness (FOC) that arguably compares with Onondaga lake. We will be working on fortifying the FOC's through meditation, prayer and ceremony; as well as exploring and surveying new areas such as the Glen and Back Woods. Any Healers joining would be appreciated to work on a specific location that could become a powerful healing place.

Plan on walking 2-3 miles, the bulk which will be flat--you will need boots. Dress in layers. Bring lunch and several bottles of water in your back pack. A sportsman's cushion or something similar to sit on. A set of gloves to keep your hands warm and possibly pick up a log or stone. There are no bathroom facilities, so you will have to relieve yourself in the woods. Please bring extra food to ground yourself afterwards if necessary.Please bring a pair of L-Rods to learn a basic Earth Healing technique.

Sat. (4-30) or Sun (5-1) Hi Tor State Forest, Middlesex/Naples NY (Southern Canandaigua Lake)--Exact Time and Date to be determined

If the weather allows we will be going to Hi Tor to conduct a survey of either South Hill or Bristol Mountain for Fields of Consciousness (FOC) and stone structures. There are numerous stone structures covering earth chakras located in HI Tor. We will also look to fortify FOC's by meditating in them.

Plan on walking 4-5 miles with a good amount of it being up and down hills, so you need to be in pretty good shape. Please read above about Food and gear for Muller Hill.

Since we will be doing a lot of exploring there are no guarantees that we will find anything;but if we do it will be incredibly rewarding. The Clarks Gully blog and my writeup are testament to the wonders that are there.

Please email me or post a comment if you plan on joining us for Muller Hill or Hi Tor.